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The DINER Late-night breakfast is a must for many Adams Morganites, and the only place to find sausage-stuffed pancakes and towering eggs Benedict at 4am in this rowdy neighborhood is at The DINER. Washington, DC United States 38.920225 -77.041639
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The DINER - Diner in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Late-night breakfast is a must for many Adams Morganites, and the only place to find sausage-stuffed pancakes and towering eggs Benedict at 4am in this rowdy neighborhood is at The DINER. Open 24/7, the single-room eatery... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan

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Party Earth The DINER Review

The Scene

Late-night breakfast is a must for many Adams Morganites, and the only place to find sausage-stuffed pancakes and towering eggs Benedict at 4am in this rowdy neighborhood is at The DINER.

Late-night breakfast is a must for many Adams Morganites, and the only place to find sausage-stuffed pancakes and towering eggs Benedict at 4am in this rowdy neighborhood is at The DINER.

Open 24/7, the single-room eatery is a magnet for bleary-eyed hipsters and danced-out club kids who make their way through the glass-paned entrance long into the night, taking over a few dozen wooden tables and booths or hunkering down on the maroon-cushioned stools lining the curved metallic bar.

By day the restaurant attracts a crowd of young parents and international travelers from the adjacent youth hostel, eagerly digging into the special of the day or one of the diner’s signature burgers, while Friday and Saturday nights see a stumbling parade of drunks with the munchies, tipsy girls guiltlessly plowing through peanut butter milkshakes, and guys blinding themselves with one too many Patron-based margaritas.

Sundresses and khaki shorts are clearly the order of the day for weekend brunches, as patrons take on the Royale breakfast special, a slab of blueberry pie, or a thick Bloody Mary, and even energetic dog walkers stop by to get their pups a homemade biscuit.

A neighborhood institution, The DINER is perhaps best summed up by its own Diner Declaration: That all men and women are endowed by their Creator with [the] right to eat breakfast whenever the heck they please…or wear last night’s clothes to Sunday brunch.”

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Tip from Lucas:

The DINER is often very busy, so grab a spot at the bar for faster service, or be prepared for a wait. Then dig in to a heaping plate of the home-style fries.

  • Crowd

    Weekdays: mix of after-work servers from neighboring restaurants and bars, college kids, families, and older locals. Friday and Saturday nights: neighborhood partiers and late-night diners; Saturdays and Sundays: brunching couples and girlfriends. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Playlist includes everything from Michael Jackson to Red Hot Chili Peppers to jazz.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served 24/7, including the popular DINER Royale, featuring two eggs any style, home fries or grits, two pancakes or French toast, bacon, ham, sausage or chicken sausage, toast, an English muffin, and coffee.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $4–$7, sandwiches and burgers $5–$9, entrées $7–$18. Beer $4, wine $7, cocktails $10, milkshakes and malts $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: workout clothes, sundresses, jeans, last night’s outfit.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays through Saturdays after 11pm for the crowds, and weekend brunch for the hangover relief.

  • Close By

    There are dozens of bars within stumbling distance of The DINER. Habana Village (1834 Columbia Road Northwest) offers live Cuban music, salsa lessons, and large mojitos. Bedrock Billiards (1841 Columbia Road Northwest) has $3 beer specials and several pool and shuffleboard tables.

The DINER User Reviews

Average rating:
No Fear, the Diner is Always Here
Rachel D. May 13, 2013
Located in one of the most trendy and bustling neighborhoods of D.C., the Diner is the place to go no matter the time of day - or night! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Diner is the go-to place for anyone who is looking to get their brunch fix in, whether it be at 2PM or 2AM. Order the Diner Royale - any breakfast you could think of will arrive at your table in a matter of minutes, as the service is impeccable. You will be begging them for more home fries as they are incredible and literally melt in your mouth. If you're looking for something a litte bit lighter go for the Greek Omelet - the ingredients are ALWAYS fresh and they are willing to substitute real eggs with egg whites or egg beaters. If you stop in for a quick brunch and decide you need an adult drink, order the bellini because the peach puree will take you to a tropical island even if it is 20 degrees in the nation's capital. Otherwise, take a crack at the adult shake menu and if you're feeling extra adventurous order the Bacon Bourbon Float - it is out of this world. If you're just looking to stop in for a quick drink and to do some people watching - which is a must when visiting this establishment, take a seat at the bar, order a cold beer off of the tap or a refreshing glass of their Bex Riesling.
Not just for Hipsters and hung-over college students...
Danielle B. Apr 8, 2013
I have definitely entered the Diner in Adams Morgan in the clothes I had on Saturday night but instead of having been out drinking and clubbing, I had been up all night with an irate toddler. Sadly, with the onset of children, we sometimes fall into baby prison which quickly becomes toddler hell; these stages of parenthood often stop us from doing the things we enjoy and so I recently went back to the Diner, hoping that my three year old was capable of dining out and that I was fortunate enough to find the sweet spot for Sunday brunch. With the three year old in tow, still wearing his sleepy clothes, everyone jumped in the car, and we took off for the Diner. Luckily, my kid’s mood and the sweet spot came through for us. In the past going to the Diner for Sunday brunch was painful. We would show up like most folks between 11 and 1 and hope to miraculously be sat in post haste only to be informed that the wait for a table could be as long as 45 minutes. So, we stopped doing brunch; it doesn’t go so well for parents and newborns. This past Sunday we showed up at the Diner at 9:35, and we were sat straight away. I sat in the red leatherette booth with relief and quickly ordered my three year old some pancakes and bacon. We were shocked to see that the menu was a mere one page with options on the front and back. Disappointed to see some of our faves gone, I asked the waiter, and he was nice enough to explain that the menu was “a work in progress” and had been in flux since new management came in. I am assuming that the new management was also the reason why the coloring sheets I used to so fondly gaze at and that my daughter was so happy to contribute to, were no longer on display on the cream colored walls and white columns. But, Scooby Doo was playing on the widescreen in the corner. The food was awesome. While the menu had shrunk, my husband and I were still able to get our ‘big breakfast’ fix and ordered the Diner Royale; with multiple options, we were able to choose egg prep, toast, pancakes or French toast, and whether we wanted grits or home fries. This southern girl chose grits! They were unlike any cup of grits I’d ever had and were more like a savory porridge than the stuff Grandma used to make. Different and also delicious with lots of butter and salt and pepper. The food was well-prepared and came quick: eggs perfectly cooked scrambled and sunny side, home fries were crisp, and the pancakes were fluffy. So, as we were leaving our booth a mere 45 minutes later, we scooted carefully through many other folks looking for that ‘big breakfast’ fix who had unfortunately missed the sweet spot and had most assuredly spent the previous night clubbing and drinking instead of trying to determine if that yellow splotch on one’s jeans was egg yolk or toddler puke.
Updated throwback diner with trendy food and great location
Joan C. Feb 25, 2013
The Diner in Adams Morgan is similar to other diners in that it's open all night and there's an assortment of unusual people sitting in it. When I went there at 2 PM, I was sitting next to two middle-aged women in wheelchairs who were reading science fiction. When I went there at 2 AM after the bars closed I remember less clearly who was there, but I know that there were an awful lot of people and I'm pretty sure the food was no worse or better than it would have been at any other hour. The Diner is not like other diners because the vibe, as it tries to become more hip by means of updated throwback hipsterism, actually becomes less so. It has the red vinyl booths, the silver bar with matching stools and appealing-looking drinks (I didn't try the eggnog, but you should), and the friendly staff. It's a lot like the nearby Tryst in attitude if not in menu: they serve standard American fare like sandwiches and milkshakes. I got a peanut butter and chocolate shake and a portobello sandwich. The portobello sandwich included a lot of diced-up portobello pieces instead of one big burger-like patty. It had spinach, fried onions, peppers, and feta cheese. The dressing made it taste pleasantly sour and meaty. My peanut butter and chocolate milkshake was good and was served in a heaping portion with one of those big metal ice cream cups. It was good. But then I saw my bill. It was like $18.50. And holy crap it wasn't THAT good. Diners are supposed to be cheap and cheesy and filled with college students and old people. You'll like The Diner okay, but in trying to be both a diner and a hip hangout with good food it fails to fall comfortably into either camp. My Rating: 5 Recommended Dish: Milkshake Atmosphere: Fake, but nobody ever rushes you. You and your friends can hang all night. Price Range: $10-$30 Clientele: Students, passerby, and mainstays during the day, drunk people streaming out of bars at night.
Great Food in a Lively Social Setting
Emily S. Feb 22, 2013
When you hear the words "24-hour diner", you may not think of a very posh or happening place. Hairnets and little old ladies smoking cigarettes coming to mind? Well, never you fear, because The Diner will completely change your mind about diners open round the clock. Nestled in the heart of Adam's Morgan, The Diner is never wanting for customers, especially during the busy nighttime hours when clubbers and late-night adventurers peruse the crowded streets. There's always a worker outside to greet you as you walk in, setting things off on the right foot. The interior is how you might imagine a traditional diner to be, but modernized for the twenty-first century. Metallic barstools sit in rows by the bar. Every table has its plastic, red ketchup-squirter, though without a checkered tablecloth and plus a quaint, little candle. The servers, all young and cheerful folk, dress in casual garb with a simple apron. This outfit fits quite nicely with their attitude; ready to strike up a casual conversation, but always making sure you have what you need first. It almost feels like one of your friends is serving you food, and maybe when they get off their shift they'll come party it up with you at a club (success not guaranteed). And finally; the food. My personal favorite is the breakfast menu. After all, what's better than getting breakfast food when it's dark out (or, in The Diner's case even when the sun is on its way up!) The pancakes are divine, as well as the omelets; and if you're in the mood for something a little more unique, try the bread pudding french toast or the "Migas" (fried corn tortillas with eggs and tex-mex corn). If you're more in the mood for dinner entrees, the burgers are juicy and flavorful and options like "Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf" give you the opportunity to try something new. And finally, don't miss out on dessert; like any good diner, they serve plenty of milkshakes, though they even offer "adult" versions, with options such as Spiked Egg Nog and (for you bacon lovers) a Bacon Bourbon Float (root beer float with Jim Beam and bacon crumbles). All in all, if you're in the mood for some good food in a fun atmosphere in the heart of a poppin' social scene, you'll want to take a visit to The Diner.
Great food!
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
Definitely not your average diner, but the food is absolutely delicious. The DINER is less of a diner and more of an American contemporary restaurant dressed up as a diner. It's not as cheap as you might expect, but the food is excellent. I have been there a few times, and from the standard burger to the blackened salmon sandwich, everything is cooked just right and super flavorful. Best thing is it's open all night! So you can party it up in Adams Morgan and then treat yourself to a late-night meal. (They also have booze.) Definitely a good pick in a fun neighborhood!
Good old memories
Deepak H. Oct 5, 2012
The Diner brings back old memories of those days when partying used to be a higher priority than the school. I remember that me and a bunch of my friends have come down here for something small to eat and ended up drinking so much that we decided to cut short the pub crawl and go back home! It is always crowded but it is also open 24/7! The crowd is mostly people who are grabbing quick bites to lower the alcohol in their system or people getting their system ready for the alcohol that is to come later! But then again, in a place like Adam's Morgan you cannot expect anything else other than alcohol!
The name says it all
Sherry M. Aug 6, 2012
For those of us from the Northeast (read: I'm a Jersey girl), "the Diner" is a slice of home. I can't say they fully live up to their northern counterparts, but it's close enough.
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