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Tryst Situated in a neighborhood known for its rowdy nightlife, Tryst invites Adams Morgan rabble-rousers to step back, have a latte served with animal crackers, and chill out. Washington, DC United States 38.9219876 -77.042261
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Tryst - Bar | Coffee Shop | Lounge in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Situated in a neighborhood known for its rowdy nightlife, Tryst invites Adams Morgan rabble-rousers to step back, have a latte served with animal crackers, and chill out. A wall of windows offers both mellow daytime views... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan

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  • Hours:

    M–Th 6:30am–2am, F–Sa 6:30am–3am, Su 7am–midnight

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Tryst Review

The Scene

Situated in a neighborhood known for its rowdy nightlife, Tryst invites Adams Morgan rabble-rousers to step back, have a latte served with animal crackers, and chill out.

Situated in a neighborhood known for its rowdy nightlife, Tryst invites Adams Morgan rabble-rousers to step back, have a latte served with animal crackers, and chill out.

A wall of windows offers both mellow daytime views and safety from the nighttime chaos of 18th Street, while mismatched couches and simple wooden tables provide young professionals and MacBook-toting youngsters a place to read the paper or write the next great American novel.

Free-trade and organic coffee culture reigns supreme here, though the sleek brass-topped bar doles out everything from custom caffeinated cocktails to shiny aluminum PBRs.

Throngs of college students stop in to log a few hours on the Internet and complete class work before exchanging their pens for a round of draft microbrews, while erstwhile poets stare at the exposed ductwork ceiling as they wait for some free jazz.

Once night falls, the beautifully mustached staff lights candles and serves intricate small plates as the party crowd gets the night going with a few Afternoon Delights – a mix of fresh blackberries and gin – or some tall Zombies, made with lots of rum and a little spice.

Though often quite crowded, Tryst Coffeehouse is a great place for groups to gather, relax, and enjoy the finer things without the noise and disorder of an average night in Adams Morgan.

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Tip from Emma:

Got a hankering for a Four Loko? Class it up a notch and ask the bartender to mix you a custom coffee-liquor drink. There are only a few on the menu, so collaborate with a server or use your imagination to create something new and gloriously energetic.

  • Crowd

    Artsy trendsetters, laid-back young professionals, college students and post-grads, guys who take their mustaches too seriously, and intellectual yet easygoing Washingtonians, early 20s to mid-40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Music ranges from indie and folk rock to upbeat hip-hop. Free live jazz usually a few nights a week. Free Wi-Fi all day Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays till 9pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu features soups, salads, sandwiches, and original small bites including apple wood-smoked bacon frittatas and specialty waffles. Brunch served all day. Organic and fair trade coffee. Full bar. Happy Hour Su–F 3–5pm.

  • Prices

    Brunch menu $7–$12, appetizers $5–$8, salad bar $9+, soup $4, sandwiches $6–$9, pastries $2–$4.

    Beer $2–$7.50, wine $6–$11/glass or $28–$38/bottle, cocktails $8–$10, coffee/tea $2.00–$4.50, smoothies $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: polo shirts, jeans, band t-shirts, short-sleeved button-downs, flip-flops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Monday through Wednesday for the free jazz, and any other night for an often crowded but usually mellow vibe.

  • Close By

    The Diner (2453 18th Street NW), Tryst’s sister restaurant, offers a full menu of modern diner food in an intimate setting.

Tryst User Reviews

Average rating:
Tryst - Coffee? Brunch? Desserts? Alcohol? How 'bout all of the above?
Helen L. Jun 2, 2013
Tryst, a unique hipster coffeehouse is the perfect place to stop by for a cup of joe in the day, grab to bite, and drinks at night! The place is decorated for one to socialize with comfy couches, tables/chairs for you to lounge solo or with friends. It's also the best place to take out your laptop (they got occasional wifi), work/procrastinate, and occasionally people watch as you drink your cappuccino. Tryst also has a full menu with sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, flatbreads, and the brunch is to die for (try the Belgian waffle!). If you're also looking for a place for drinks that's not too loud and crazy at night, Tryst is the perfect place for you. It's quite romantic and a great place to bring a date! Pros: -You can visit Tryst any time of the day. Whether you need coffee, dessert, lunch, drinks, or a place to chill Tryst is so worth visiting if you're in Adams Morgan. -Awesome atmosphere (comfy couches, great background music, romantic, candle-lit at night) -Fabulous service -Reasonable prices -Clean bathrooms -Good food & a fair selection of drinks Cons: -Gets packed in the weekends or when the weather is super nice -Wifi is not always on! (Mon- Thurs all day, Friday until 9pm and no wifi on weekends.) -It's a bit of a walk from the metro. The closest station is Woodley Park/Zoo/Adams Morgan stop
Tryst - Hipster Hideout
Dylan H. Apr 5, 2013
My Take: Located in the heart of Adams Morgan, a bustling nightlife and shopping district of Washington, D.C., Tryst is a spot that will surely endure the many changes of a young and vibrant neighborhood. A hipster haven, this coffeehouse in Washington, D.C. lives up to its name; Tryst is the perfect place for a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or place to meet and relax with a friend for lunch. The Scene: Tryst is full of eclectic types, each brought to Adams Morgan for their own reasons. From college students busy with work to older bookworms who haven’t heard of an iPhone, everyone is friendly and welcoming, happy to share a couch or table with a stranger. Later in the evening, crowds of twenty-somethings move in for an after work drink. Cocktails and Cuisine: Uniquely crafted espresso drinks, fine wines, beers on tap, and vegan food highlight the perfectly sized menu at Tryst. An appropriate number of choices are presented to guests, who are happy to try anything from a latte or red wine to nachos or a veggie burger. Drip coffee is extremely popular, thanks due to the animal crackers served on the side. Prices: For a charmingly pretentious alternative café, prices at Tryst are quite reasonable. Coffee begins at just over $2, while side salads are only $3.50. Cocktails, wine, and beer are also reasonable, all available under $8.00. As a dinner destination, Tryst could easily run as little as $25.00 - $30.00 for two with drinks. What to Wear: Anything. But truly, any dress is appropriate at Tryst. Guests come in dressed professionally after work, clad in flannel and Birkenstocks, or even looking like they just got out of bed. A place for anyone, no attire looks out of place or awkward at this welcoming coffee shop. Although flannels may be more common than polos, anything will do. Insider Info / When to go: Tryst is a must visit at any time of the day, although the Belgian Beer Fridays after 7PM – close may be incentive for some. Finding a seat is often difficult after noontime; don’t be afraid to share a couch with a potential new friend, as it may be your only option!
Fall in Love with Tryst Coffeehouse
Jesse G. Apr 1, 2013
Step into Tryst Coffeehouse in Adams Morgan and you are immediately transported into a place where everyone—from a twenty-something year old girl wearing turtle-rim glasses to a fifty year old man who uses a paper bag to carry his dell laptop from 2002—is considered subtly cool. It is a place where it is totally acceptable to strike up a conversation with a stranger while sharing a couch cushion and sipping on a macchiato with animal crackers on the side. Behind the bar you’ll find framed photographs of people drinking coffee in bathtubs and right away you get the sense that no one is judging you for drinking a glass of wine at 4 p.m. while you borrow “The Great Gatsby” from a bookshelf with a sign that says: “Take One or Leave One.” Big wooden tables invite people to sit communally while oversized couches and chairs are so cozy you won’t be able to get out of them for hours on end. Feel free to chat with your servers about anything from their favorite sandwich on the menu (servers take these things very seriously, as they should) or a fun place to go out in the neighborhood. In fact, if you stay long enough, one of the oh-so-chill-yet-utterly-beautiful servers may actually invite you along with their group for after hour drinks at a dive bar nearby. Tryst, hence the name, is a great place for a casual meet up of any kind. At night, candlelight sets the mood for fun cocktails and conversation, while a local DC jazz band starts playing covers of your favorite John Legend songs. And once you try the bacon-artichoke dip with an original Tryst Chaipuccino, you will be hooked for life.
Great for coffee or cocktails
Andrea G. Mar 11, 2013
Described as a coffeehouse/bar/lounge, Tryst manages to be all three without compromising its quality. Located in Adams Morgan, Tryst is a nice change of pace from the other bars and clubs in the area. As a coffeehouse, Tryst has the overstuffed comfortable chairs, long wooden tables, and latte selection that people have come to expect from their neighborhood barista. However, the extra details are where Tryst sets itself apart-probably due to the fact that it is owned by the same couple who opened Tryst in 1998. All coffees come with an animal cracker, the menu offers an all-DAY brunch, and the staff is attentive-even if you plop yourself down for hours. And people do stay here for that long. Though the room is large, it can sometimes be difficult to get a table, especially around lunchtime. Nevertheless, there are more than enough outlets for your laptop and the staff will leave you to your own devices. As for the food-it is surprisingly delicious. They have a large selection of sandwiches, salads, and the dessert display when you walk in is hard to resist. As a bar, Tryst has a decent selection of beers, wine, and cocktails. The happy hour deals are really great-with three dollar drafts and wines. They offer some Belgian beers, and also handcraft their own cocktails. While people are still on their laptops throughout the evening, the atmosphere certainly gets rowdier and the hipster jams on the radio get louder. Tryst is a great neighborhood lounge that successfully transitions from a coffeehouse to bar as the day wears on. It’s an eclectic crowd-so you’ll feel welcome here in your Chuck Taylors or your heels. What’s more important is that you come here looking to relax and unwind.
study, snack and relax
Alice M. Mar 6, 2013
As I student here in DC, Tryst is my favorite spot to frequent when I need a place to sit and do work and can't brave the depressing walls of the library. This cafe/bar/modern beatnik hot spot has a great lunch menu with a delicious selection of speciality sandwiches-- my favorite is the Grace: turkey, brie, and cranberry on toasted wheat bread. You can also make your own salad or order snacks such as a hummus plate or bruschetta. They've also got a full bar, where I've sampled some of their rotating draft beers and specialty seasonal drinks. The mint hot chocolate is great on a cold day -- creme de menthe adds some zing. In addition to their menu, another reason why I love Tryst is the fact that it's totally acceptable to sit for hours with a book -- none of the servers will pressure you to leave and make room for the next person. The one down side is that it's sometimes tricky to find a seat since its always hopping. I find that its best to go alone, since it can be quite a challenge to find a spot for two or three people. Anyway, I'd highly recommend Tryst to students in DC-- good food, great study space with the opportunity to people watch and soak up the cool AdMo atmosphere.
A textbook hipster hangout in the heart of Adams Morgan.
Joan C. Feb 12, 2013
I come to Tryst Coffeehouse to write some of my reviews. In fact, I’m here right now. It’s in Adams Morgan, right across from Mellow Mushroom, and is pretty much the same idea, except with coffee instead of pizza. It’s always (always!) full. The menu is its own twist on traditional foods like tomato soup (they put gouda in it), apple and Brie, sandwiches, hummus, tea, and some ethnic food. I’ve had a lot of what’s on the menu. Right now I’m eating their Mediterranean tartlet, with roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, kalamata olives, and thyme with a side of fruit salad. It has eggs and cheese and a flaky crust that is a little bit on the sweet side. It’s one of their best items. I ordered the Masala chai for tea, which could be a little hotter but is always well-mixed. It’s black tea with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger. Other things I’ve ordered are the Stephanie (a veggie burger); Jack and Edith (green apple and brie on bread: too heavy on the bread and not enough on the cheese); and the Persian Nectar (earl grey tea with peaches: clever and healthy). I should say that everything they serve here is well-proportioned. That being said, I think Tryst could be a bit cheaper considering we Americans are used to full plates the size of a steering wheel, but the food here is filling enough for its tasteful serving size. The desserts and cocktails look great. I haven’t had either, but today I ordered a chocoloate silk tofu tart to review. It’s an unusual grainy, dark chocolate with a vegan oreo crust and powdered bittersweet chocolate topping. It’s delightful. Summation: Come for the atmosphere. Keep trying the food until something sticks. My Rating: 7 Recommended Dish: Mediterranean Tartlet Atmosphere: Busy. Fast service. Hip music in the background (right now it’s old-school Destiny’s Child and Brandy). Lots of sofas. Price Range: $5-$25 Clientele: Lots of arty people, students, and writers, ages 21-40.
Great for many occasions
Christina W. Dec 11, 2012
I have been here for brunch, lunch, coffee, cocktails, and to work, and it works for everything! This might be the most versatile establishment I have ever seen. The coffee is really good and served in giant mugs, which is always fun. The lunch sandwiches are delicious and made with only the freshest ingredients. And the brunch is amazing! (They also have some great bloody marys.) Whenever I head back home to DC for the holidays or a visit, I make sure to go to Tryst at least once. I've only been once at night, on my friend's 21st birthday. They had amazing cocktails, but unfortunately I was the designated driver, so I didn't really get to try much. Looking forward to checking it out again, it has such a great lounge-y feel at night.
Trust Tryst for coffee, cocktails
Matt H. Oct 15, 2012
One would be hard pressed to easily define Tryst. During the day, it's a bustling coffee shop full of young professionals and students with laptops and lattes trying to get a day's work in before their deadlines. And for good reason, as Tryst is one of the small number of venues in the neighborhood for Seattle-style espresso, and it's also one of the few to offer free wifi, as well. When evening comes, though, Tryst slowly transforms into a quiet cocktail lounge. It features a small but excellent selection of craft beers on draft, several by the bottle or can, a fine selection of wines, and a number of signature cocktails, such as the Lion's Share Cider, a hot bourbon sipper made for DC's biting winters. On weekend evenings the bar sometimes has small jazz trios, folk, and other non-raucous music, making it a welcome alternative to its more bro-ish neighbors, as well as an inviting location for a first date. It's not just work and nightlife, however. The full menu includes comfort food, all day brunch, and an inventive selection of bagel options. The Santa Cruz Style bagel goes well with either a cappuccino or a martini. Another notable feature is the (almost complete) lack of TVs. This isn't a place to watch the big game, and it's not supposed to be. In a neighborhood full of blaring big screens the more personal atmosphere makes for an agreeable time-out. If you're looking for a dance party or an easy hook-up, keep going. There are plenty of other doors to go through down the street. But if you're trying to find a smart, mellow place with good drinks and food, you've just found it.
Bring your laptop, Enjoy the mellow semi-crunchy scene
Sherry M. Oct 3, 2012
A good mellow spot to go if you're looking to set up shop for the afternoon with your laptop, a good cup of coffee, and a little nibble. Be prepared to share your space with others.
A respite from Adams Morgan and great meeting spot
Chris M. Sep 5, 2012
Tryst is a far cry from the bar by the same name in Chicago and it is really a misnomer. While tryst conjures up images of lurid and illicit affairs, this coffee lounge actually represents some sanctuary from exactly those behaviors occurring in the surrounding bars. While locals may come to Tryst as a normal coffee shop, to get their free trade coffee and pretend to work on their Mac while scoping out the scene, I am always coming to the area for a night out and stop in for a rest or to meet up with other folks and plot out the next move for the night. Or to recharge with a coffee to keep dancing at Madam's Organ. If you do make it to the area in the early evening, however, Tryst is a good place to start the transition from day to night, sober to drunk, calm to rowdy. They have some good live music and do serve a variety of alcohol. As I said, it is a great meeting place to gather your crew in a comfortable setting with a drink or two before a night that will inevitably involve a drunken Jumbo Slice.
Huge cups of coffee
Jimmy D. Aug 12, 2012
Thats about all I can say about this place as I usually am walking by it to or from a bar in Adams Morgan.
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