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Power Plant Live! (Baltimore, MD) Searching for events at Power Plant Live! in Baltimore, MD? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, and more for this stellar nightlife area! Washington, DC United States 39.288871 -76.607109
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Power Plant Live! (Baltimore, MD) - Nightlife Area in Washington, DC.
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INFO Power Plant Live!, located at 34 Market Place in Baltimore, Maryland, is a grouping of restaurants, bars, and music venues in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Developed by the Cordish Company from 2001–2004, Power Plant... ... read more

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    Baltimore, MD
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    34 Market Place
    Baltimore, MD 21202

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Power Plant Live! (Baltimore, MD) Information

Power Plant Live! (Baltimore, MD) - Nightlife Area in Washington, DC.

Power Plant Live!, located at 34 Market Place in Baltimore, Maryland, is a grouping of restaurants, bars, and music venues in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Developed by the Cordish Company from 2001–2004, Power Plant Live! quickly became a popular destination for both local Baltimoreans and tourists. Power Plant Live! was named after the Pratt Street Power Plant that was built in 1900, which is now considered a Baltimore landmark as it has not been used since the end of World War II. It is free to enter the entertainment complex at Power Plant Live! However, patrons must be 21 years of age and the venues contained within may have individual cover charges to enter.

Dance clubs at Power Plant Live! include Mosaic and Angels Rock Bar, while other attractions include a dueling piano bar, the Port Discovery Museum, and the pinball museum. A wide variety of cuisines, such as Japanese and Mexican, are available at the many restaurants at Power Plant Live! Concerts at Power Plant Live! take place at Rams Head Live! all year long and outside in the courtyard during the summer, and have included Mr. Greengenes, Better than Ezra, and the Gin Blossoms. Concert information can be found on Power Plant Live!'s website or Rams Head Live!'s website.

Power Plant Live! (Baltimore, MD) User Reviews

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Powerplant LIVE: Baltimore, Maryland
Tracey W. Jun 6, 2013
Powerplant LIVE is the perfect place to release tension, party with friends, eat some amazing food, and see your favorite artist in concert. Powerplant has a variety of food and drink selctions that appeal to everyone. You can enjoy powerplant during day or the partying scene at night. Powerplant has many attractions including Rams head Live, Baltimore Comedy Factory, Professional Bull Riding Baltimore (PBR), Pier Six Concert Pavilion, Maryland Art place, and many more. Powerplant has several events each month and attracts millions of people yearly. When you get to powerplant, the security is TOUGH on underage drinking and entry as well as the bars inside powerplant. on Friday and Saturday nights the lines are extremely long but they move fast. If you have to pay a cover charge, I recommend cash because they rarely use credit/debit transactions unless your buying food/drinks. Powerplant gets really crowded especially in Luckies Tavern and PBR but overall a great place to dine and party. There is a mix crowd of people in powerplant as well. Parking around Powerplant is dreadful but there are parking garages that charge about $10 per vehicle, sometimes more. When leaving Powerplant, when closing, traffic becomes a bit of a hassle as well as hailing a cab. There are drunk people everyone and some get a bit obnoxious. There's vomit and spilled liquor everywhere but the cleaning crew are quick to respond. Overall, I recommend Powerplant as a place to go to have fun, watch a comedy show, eat great food, see a concert, and many more. My advice is to leave arrive/leave a littler early to avoid traffic and nonsense and to bring cash. If you would like more information on Powerplant please visit www.powerplantlive.com and when your in Baltimore, Maryland, check it out for yourself.
A place for every taste!
Aureja R. Feb 12, 2013
I really like the idea of it - a place for every person. The concept of "Power Plant Live!" is that it is a complex of various bars, restaurants and clubs. Probably many of us have different friends and sometimes it is hard to find a place where everybody wants to go. This place solves this problem as it offers different places for different people. More silent place, louder place, a place to listen to live music, just to sit and chat or to go wild all night - everything is in one spot. What is more, the location is very convenient - the centre of Baltimore, near the harbour, where the most action in the city is going on. This means that it is pretty easy to get a taxi and get back home to rest or to continue a party. The were some things that I found very praiseworthy. The control of letting underaged people in is very strict - only people having 21 and more can get in without any exceptions. Also, usually there is a band singing live in "Power Plant Live!" and the band is changing pretty often, so there is a motive to go often there for those who like live performances. Many other good things that are worth mentioning are there also, just the best things differ for every person, which means that when you are in Baltimore you should just visit it. So I can proudly say that this place is for everybody. Isn't it fun to be in a place where different people come and you have opportunity to see and meet them? I think it is and this is why we should be thankful to "Power Plant Live!" - a place which unites and gathers together different people from different cultures, with different looks and different tastes.
Just Walk Next Door
Lorena A. Jan 11, 2013
In contrast to the majority of the nightlife scene in Baltimore, Power Plant Live is on the higher up more sophisticated end of the city. While its not quite Harbor East, it still is equally as charming and expensive. Power Plant Live offers an array of different bars and clubs to choose from, which are all conveniently located one right next to the other. So if you don’t like one place, you don’t have to worry about taking a taxi to another, but rather just walk next door! The architectural set up of Power Plant is there for your advantage. The bars, clubs and restaurants that make up Power Plant include but is not limited to: Joe Squared, Howl at the Moon, Leinenkugel’s Beer Garden which serves countless beers and the inside of the local is atheistically pleasing and the selection of beers to choose from is both plentiful and tasteful. In addition, Mosaic is another club, which attracts more of a young and working professionals sort of crowd. Its interior is decorated with comfortable sofas and chairs and the lightening is set to a dim, yet warm golden red. On the weekends the dance floor in Mosaic quickly turns into one of the clubs main attractions. Power Plant is probably most well known for its Rams Head Live! The concert venue is home for just about every well-known musician. I myself have attended numerous concerts there, ranging from Iron and Wine to Ben Folds. While the bottom floor can be overwhelming crowded at times, if you get there sufficiently early, make sure to grab a spot upstairs for a great view from above. On weekends watch out for the crowd of Loyola and Towson University upperclassmen who flock to Luckie’s Tavern. Or on the contrast if your intention is to mingle with the college world, you will easily find them there on the weekends. But don’t say that I didn’t warn ya.
Not my favorite place
Jody P. Nov 30, 2012
Power Plant Live! is a relatively new development in Baltimore City and, in my opinion, doesn't fit in with Baltimore's small-town charm city vibe. It is a collection of restaurants, bars, and clubs within an enclosed area. You can hop from place to place and take your drink outside as long as you don't go outside the enclosed area, which is kind of nice. However, all of the venues are super-packed - and not in a good way. It is almost impossible to get a drink or to talk to your companions. If you like that hard-core clubbing scene, you will get that here and have a good time. If you're not into that, then avoid it. I do, however, enjoy the outdoor live concerts that they have in the summer. But another downside - everything is super expensive. Power Plant Live is just not my thing.
This is B'more Hon
Danny M. Sep 29, 2012
With a variety of bars and clubs the Power Plant has a little something for everyone in Baltimore. You will always find multiple bachelorette parties here on the weekends, but also you’re bound to catch a glimpse of Baltimore’s club crowd, average joes out for a hard night of boozing, and also some of Baltimore’s finest ready to control and arrest folks who get too rowdy. One cool part about the area is that a good portion is outdoors so you can carry you drink outside and bounce around to a bunch of different places. Occasionally they have some concerts in the open area as well which can be a good outdoor event. But in many ways the crowd here is typical Baltimore – for better or worse - and can be a lot fun, hon.
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