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Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) Want to find the latest concerts at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA? Check out Party Earth for updates on Jammin Java & experience this music venue for an amazing show! Washington, DC United States 38.90419 -77.261253
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Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) - Live Music Venue | Live Music Venue in Washington, DC.
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INFO Located about 15 miles outside of DC in Vienna, Virginia, Jammin Java is a coffee bar and live music venue famous for presenting intimate live music every night of the week. Opened in 2001, the space can hold up to 200... ... read more

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    Vienna, VA
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    227 Maple Avenue
    Vienna, VA 22180

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Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) Videos

Nick Jonas BB Good Jammin' Java 2/23
Nick Jonas BB Good Jammin' Java 2/23
MyJoogTV: Trent Dabbs at Jammin Java: "Your Side Now"
Lucas Silveira - Runaway (Kanye West cover) @ Jammin Java
Nick Jonas Rose Garden Jammin' Java 2/23
Matt Hires All These Things That I've Done - Jammin Java 11-02-2011
A+ Dropouts Kid Tween Band - Jammin Java, Vienna, VA - Crazy Train
Nick Jonas Inseparable story behind SOS Jammin' Java 2/23
Matt Hires I Say Hello - Jammin Java 11-02-2011
Justin Roberts "Backyard Super Kid" at Jammin' Java - 6 Mar 2010
Matt Nathanson - Mercy (Jammin' Java 5/23/11)
Nocturnal Rush performs at Jammin' Java
1993, Stephen Kellogg, Jammin' Java, 4/22/2011
Kris Delmhorst -"If Not for Love" - Jammin Java, May 2009
"I Wish" by Eisley at Jammin' Java
"Watch It Die" by Eisley at Jammin' Java
Nick Jonas- Rose Garden Free concert at Jammin Java in Virginia 2/23/11 front row!!
Preston Reed at Jammin' Java

Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) Information

Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) - Live Music Venue | Live Music Venue in Washington, DC.

Located about 15 miles outside of DC in Vienna, Virginia, Jammin Java is a coffee bar and live music venue famous for presenting intimate live music every night of the week. Opened in 2001, the space can hold up to 200 fans for shows at Jammin Java, or simply for those wanting coffee or dinner during the day.

The venue is renowned for its indie rock performances, and is considered one of the best places to see live music in Washington, DC. Notable artists who have played here include Paramore, Bon Iver, and The Civil Wars. Tickets for Jammin Java are easily available on their website or at the door.

Jammin Java (Vienna, VA) User Reviews

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Good Food, Great Music, & Awesome Atmosphere in an Otherwise Sleepy Suburb
Katie R. Apr 5, 2013
While DC may have an active nightlife scene, its suburbs tend toward the sleepy side. The addition of Jammin Java, situated in a Vienna, VA strip mall, gives a much-needed boost of culture in an area more renowned for traffic and chain restaurants than independent cafes and music venues. By day, Jammin Java is the perfect place to wile away the day with a book, a huge array of hot or cold (and hard) beverages, and one of the best chicken salad sandwiches (made with grapes and almond slivers with just a hint of tarragon) you'll find anywhere. The walls plastered with band posters, the cracked leather booths and overstuffed seats invite you to stick around for a while. Come night time, the drinks get a little stiffer and the buzz heats up depending on who's playing that night- a well-vetted local band? An obscure Indie artist that only you know about? Someone who seems too big to play a coffee shop? Anything is possible. Years back I sat in the fold-up chairs more reminiscent of a recital than a ticketed show to see Meiko. The small stage and space created an intimate area that made it seem as if you're sitting in your overly talented friend's house for a private show. Afterwards, the artists mingled among the crowd and the after-show party happened from the same seats you watched the performance. The biggest surprise of the evening was Meiko’s opener, Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons, (a still relatively unknown band) which just blew her away. Since that day, Cory Chisel remains in heavy rotation in my iTunes, well after Meiko faded into obscurity. With their stringent booking protocol, Jammin Java ensures you're never going to be subjected to some terrible bar band. Obscure or unknown music? Yes. On the rise artists? Definitely. But you’ll never experience a bad show. With their good food, great atmosphere, and interesting music, (and all of this for $15 bucks and about 15 minutes from your house) what more could you ask for?
Very Intimate - Underground Experiences
Lauren G. Jan 4, 2013
Jammin' Java is such an intimate location - smaller than the 9:30 Club - which results in an even closer, up-front experience. Many of the artists who perform are not as well known so it's a great place to go to search for underground bands and musicians. I wouldn't say there were more than 40 people at the show I was at so meeting new people was even easier since the space was small. Tickets are really cheap (cheapest I've gotten for a concert around DC) and parking was great. The location is in a shopping center area so parking wasn't difficult at all. There's also a bar where you can also mingle with people too and two of my three times there, the performers came out after the show to meet people which was awesome! Also, I love the surrounding posters and artwork that makes the venue cozy and artsy. If you're on the hunt for an interesting experience with a new band, it's great but if not, make sure you know the band well before you come or else you might want to leave early. Also, the Jammin' Java has great opportunities for private events if you are hoping to host a benefit concert or another event of some kind. My community hosted a benefit concert where the venue was very generous with help and the event planner was very easy to work with.
Good Music in my Hometown
Chris M. Aug 21, 2012
I grew up in Vienna where nighttime activities consisted of movies in Merrifield (now a scary place), bowling in Fairfax, or 24 hour cake at Amphora. Jammin' Java arrived after I left for college so I had to check it out on a summer break. I came and saw Darren Jessee (formerly of Ben Folds Five, now of Hotel Lights and at the time I think the band was called Eraser or something). There were about 50 people there for that show and it was a fun intimate time. There was a lot of crowd interaction. He played Emaline but not Magic (which I'm pretty sure he wrote and is a great BFF song). But this is about Jammin' Java, not that one show. They manage to pull in acts like this that are one step before the buzz that can lead to indie stardom, and occasionally more. I haven't heard of just about anyone on the calendar but the shows are always good. Tickets are easy to get, parking is pretty easy because the strip mall that it is in clears out at night. Tickets are also pretty cheap. I honestly wasn't sure this place would survive when it first opened but I am so glad it has and I try to stop in whenever I visit home. If you live in DC it is probably not worth coming out for a show unless you really know and love the band, but for those of us in Northern Virginia it is nice to have an option for indie music that does not involve the trek on the orange line.
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