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Ultrabar Even with six bars and four DJ booths spread over five floors, Ultrabar still isn't the largest club in the city – but the hundred-deep line of partiers that forms out front every Saturday suggests it may be the most popular... Washington, DC United States 38.8975282 -77.0246468
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Ultrabar - Club | Lounge in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Even with six bars and four DJ booths spread over five floors, Ultrabar still isn’t the largest club in the city – but the hundred-deep line of partiers that forms out front every Saturday suggests it may be the most popular... ... read full review

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    Green, Red, Yellow Lines: Gallery Pl-Chinatown; Blue, Orange, Red Lines: Metro Center

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    Th 10pm–2am, F–Sa 9pm–3am

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    • Night Spot

Ultrabar Videos

Ultrabar DC
Ultrabar DC
Lil Jon @ Ultrabar
This is Ultrabar DC!
PoP! TV: Ultrabar
Lil' Jon drops "Take Over Control"
DJ Groove @ Ultrabar

Party Earth Ultrabar Review

The Scene

Even with six bars and four DJ booths spread over five floors, Ultrabar still isn't the largest club in the city – but the hundred-deep line of partiers that forms out front every Saturday suggests it may be the most popular...

Even with six bars and four DJ booths spread over five floors, Ultrabar still isn’t the largest club in the city – but the hundred-deep line of partiers that forms out front every Saturday suggests it may be the most popular.

Those lucky enough to be waved through the arched entryway find themselves in the high-ceilinged Main Room, where massive strobe lights erupt across the walls and scantily-clad house dancers gyrate in front of billowing fog machines.

Housed inside an old bank building, the modest-sized club still retains evidence of its former life, with stone pillars and elegant chandeliers mixed with reserved tables, a prominent DJ booth, and an elevated catwalk crowded with sweaty revelers.

Everyone from wealthy internationals to college students pack the floor – often to the point where it becomes difficult to dance, forcing many to retreat to the mezzanine with its own bar and private tables.

The modern Bedroom space on the second level features floor-to-ceiling windows that give street-side voyeurs a view of the party, while the oft-private CHROMA lounge on the top floor draws Armani-suited men looking to spoil their ladies on suede couches set beneath sultry, neon-lit walls.

Once the alcohol starts to kick in, dancers in need of a break make the trek down to the basement, where bank vaults-turned-hallways and cushioned alcoves provide space to cozy up with a new love until closing time.

Stylish with just the right touch of exclusivity, Ultrabar guarantees a happening night of dancing with a festive and flirty crowd.

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Tip from Adriana:

CHROMA – the VIP area on the top floor of the club – has an open bar from 10pm to 1am on Fridays for select ladies chosen from the line. Look your best, and it just might be you!

  • Crowd

    Young professionals, trendy college students, and wealthy international travelers, 18 to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Four DJs on different levels spin a mix of Top 40 and European dance hits. Multiple TVs and projection screens.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. Free passes can be printed from venue’s website, though passes do not guarantee admission.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $20. Beer $5–$6, wine $9, cocktails $8–$15, bottle service $100–$675, reserved tables $300 minimum. Valet $20 .

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Classy and chic: designer jeans, button-downs, tight skirts, cocktail dresses. Dress code: no sports jerseys, tank tops, shorts, tennis shoes, work boots, sandals, or athletic wear. Fashionable attire is required.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for a good crowd, though Saturdays bring in wall-to-wall dancers and divas.

  • Close By

    Hip-hop heavy luxury awaits at Lux Lounge (649 New York Avenue).

Ultrabar User Reviews

Average rating:
Best Club in DC
Connie C. Jul 2, 2013
Ultrabar is the place to be. It is a great Club to go out and party. Different Floors and different music. Is varies from Top 40, to Latin, to House music, to Reggae. The drinks are great and staff are very nice. Downside of the bar is that it's a 18 and over Club, it does get full every quick, but it is a great place to party the night away with friends. They have Theme Nights, such as Ladies Night, Foam Party, Masquerade Party, Mardi Gras, Little Black Dress, Little White Dress. It's is just a fun environment.
Young Wild and Free
Mais A. Jun 9, 2013
Ultra bar is one of the biggest clubs in DC, with its lively and colorful different levels of amusement its sure to grab the attention of any crowd. With great mix of house and hiphop on the main floor, salsa and raggaeton on the second and hip hop and raggae on the third you cant miss a beat. The bartenders are nice and the drinks are a reasonable price. If your looking for a place to let it all out, this is it!
"Young, attractive and progressive..."
Tippy R. Jun 6, 2013
Ultra Bar. The shining beacon of nightclubs for the young, professional, attractive and progressive. Five floors of music gives a little something for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking to throw on the first thing you found on the floor of your closet...this is NOT the club for you. Be sure to get dressed to the nines and you may just find yourself in the exclusive VIP area. This club is CHIC. One of those clubs that socialites on reality shows would go to to feel fabulous and dance the night away. The bar is FULLY stocked and everyone there is looking to have a good time. I'd recommend Ultra Bar for those looking to have a good time in a somewhat sophisticated environment. A nice change from some of the "ratchet" nightclubs you are bound to stumble upon in DC.
Exactly what it sounds like.
Alexandra T. Jun 4, 2013
This is an Ultra Bar. It really is. Each floor of this enormous club has a bar, a full, fully-stocked bar. The caveat for those of us old enough to drink is that the club can often be filled with people who are in their teens. I'm not one to deny someone their chance to dance, but I'll admit to being a bit dismayed when there are people so much younger than me (it makes me feel so old!). The drinks can be like any other club, watery at the worst and good at the best, and the music is loud and bumping, as you would expect. The multiple floors are pretty cool even if the stairs become treacherous after your first drink or two. A great place to start a night, or even a second destination, but I'd save most of your moxy for later in the night.
Best club ever
Emmanuel M. Apr 30, 2013
That is the first club I have been to, that all the girls are really nice to dance with.
Lively Club with Older Men
Maria P. Mar 27, 2013
Ultrabar was an experience everyone in Washington, DC must live. The music on each of the floors were on point, as each floor had different styles of music, from R&B, to techno, to even latina. Everyone was dancing. Let's just say, my feet were in serious pain the next day. This club is a definite appeal to the younger crowd of the nation's capitol, as this is a 18+ club, and accessible to the red route of the Metro, which many colleges have access to. The $20 cover charge is a little expensive, but with the access to five floors with each floor having different music, it is worth it. Here is the reason the club did not get a full four star rating. The creepy older men that are hitting on the younger women. I know that this is expected at a club, but it was especially noticeable at Ultrabar. It was uncomfortable when I was dancing with my friends and a man who looked like who could be my father was trying to dance with me and this was not the first or the last time that particular situation occurred that night. Overall, Ultrabar is a good time with good music. Definite place to check out.
Vivacious Club With Multiple DJs
Emily S. Feb 22, 2013
"Ultrabar" seems an appropriate name for this dance club, seeing as it is equipped with five floors, four of them with DJs, all of them with bars (and one with two). This set up is great for any clubber who doesn't mind going up and down some steps--and let's face it--you're going to get a much better work-out dancing to the DJ's beats anyway! Ever go to a club and wish the DJ would play more music you wanted to dance to? Ultrabar solves this problem by giving you four options of DJs and several different styles including techno/pop, r&b and hip-hop, and latin beats. As soon as you enter the club, you know you'll have a good time; the contours are modern and chic, with marble accents in the walls and bars. The colorful and flashing lights on each floor really get you pumped up to dance, and the beautiful ladies dancing on tabletops keep the party alive and excited. This club is 18+, though don't think that limits the scope of ages here; the partygoers at Ultrabar range in age from 18 to 35, with a concentration of clubbers in their 20's. The varying music styles and cosmopolitan nature of DC also give the club a diversity in race and culture that can be refreshing to experience. The dress code here is classy and fashionable, and can range from short skirts and tight tops to a pair of jeans and a cute blouse. The feeling here is that these clubbers just came to have a good time. Cover charge is $20, though if you keep an eye on their Facebook/Twitter you can find deals that they offer, such as Ladies Night, where ladies enter for free when they sign up, or College Night, with an open bar from 10pm-11pm. Ultrabar is definitely a go-to for anyone looking to party in a fun and diverse atmosphere.
Let's call it what it is, 5 times the party
Gaby B. Feb 14, 2013
Ultrabar is one of those places you see on TV, that you think doesn't exist , but really does. When you walk into the club, its already in full swing. You've got people dancing on tables, dancing in the corners and drunkies dancing by themselves. This place has a fun atmosphere due to the 5 levels. Each level contains a different type of music, which allows you to chose what you like. The club caters to college students or sometimes high school students who are 18+. Every time I've come out, I've always had a good time. Once the music gets going, even if your'e not a fan of the place, you still get jiggy with whatever is playing. The only thing I haven't been a fan of, is the creepy older men who always try and get some. There is always some old guy trying to dance with you, or some short creepy guy trying to buy you a drink. Regardless of where you go, you're always going to find creeps. However, because of all the floors, its not that hard to escape from the crazy.
Large multi level bar swarming with 18+ and older men
Nicole R. Dec 29, 2012
Ultrabar is one of DC's most popular 18+ clubs located near Chinatown. The club has five levels including the "Basement" level. On each of these levels different types of music is played. The main floor plays house music and has the most space to move around. The upper and lower levels are very cramped. The general atmosphere at Ultrabar is young college students who have no yet turned 21 and very old (sometimes creepy) adults, who are usually trying to hit on the younger crowd. A huge drawback to Ultrabar is the heat. Many people leave Ultrabar looking like they have just took a shower. The line for the club can also be very long and a cover charge is required by both 18+ and 21+ club goers. Ultrabar can be a fun time it just depends on what kind of a night you want to have. To avoid a huge line arrive around 10pm and wear light clothing in order to survive the heat.
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