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Eastern Market Housed inside a massive brick building, Eastern Market has been peddling local produce, meats, and cheeses since 1873, and attracts throngs of lifetime District residents and tourists alike who prefer the neighborhood vibe and... Washington, DC United States 38.887387 -76.996161
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Eastern Market - Flea Market | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Housed inside a massive brick building, Eastern Market has been peddling local produce, meats, and cheeses since 1873, and attracts throngs of lifetime District residents and tourists alike who prefer the neighborhood... ... read full review

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    Blue, Orange Lines: Eastern Market

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  • Hours:

    Indoor market: Tu–F 7am–7pm, Sa 7am–6pm, Su 9am–5pm
    Outdoor farmer’s and flea market: Sa–Su 9am–5pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Eastern Market Review

The Scene

Housed inside a massive brick building, Eastern Market has been peddling local produce, meats, and cheeses since 1873, and attracts throngs of lifetime District residents and tourists alike who prefer the neighborhood vibe and...

Housed inside a massive brick building, Eastern Market has been peddling local produce, meats, and cheeses since 1873, and attracts throngs of lifetime District residents and tourists alike who prefer the neighborhood vibe and fresh offerings unmatched by corporate food chains.

Shoppers shuffling through the tall and noisy warehouse will find thirteen vendors selling everything from slabs of bacon and fresh fish to premade salads and pasta.

Earthy girls stop in at longtime Market residents like Blue Iris for an intricate flower arrangement, while barbecue hounds grab a rack of ribs from Union Meat Company or Canales Delicatessen.

On weekends, about a dozen local farmers line up their stalls outside in the plaza, inviting curious foodies to sample fresh produce and jams from neighboring rural counties, while flea market vendors in the corner sell an always unpredictable mishmash of goods, from funky five-for-five-dollars sunglasses to valuable antiques.

More than a hundred local artists sell their creations at the flea market as well, beckoning to groups of girlfriends to try on handmade jewelry or join the creative types browsing through original paintings and sculptures.

As one of DC’s most historic landmarks, Eastern Market attracts people from all over the world ready to experience a taste of many cultures, view unique perspectives through art and design, and maybe bring home a handmade souvenir with their side of beef.

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Tip from Emma:

Bring cash! Vendors are most likely to knock down the price if you can pay in cash instead of a credit card.

  • Crowd

    Mix of local shoppers, tourists of every ilk, artists, free spirits, farmers, and florists. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Usually one or two street performers on the weekends.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Thirteen indoor merchants sell ice cream, meat, poultry, cheese, fresh vegetables, nuts, seafood, and more.

    The weekend farmer’s market offers fresh locally-grown produce with samples at each table. The North Hall events space can be rented for meetings, weddings, and dance classes.

  • Prices

    Range of prices from a few dollars up to several hundred.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: sundresses, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, sandals, sneakers, running clothes, Sunday church attire.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Saturdays and Sundays for the outdoor market and neighborhood artists selling handmade jewelry, art, photos, vintage clothing, and antiques.

  • Close By

    Capitol Hill Books (657 C Street SE) is an immense used bookstore.

Eastern Market User Reviews

Average rating:
Lively, exciting area with great nightlife and food!
Mitzi T. Jun 9, 2013
Eastern Market is definitely one of the hottest spots in our nation's capital! Whatever you may be searching for, you can find it in Eastern Market! Nightlife is bustling, with excellent restaurants, cool & hip bars, and random musicians playing for tips on the streets and by the Metro entrance. There is a wide variety of restaurants, from Cajun/Creole French, to Mediterranean and Ethiopian food. After dinner, walk around the neighborhood and pick a spot to have a cocktail while enjoying live music. Eastern Market has it all!
Eastern Market
Helen L. Jun 2, 2013
My Take: I probably check-in to Eastern Market at least once a month and this place is D.C.’s cultural playground. On Saturday and Sunday, there is a huge outdoor flea market, where you can buy fresh produce straight from the farmers, flowers, sundresses, $5 sunglasses, hand-made jewelry, and vintage art! You can also walk to capitol hill, so it’s a great place to stop by when you’re in the area. The Scene: Picture endless rows of tables under white tents with all types of items for sale. There are tables upon tables of freshly baked bread, organic produce, hand-crafted jewelry, vintage 60’s advertisement art, and something unique and different every time you visit. The vendors are all friendly with different stories to share, so make sure to talk to them when you’re there! Cocktails & Cuisine: Eastern Market is truly the melting pot/cultural salad bowl of D.C. There are tons of vendors and local artists who sell unique cultural & art pieces. Above all, the atmosphere itself is very diverse. My favorite place to grab a bite to eat is Prego Deli. (www.pregodeli.com). And this Italian Deli is run by Koreans! They have absolutely the BEST breakfast sandwiches. Prices are extremely reasonable, their home-made lemonade is to die for in the summer, and an incredible selection of chips, beverages, and assorted snacks. They also sell random Italian groceries like pasta, pasta sauce, ramen (lol), etc. Aside from Prego, check out the sweet little coffee house, Port City Java, and other restaurants in the market area. Occasionally, you'll also run into a cool food cart. Prices: Prices are all reasonable. Try to bring cash because some vendors charge extra if you use a credit card. There is also an ATM located inside Prego Deli, an amazing place to grab breakfast or lunch by the markets. Dresses ~$20, Jewelry between $5~$30. Sunglasses $5~10, Vintage art $10~40, Original paintings and photography, furniture varies but are all reasonable. What to Wear: Dress according to the weather and something comfortable to walk in. When to go: You can go whenever! The market is open pretty much all year, but the best times are when the weather is nice and in the summer.
Eclectic flea and farmer's market - great for a sunny day
Rachel W. May 2, 2013
Eastern Market is a popular DC destination--in part because it's free, and in part because there is a wide array of food and crafts to peruse. If you're looking for fresh produce, you can find it at Eastern Market. Want handmade jewelry? Eastern Market has it. How about a 6 foot tall giraffe made out of a Diet Coke can? There's an Eatern Market artist who specializes in them. This is a great way to spend a day wandering in and out of the booths, plus there are plenty of bars and restaurants right nearby if you need to get off your feet and take a break. I always try to swing by Eastern Market when I have visitors in town, especially when the weather is nice.
Switch up your lazy Sunday afternoons...
Krisna B. Apr 22, 2013
Sunday mornings usually consist of a grumpy and lazy me... but this morning was different. I felt awake, alert and awesome. The smart thing to do would have been to channel these positive feelings into a productive day at the library, attacking all my assignments...but clearly that did not happen. Instead, I decided to spend the day exploring a place I've always wanted to go to - Eastern Market. Getting There: After getting in the car with my boyfriend, I googled "Eastern Market DC" on my phone for directions. I foolishly assumed the first address that popped up was the right place. After driving all the way there, I started to get the feeling that we were at the wrong place. Firstly, it was located in the northeastern region of the District which means SKETCHY. In fact if you type "NE DC" on Google and hit the "news" tab, the top 3 stories that come up are: 1) D.C. teen sentenced in fatal shooting after funeral 2) Man charged in D.C. transgender shooting 3) Four Area Men Plead Guilty to Federal Narcotics Conspiracy Charges I felt as if we were in the ghetto. We got out of the car and walked into the building complex called "Farmers Market." I thought to myself oh, farmers market / eastern market must be the same thing! I was wrong...so wrong! The place was kind of empty, filled with flies and clearly unsanitary. Each step we took was questionable. Should we proceed, should we not? I held my boyfriend's hand and we clutched each other oh so tightly. After walking around the entire area, reconfirming we were at the wrong place, I nudged my friend and said "lets go." He politely agreed with not a moment of hestiation. He didn't say anything until we got back into the car but his facial expression was saying it all! I bet he was wondering why I dragged him out of bed on a Sunday morning to drive me all the way here to see THIS. The Right Destination: The real Eastern Market turned out to be safe, kid-friendly and an overall joyful place! People were strolling around with their loved ones - family, friends, pets. It was heart-warming! Living in the District, you rarely see people enjoying their time outdoors or walking around in a laid-back manner. It was a lovely change! There was a wide range of stuff being sold - antiques, jewelry, furniture, fresh produce, beads, pottery, incense, clothes, bags, music, etc. The entire area was alive with vivid colors, crisp air and fresh flavors. All the fruits and vegetables were so ripe and you could sample almost everything! Information: Eastern market is definitely a place to visit. It is opened every Sunday from 10am - 5pm. Even if you don't feel like purchasing knick-knacks its a nice place to get away from the city buzz and just relax...
Eastern Market - The Best Weekend Morning You've Had In Awhile
Lindsey R. Mar 24, 2013
My Take: I had been consistently hearing about how cool Eastern Market is since my first few months in college, but somehow, I never made it over there. Something about the idea of having to transfer metro lines and be on the train for awhile did not appeal to Saturday/Sunday-morning-me. I do have to say that I was wrong to not go because of my laziness. I went by myself for the first time and was so incredibly delighted with what I saw. I went on a perfect, warm spring afternoon and wished I had about seven hours to spend there. I had no idea how diverse and cultural it was – I met a shop vendor from every single (populated) continent in the span of two hours, all with a different story to tell, and all brought together by their farms and their art. It was truly an amazing experience – not just the inquisitive-minded, but also the trendy, the local, the friendly, the animal-lover, the athlete, the foodie, and the interior decorator. There’s something for everyone. The Scene: People of all ages were delighted to be treated themselves with organic goodies and cute house-decorating items from all over the world. There is no rush, everyone is always smiling and willing to share their story, and the vendors are excited to be sharing their beloved projects with the world. Cocktails & Cuisine: Eastern Market is an outdoor food market, so the things you’ll find there are locally grown fruits and vegetables, organic cheeses, and homemade jams. There are also tons of trendy cafes all around the up-and-coming, young neighborhood, and there is even the occasional food truck. (When I went, there was Indian and Halal!) Prices: Everything, individually, is pretty reasonably priced. The fruits and vegetables are definitely less than Whole Foods for the same excellent product. The accessories, house decorations, and things like tapestries and clothes range probably on average from $15-$40. I am definitely budget-conscious, but I consider this inexpensive because these items are amazing, have culture, and I have never been able to find anything similar anywhere else. However, while they’re all individually fairly priced, I found myself getting so excited and I had to actively stop myself from not traveling back and forth 10 times from the ATM to completely annihilate my checkings account. What to Wear: It’s an outdoor market, so dress according to the weather. It’s a non-judgmental zone, so wear what you feel comfortable in. But if you’re making brunch plans in the area, think chic and trendy-casual. For girls for brunch: flats, a blazer, light accessories. Boys: jeans and a comfortable tee. Nothing fancy. When to go: If you’re just looking at the fruits and produce, any time is a fine time to go. However, on a nice weekend, this area will be bustling with local artists, drummers forming drum circles, clothes and jewelry of all colors, and outdoor diners. I’d definitely say a sunny Saturday and Sunday morning will make for an awesome, fun, fulfilling, cultural, and fresh-aired experience.
A Wonderful Weekend Activity
Emily H. Feb 20, 2013
Taking a stroll down to Eastern Market was one of my favorite things to do when I interned on the Hill. People of all ages come together to enjoy the Market. It’s a great way to get out into the fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful summers day. Whether you’re there to buy groceries, a unique gift, or simply to relax and people watch, Eastern Market is the place to be. The atmosphere around Eastern Market can make you forget you’re in DC. There is a very laid-back vibe, with an artistic and earthy flavor. Local artisans display their creative talents in booths that line the streets. Those passing by take their time to relish at the homemade items. Paintings, sculptures, scarves, hats, and jewelry can all be found with ease when the Market is up and running. The fresh produce and unique foods offered at the Eastern Market are a major draw for people in and around the area. Tables upon tables of ripe fruits and vegetables will make your mouth water. Then, when one steps inside Eastern Market’s brick building, a wide array of meats, cheeses, and fresh flowers will be available. Eastern Market is a great way to relax on a beautiful weekends day!
OK Farmer's Market
Anthony C. Feb 19, 2013
Yes, it is historic, but the farmer's market itself is not much bigger or more interesting than that in your typical. It is only worth it on the weekend when more vendors are outsides with good samples. The one factor that sets Eastern Market apart is the market breakfast counter. Make sure to arrive early to get a spot in line!
A lot to see - dig around!
Angela L. Jan 11, 2013
This was one of my favorite places in DC to spend a weekend morning. It's unexpected, but you can find a lot of small trinkets, fresh fruit and handmade jewelry at the market. It's fun, casual, suited for families and single wanderers alike. I actually got quite some inspiration from some of the artwork that people were selling! It summarizes, I think, the more residential side of DC, which is a city that can so often the only thought of with regards to politics and historical monuments. It's particularly nice in the summer, because the weather encourages everyone to hang out and wander around. Definitely a place to visit!
Great market!
Elyse H. Dec 12, 2012
This Market is great and I love coming here! Flea markets are so much fun in any city, but Eastern Market is really special! It’s really historic too, considering it’s been going on for over a century, and it’s more fun knowing that it’s such a historic market! The food is really great here, really fresh and local. I love shopping for produce here because of all the samples—I always end up trying so many things I end up with much more to carry than I bargained for! I don’t really buy any of the artwork, but it’s all really cool to look at and I always love coming here.
Amazing market!
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I love Eastern Market! This place has everything you could possibly want. First of all, it is in a cool neighborhood (easily accessible by Metro, no less), and there are a bunch of neat coffee shops, restaurants, and bars nearby. Second, it is such an amazing market! They have cooked food, fresh produce, and an incredible collection of arts, crafts, and thrift-shop-like items for sale! I bought the coolest old poster (a 50s PBR advertisement) from a vendor at the market once. I'm also really impressed by the amazing collection of furniture they have. From art, to jewelry, to funky quirky items, you are bound to find something you like here!
A great place to spend a Sunday afternoon!
Nicole C. Oct 5, 2012
Whenever I am in DC I must visit the market place. With its great vibe and wide assortment of goodies you cannot go wrong with spending part of our day there. It is a great place to grab lunch at Market Lunch or Canales Delicatessen, items for dinner in the Farmers Line or Eastern Market Grocery while you are at it. There are street performers outside and arts and crafts vendors who have pottery, jewelry, photographs and other hand made and antique items. The Market is easily accessible by Metro. Keep in mind that if you are in a shopping mood, you may want a vehicle close by to put it all in…plan ahead and find your place to park if you are visiting the city. There is truly something for everyone!!!
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