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Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) Searching for concerts at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, MD? Check out Party Earth for Rams Head Live! schedules & experience this cool concert venue for yourself! Washington, DC United States 39.289144 -76.607122
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Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) - Concert Venue in Washington, DC.
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INFO Rams Head Live! is an indoor music venue located at 20 Market Place in Baltimore, Maryland, in the Power Plant Live! entertainment complex. Opened on December 15, 2004, Rams Head Live! is a 26,000 square foot facility... ... read more

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    Baltimore, MD
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    20 Market Place
    Baltimore, MD 21202

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Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) Videos

Soaked - Adam Lambert at Rams Head Live
Soaked - Adam Lambert at Rams Head Live
Jonny Lang - "I Am" - Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD - 07/14/11
CLUTCH - The Dragonfly - Rams Head Live 12/31/07 NYE
Kix "Cold Blood" Rams Head Live Baltimore concer 3-13-10 live
INXS - Suicide Blonde 2011 @ Rams Head Live
"Supernova" by Liz Phair at Rams Head Live 1/25/11
Voodoo/DTRH @Rams Head Live! Baltimore
PiL "Psychopath" @ Rams Head Live 5/11/10
Mr Greengenes at Rams Head Live
De La Soul "A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"" and "Me, Myself and I" @ Rams Head Live 8/12/09
Leftstronger @ Rams Head Live! CD
Brand New - Limousine (Ram's Head Live 4/21/07)
Cassandra Syndrome "None But Shadows" @ Rams Head Live
Disco Biscuits "Munchkin Invasion" jam @ Rams Head Live 10/27/10 (part 1 of 2)
Rams Head LIVE 2008
Aftermath - Adam Lambert at Rams Head Live
Halestorm - American Boys (NEW SONG!) - Rams Head Live, Baltimore, MD
Sleepwalker w/dancers opening @Rams Head Live! Baltimore
Blue October-Blue Sunshine-Baltimore-Rams Head Live-8-23-09

Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) Information

Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) - Concert Venue in Washington, DC.

Rams Head Live! is an indoor music venue located at 20 Market Place in Baltimore, Maryland, in the Power Plant Live! entertainment complex. Opened on December 15, 2004, Rams Head Live! is a 26,000 square foot facility with three levels of viewing space and five bars on the various floors. This venue, although quite new, has been a very popular attraction in Baltimore for locals and tourists. Aside from hosting big-name concerts, Rams Head Live! offers the Rock Star Bar Preshow and Aftershow, to which patrons can buy tickets to enter the venue before the show and stay after the venue has closed to regular ticket-holders. The Preshow and Aftershow feature drink specials and occasionally the night's performers attend the Aftershow to mingle with fans. Rams Head Live! features beer from the Fordham Brewing Company.

Concerts at Rams Head Live! vary in genre and include rock, pop, hip-hop, and many others. Performers at Rams Head Live! have included The All-American Rejects, the Indigo Girls, and Yellowcard. 80s night with the Legwarmers is one of the most popular events at Rams Head Live! Shows at Rams Head Live! do not have age restrictions unless otherwise indicated on the official website. Information on holding corporate or private events at Ram's Head Live! is also available on its official website.

Rams Head Live! (Baltimore, MD) User Reviews

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A Intimate Setting for Musicians and Fans
Jessica E. Jun 15, 2013
Okay, to be absolutely honest, I've only been to Rams Head Live! once for an Ed Sheeran concert but I had such a good experience that I've decided to share it with anyone interested in seeing some music there. It's an amazing venue for musicians who thrive in smaller spaces. The smaller space gives Rams Head a really nice vibe. It's intimate without being too invasive and the architecture is really lovely. I mostly experienced the floor space but the balcony areas give it's guests a very nice view of the performers. It's always extremely annoying when you buy your ticket and there's an enormous pillar blocking your view from the stage, which is an impossible scenario if you go to Rams Head Live. Parking is also very convenient, there's a garage that feeds directly into the building. There's also a multitude of really nice restaurants around the venue in case you want to get a bite to eat before the show. It should also be noted that Rams Head has pretty decent bar with reasonably priced drinks. It's a really great place to go to for a night out with your friends or if you want to treat that someone special to fun night out. The artist on stage might not be your cup of tea but there's not much to dislike about the venue location.
ignore the explanation point and you're good to go
Tara R. Dec 9, 2012
For a Baltimoron, Ram's Head is a staple performance venue. It’s big and there’s enough variety over the few floors to keep you entertained for hours. Seeing concerts here is special, because you do get a chance to get close to the stage even if you don’t arrive days ahead of time. My memories of Ram’s Head are fuzzy at best, but I know it’s one of the only places that would make me head downtown for a night out. Concerts here never fail to disappoint, and I've never heard anyone have a bad experience at the venue. If someone is playing that you really want to see, Ram’s Head is the place to be.
One of the only upsides to Power Plant Live
Jody P. Nov 30, 2012
Rams Head Live is a music venue inside of Power Plant Live and I've seen a ton of concerts there. Although I typically don't like Power Plant Live because it is just not my crowd, I do enjoy the occasional show at Rams Head. They attract really good bands and have a different crowd than the rest of Power Plant Live. Specifically, they attract whatever type of fan that usually follows whatever band is playing. The venue is huge on the inside. The front is a restaurant and the back area is the venue with a stage and a huge open space that is usually standing room only. There is and upstairs and then a gallery even further up so you are basically looking straight down onto the stage. For most shows, you need to pay extra to get up to the gallery area but it is totally worth it if you love the band that is playing. They have a great beer selection (mostly, if not all, Fordham beers). At several of the shows i've gone to at Rams Head I have had the opportunity to meet the band afterwards which is always fun!
Intimate Concert Venue
Rebecca K. Aug 19, 2012
Ram's Head Live is a great concert venue. It attracts local bands as well as big names. It is easy to work your way to the front to have a close view of the acts. I've been handed lyrics sheets from Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and been winked at by Sean from Boys to Men.
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