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U Street Corridor NW - Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Shopping Area in DC

There’s a whole mess of outdoor activities in Washington, DC, and very few of them have anything to do with politics.

The National Mall is probably the most historic two-mile stretch of grass on the planet, and while it’s full of some of the city’s most iconic buildings and institutions – including ten Smithsonian museums and the eponymous Washington Monument – it’s also overflowing with outdoor activities like biking, running, and pickup games as well as outdoor events like massive political rallies and music festivals.

South along the Potomac River, East Potomac Park is a 381-acre expanse of recreational facilities ideal for playing outdoors in DC, while Gravelly Point Park might not look like much of a place for outdoor events until the lines of 747s from nearby Reagan International Airport scream overhead.

Hardcore cyclists and joggers take the Rock Creek Park trail from DC up into Georgetown, where the Georgetown Waterfront entices big crowds to kayak, sail, row, or just spend relaxed sunny afternoons that can quickly fade into rambunctious evenings. Nearby M Street, meanwhile, is awash during the day with local prepsters shopping and fashionistas maxing out their credit, but its cobblestone streets make for hours of lovely walks and a perfect way to spend more time outdoors in the District as well.

Back near The Capitol Building, Eastern Market is a massive farmers market and flea market that offers up lots of great outdoor shopping action, while window-shopping along the U Street Corridor has enough variety to satisfy almost everyone.

Clearly there are many ways to spend time outdoors in DC, and to ensure you don’t miss out on the next great Washington, DC outdoor event it would be a good idea to come on back to Party Earth.

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