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9:30 Club Often touted as the best place to catch a concert in the city, 9:30 Club consistently packs its 1,200-capacity hall by hosting shows ranging from big-name acts and DJs to up-and-comers, noise bands, and everything in between. Washington, DC United States 38.91786 -77.023718
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9:30 Club - Bar | Club | Live Music Venue in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Often touted as the best place to catch a concert in the city, 9:30 Club consistently packs its 1,200-capacity hall by hosting shows ranging from big-name acts and DJs to up-and-comers, noise bands, and everything in between... ... read full review

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    Green, Yellow Lines: U Street/African-Amer Civil War Memorial/Cardozo

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    Daily, though hours vary by show

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth 9:30 Club Review

The Scene

Often touted as the best place to catch a concert in the city, 9:30 Club consistently packs its 1,200-capacity hall by hosting shows ranging from big-name acts and DJs to up-and-comers, noise bands, and everything in between.

Often touted as the best place to catch a concert in the city, 9:30 Club consistently packs its 1,200-capacity hall by hosting shows ranging from big-name acts and DJs to up-and-comers, noise bands, and everything in between.

Long before the door opens, eager audiophiles line up outside the brick façade and unmarked door, with each night’s crowd of concertgoers reflecting the venue’s ever-changing performance calendar.

Seating options are limited at the club, so early birds score a quick cocktail at one of the two bars before securing a spot on the open floor in front of the stage, or dart upstairs for dibs on the handful of risers that line the horseshoe balcony.

A third bar on the second level keeps the crowd’s thirst in check and regulars know that the few precious barstools provide great views as well as quick access to another round.

Parents, meanwhile, make sure their wards are safely settled during all-ages shows before escaping to the BackBar downstairs, a fourth watering hole where ample seating and soundproof walls keep Dad from griping about the quality of music these days.

Whether for high-energy dance shows, death metal mosh pits, or mellow country bands, live music lovers in DC know that 9:30 is always a good time.

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Tip from Jonah:

An unpublished Happy Hour in the BackBar allows you to enjoy some discounted brews before the show and beat the line outside. An entrance on 9th Street opens one hour before the club does.

  • Crowd

    Varies depending on the show, but can range from ravers with glow sticks to hardcore punks, alterna-types, and mellow acoustic fans. All ages, though mostly 18 to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music every night. See website for schedule and show times.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Vegetarian-friendly menu of bar food and sandwiches, including meat-free meatball subs, wraps, and chicken breast melts. Happy Hour daily at BackBar one hour before the club opens.

  • Prices

    Cover charge varies, usually $15–$40. Appetizers and small bites $5–$13, sandwiches $5–$8, entrées $14–$22. Beer $6–$8, wine $7/glass, cocktails $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Comfortable: jeans, sneakers, graphic t-shirts, casual dresses. Some shows do not allow spiked jewelry, chains, and so on.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Musical tastes will always dictate the hottest nights to attend.

  • Close By

    American Ice Company (917 V Street) serves up barbeque and beer long after the show has ended.

9:30 Club User Reviews

Average rating:
I love the 930 Club
Lunar A. Aug 20, 2013
From the first time I went to the 930 club several years ago to see Zap Mama, it has been one of my favorite concert spots. I can check their schedule randomly and always find a few different awesome musicians or bands that I would like to see. I just saw The Melvins there a few weeks ago and I was blown away. The music gave me chills and to top it off I finally got to see a mosh pit in person. I also love that there is no specific "type" of artist/band that they feature. Always a variety.
Best Venue in DC
Connie C. Jun 28, 2013
The 9:30 Club is my favorite Venue for concerts. I've had awesome experience at this venue. The Staff is very nice I've been to venue where the staff would get attitude with people, but the staff at the 9:30 Club have treat their guest great. Some bands could agree wit this as well. The last band I've went to see at the venue early this month stated that the 9:30 Club was their favorite venue to play at in DC. The 9:30 Club contains a balcony view of the stage, a ground floor, where you can get closer enough to the bands, two bars (one on either side of the room). The upper floor is where a lot of the sitting happens, also a small bar. The 9:30 Club is a great venue, the vibe and energy it give is just amazing. enough space to dance and move around and having fun.
Best DC Venue
Zoe M. Jun 24, 2013
The 9:30 Club is by far my favorite venue. It brings in acts of all sizes, from all genres and always to the same enthusiastic crowd. I’ve seen everyone from Reel Big Fish to Jack’s Mannequin to Gavin DeGraw play the 9:30 Club and every time has been a great experience. The key to this success is in the staff and the environment that they foster. The crowd is always amped up and the staff is always helpful. Add to that an impecable sound system and you've got a great concert-going experience. When you first walk up to the nine thirty club you will probably run clear into one of the bouncers. They’re tall, tattoo and really do need to see your ID. They will stamp both your hands with either a under 21 or over 21 mark. From there you’re cleared to enter. You can choose to either head upstairs to the seating/balcony area or stay downstairs on the floor. They type of show you’re attending will affect this decision. Downstairs, during the younger all-ages shows, can sometimes be flooded with pre-teens and unless you’re willing to push back you may want to stand towards the back. Other times downstairs is much calmer and everyone is happily bopping along. The lower level also has two bars. They stock everything from Yuengling to Dogfish Head to Woodchuck to Newcastle so you’re bound to find something you life. If you’re not of drinking age, there are always brimming pitchers of ice water at each for when you’re too sweaty to continue to moshing. To the left of the stage, you’ll also find a small food stand with basic options like paninis, wraps and nachos. If you’re looking to stay away during a late night show, head upstairs where you’ll find a small coffee bar. Upstairs is also where all the seating is. I’m a firm believer in standing and dancing at concerts, but if you brought a parent or just need a breather upstairs is pretty much the only place you’ll find a seat (apart from a small alcove downstairs.) The second floor provided a better view of the stage; however, it fills fast. The railing has a good view, but arrive early if you want to guarantee space.
The best destination for live music in DC
Tyrone N. Jun 12, 2013
I've been a fan of the 930 clubs for years & I've attended dozens of shows at this venue. They constantly improve the experience for visitors and continue to bring great acts to the venue. If you're a Washingtonian who loves music you will find yourself here at some point.
A so-so atmosphere that never fails to bring in an extensive crowd.
Gracie R. Jun 11, 2013
My experience at the 9:30 Club was somewhat of a mixed bag. I watched Deadmau5 perform at the club during the summer of 2010, where he delivered a five-star performance that unfortunately ended with him getting sick onstage and having to cut the show short. Although the reasons behind the artist's sickness, it's clear that it had something to do with the scorching temperature that was present inside of the venue. The crowd, made up of EDM fans of all ages and backgrounds, did their best to ignore the sweat that dripped from their faces, as well as the walls of the 9:30 Club itself. The club's staff even offered free water to the show's attendees, as the atmosphere was undeniably uncomfortable due to the heat. Other than that, I really enjoyed the moody, relaxed feel of the 9:30 Club. It's an appropriate size, giving the average concertgoer enough room to dance and socialize with those around them. Hopefully, the club has figured out a way to regulate the temperature a bit since my last visit. Then, the 9:30 Club would be the ultimate spot to watch the numerous artists that come through this notable venue.
It's a great atmosphere, and fun place to see your favorite band.
Tiara J. Jun 9, 2013
My last concert here was awesome. The place gets packed, and the people are hype! Great sound system and music. I'm sure I danced off 5 pounds, that night. The venue has a balcony for a birds eye view on what's going on on the first level. Drinks are decent, and they are kind enough to set out pitchers of water at the end of the night to help quench your thirst after dancing all night long. I would definitely go back to this place!
When It Comes to the 9:30 Club, Location is not What Will Keep You Coming Back
Cait P. May 23, 2013
I have been to the 9:30 Club countless time to see some of my favorite bands perform. The area that it is located in D.C. is not the greatest, but once you're there the energy is contagious. The venue features a bar, balcony viewing, and a ground-level stage with concert-goers able to get up-close-and-personal with the artist during the event. 9:30 offers a sufficient food menu for the hungry attendee. The venue hosts a wide-range of artists and performers making it suitable for all ages! It is worth checking out with friends for a good time.
Affordable, fun night out
Molly S. May 3, 2013
This place has it all for a night out! It is a concert venue, hosting primarily alternative, indie and rock groups, but not exclusively, as Ellie Goulding and others outside the aforementioned genres have played shows at the 930 club. Ticket prices vary, but rarely are concerts over $35-40/per ticket, generally closer to the $25-30 range, thus providing affordable concerts, in an up-and-coming area of the city. Inside, the 930 club features a stage, located on the ground level, and a balcony, which provides a bird's eye view of the show. The venue is equipped with two bars, as well as various food options, for the hungry concert goer. It is advisable to check the concert schedule, available on their website periodically, as it updates, and certain shows can sell out very quickly. That being said, if a singer, DJ or group sell out one night very quickly, the 930 club will occasionally add a second night, as it keeps the fans happy, as well as brings in an extra night of revenue, thus becoming a win-win scenario.
Guarenteed good time
Eman E. Apr 30, 2013
No doubt about it, 930 is the place to be. Located near U Street Metro in NW DC, 930 has big name artists for a quarter of the price. They mainly specialize in indie/alternative music, that are on the rise of popularity. Its definitely the kind of place where people go to have fun. The ages span from 18-45 depending on the artist. Its two floors with a balcony, bar on each side of the venue, and a small coffee shop. 930 is affordable, easy to get to, and filled with amazing artists. Ellie Goulding did a secret show last weekend at 930! Be in the know with
Bar, Club, Concert Venue
Madison J. Apr 27, 2013
If you're looking to catch a show in D.C., look no further than Washington's eclectic, hip, and eternally packed 9:30 Club. This venue has been booking the hottest musical acts since 1980; concert goers of all tastes can experience great vibes and great music from a wide variety of genres. The club is filled nearly every night with excited fans lining up to see solo hip hop acts, underground indie sensations, country stars, or the trendiest current DJs and producers from the electronica scene. Whoever is booked at the 9:30 Club, one word serves to describe the atmosphere of any performance: ENERGY. The wonderful sense of community created by this venue is unmatched by similar historic clubs in its ability to create the most invigorating musical experience for attendees. The building is constantly in motion and filled with fans, giving it the wonderful sense of a never-ending party. The club accommodates its guests' pre-game needs with three bars, a food stop, and a small cafe. Patrons of the 9:30 Club are always comfortable, as the venue offers a wide selection of alcoholic selections, vegetarian friendly menu items, and plenty of coffee to amp guests up before the show. Guests are free to mingle and dine while serenaded by the openers, which never disappoint. The club is also conveniently located: its neighborhood houses various popular bars and restaurants, and it is located only blocks from the metro stop. Concert goers at 9:30 club are rarely let down by their 9:30 experience- from friendly staff, a wide selection of food and beverage, and constant commitment to memorable music experiences, 9:30 Club is tireless in its efforts to remain a D.C. concert staple for performers and fans alike.
Concert Venue
Leah S. Apr 22, 2013
I've only been here for concerts, but it's such an awesome venue! I've heard multiple bands say it's their favorite venue to play at in DC! (Streetlight Manifesto even said it was their favorite on the West Coast!) You MUST check out a show here. Plus, it's super close to Ben's Chili Bowl. (And as some of my friends learned the hard way, do NOT try to get away with a fake ID here. Just get stamped for being under 21.)
Perfect for Concerts of All Kinds
Kimberle D. Mar 25, 2013
From Frank Ocean to Christopher Owens, the 9:30 club provides a perfect venue for upbeat dance music or mellow sit-down shows. The bars accept credit cards or cash and provide a wide variety of choices. The mezzanine level allows you to see everything that's happening on stage while the bottom floor allows you to get up close to your favorite artist. The 9:30 club offers a good assortment of shows, which include well-known artists and not-so-well known. It's location is easily accessible from cab or metro and has a number of amazing restaurants (Ben's Chili Bowl!) and bars in close distance. Check out their website for upcoming shows as well as music reviews!
Great place for a night out!
Joey M. Mar 3, 2013
The 9:30 club is one of the coolest places in the city. It has been a fixture in NW D.C. since 1980, and it only takes going to one concert there to see why. The 1,200 person capacity means the club is large enough to draw big name acts, while still allowing you to feel like you’re at an intimate performance. The layout of the 9:30 club is truly unique. There is a huge floor area where you can get right up against the stage, and where more than a few mosh pits have broken out. It doesn’t matter if it is a local talent or Cake up on stage; you can get close enough for the bassist to sweat on you. If you’re more interested in listening to the music than thrashing around, you should hang out on the balcony instead. From this elevated vantage point, you can really feel the bass and appreciate the finely tuned acoustics. No matter where you decide to watch the show you won’t be thirsty, as there are bars on both levels. Just because there is plenty of booze doesn’t mean you have to be 21. As soon as you turn 18, you can enjoy both the atmosphere and music perfectly legally. The club is located just a couple blocks from both the U Street and Shaw Metro stations, so getting there is no problem at all. Limited parking can be found if you have to drive, but make sure you’re early. If you don’t feel like munching on bar food, there are tons of restaurants just steps away; so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something to snack on until show time. Most importantly, the 9:30 club has built a strong reputation for bringing in A-list talent. While it is best known as a rock venue with legends like the Ramones and the Red Hot Chili Peppers gracing the stage, the club has always hosted a diverse range of acts. Performers varying from Bob Dylan to Adele, with many more in between, have all made stops at this little club. No matter whose set list is taped to the stage, you have a good chance to have a excellent night at the 9:30 club.
"9:30 - a Place in Time!"
Frances F. Feb 27, 2013
The 9:30 club is the perfect blend between night club and concert outing. Always hosting a variety of performers, The 9:30 Club has something for everyone. I went here to see one of my favorite bands perform, and I was not disappointed. The venue is small enough to feel closely connected to the bands playing while still being popular enough to have bigger band names perform. 9:30 also has a great knowledge for good music. Their website even contains a blog for music reviews. If you are visiting D.C., and you are looking for a good time with good music, definitely check out The 9:30 club.
930 Club
Kendall H. Feb 24, 2013
The 930 club is probably one of my favorite places in the city. It's not a club like what most people think of. Instead, the 930 club caters more towards the music crowd, holding a variety of concerts each week especially come summertime! The genre of music isn't limited to one demographic either which is definitely a bonus. The club is pretty small for a concert venue which makes it more intimate and personal. There are 2 levels; personally I enjoy the main floor because there is always more activity and people to mingle with before the concerts. Another plus is if you know the right people who work there it's easy to get meet and greets with the artists which is a unique experience! The only down side is that the club is located in a not so great part of the city but besides that the 930 club is great!
Best DC Music Venue
Caroline C. Feb 20, 2013
The 930 Club's awesomeness lies in the fact that you can see the stage everywhere you stand. Small enough that the performance you see feels intimate, but large enough to attract big names, 930 is arguably the best music venue in DC. There are draft beers on the first floor, craft beers on the second. If you can get there early enough to be in the front of the pit, it is the closest you will ever get to your favorite band. If you feel like casually standing in the back, don’t worry you’ll have access to beer, snacks, and will still be able to see the stage and enjoy the show. Great tip: the second floor balcony has 2 bars and some more elbow room. Get there early and stand in the front.
Edwin H. Feb 17, 2013
Perfect for the avid music listener!
Jessie O. Feb 8, 2013
If you are a music lover that wants to feel as though they are being serenated, the 9:30 Club is perfect for you! Artists also enjoy the intimate setting and feel more relaxed. Something I learned when I attended a Brazilian Girls show. By the middle of the show Sabina, the lead singer had invited all those that wanted to come up on stage and dance with her! Being 1) a huge fan and 2) at the front I quickly jumped (literally) at the opportunity! The security guards were also very friendly and didn’t harass attendees off the stage. One security guard even picked up the girl in front of me when she fell. From the outside it looks like a dingy hole in the wall building but once you enter you fall in love with its quirky character. All though it’s a small venue you can see the stage from almost everywhere you stand. Don’t like the first floor? That’s alright; you can go up to the balcony. Also, With 4 stocked bars there is no need to keep on going back and forth between floors. On that concert high after the show? You can pick from several restaurants and bars all within walking distance! The streets are filled with people all looking for an exciting time especially on the weekends. A block away there’s a recently opened mom and pop pizza shop with huge slices. But beware! They’ll talk your ear off if you let them!
It's never too early for 9:30
Lily S. Feb 7, 2013
Right when you walk into this little "hole in the wall" club you feel the energy of the people surrounding you. You expect the venue to be small but instead you have a ton of room to explore and enjoy. Lucky for me, the band that was playing that night was from my home town (Fight Cloud) and I had grew up with all the band members since middle school. The vibe of the club was just right and the bands that they allow to play always compliment that atmosphere at whole. Definitely a must-go!
One of my favorite spots
Jordan H. Jan 31, 2013
I have only been to the 9:30 Club a handful of times, but every time it's been a blast. I love it for small concerts! The setting is so intimate you really feel close to the artist, but there is still enough room to move around and mingle! Everyone I know loves going here because the atmosphere is so vibrant and the venue is classic! Can't wait for my next visit!
One of My Favorite Venues
Kelly M. Jan 24, 2013
I've been to a handful of shows at 9:30 Club and I can't get enough! The venue is super easy to get to (only a few blocks from the U Street metro) and even spot in the house has a great view. It's perfect for those of us who love smaller, intimate concerts. You really get the full experience of what a concert should be like: good views, awesome crowds, great music. I saw Passion Pit here a couple months ago and it was easily one of the best concerts I've been to. You feel like you're interacting with the artist, you get to fully experience the music. As previous comments have said, tickets tend to sell out quickly. But I promise you, it's worth it!
A Must-Go for Concert Lovers!
Lauren G. Jan 4, 2013
As an avid concert goer, I was excited about 9:30 Club just from unanimous buzz of approval I heard from others. No matter where you are in this 1,200 capacity venue, you'll find yourself entranced by the music, the lights, and the crowd and able to see the stage, even form the back. The space is on the smaller side, but as a result, you get an intimate music experience, allowing you to see close-up the faces of the artists you love. 9:30 Club brings in multiple big names as well as underground artists so be sure to check the website periodically for upcoming shows to ensure you get a ticket, seeing as many of the concerts sell out quickly. Tickets are usually reasonably priced, especially compared to other bigger venues like the Verizon Center. I prefer the 9:30 Club over the Verizon Center because tickets are better priced and like I said before, no matter where you are in the crowd, you can always see the stage. I prefer to be engulfed in the concert experience, preferably front row, so if you're like me, head to the show before the doors open and wait in line. It is very much worth the wait to get a good spot. Not to mention, the bar is a perfect place to go before the show starts to kill time and mingle with others who came early like yourself. If you aren't the type who likes to be straight in the action at the show, there is also an upper level where you can have a more relaxed experience. As for transportation, I would recommend taking the Metro if it is an option so you won't have to worry about parking. The Metro is easy to take, relatively cheap, and is just a short walk away from 9:30 Club. Make it a full night out in DC and go to the restaurants around the venue or the metro station before the show. Plan your night early and the 9:30 Club is a fool-proof ticket to a unforgettable music experience!
Great venue, great concerts
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I grew up in DC but have since moved away, so unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure of attending a show at the 9:30 Club since I was 18 years old. But I have to say, as an 18 year-old, it was really really awesome to be in a legit music venue with legit acoustics and sound system listening to awesome music (I saw MGMT there right after they had released their first album!) and still be allowed to actually see what was going on. The acoustics were great, the view from the balcony was stellar, and all of the people there clearly were in it to have just as good of a time as I aimed to have. And that was totally wonderful. I look forward to coming back here someday. (And I think all of the 4-star reviews below mine are proof that this place totally rocks.)
A live-music venue in DC which hosts a variety of musicians such as Major Lazer, Dark Star Orchestra and GROUPLOVE
Hannah R. Dec 3, 2012
Looking for a fun night out with friends where you can listen to your favorite artists, drink craft beers and watch a mind blowing light show? The 9:30 Club is located near U Street, where the chic city inhabitants and hipster college students come to enjoy their weekends. The 9:30 Club hosts hundreds of shows throughout each season, offering different music genres and decently priced tickets, usually $10-50. For the avid concert goers, their sound system is state-of-the-art and their light shows are unforgettable. The 9:30 Club is a medium size venue, whether you want to rock out in the front, hear the base by the sound system in the back or stand up high in the balcony, you can always find a place to enjoy the show.
I LOVE 9:30 club
Jody P. Nov 30, 2012
I have been going to the 9:30 club since before the days when indoor smoking was banned and I could hardly see the stage because of all the smoke. This venue looks like a warehouse which means a lot of open space and really nice acoustics. You can see popular groups here as well as lesser-known cult favorites. It is a standing-room only venue so if you don't like tight spaces, its probably not for you. For me, part of a great concert experience is pushing through a crowd to get to the front and get a glimpse of whoever is rocking out on stage. I try to get to shows here as often as I can! Parking isn't great, but I don't care!
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