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Echostage - Club in Washington, DC.
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INFO Echostage, Washington, D.C.'s largest concert venue, is located at 2135 Queens Chapel Road NW. Panorama Productions and Club Glow obtained this venue, formerly known as DC Tunnel and DC Star, in September 2012. It has... ... read more

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    2135 Queens Chapel Road NE
    Washington, DC 20018

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Echostage Information

Echostage - Club in Washington, DC.

Echostage, Washington, D.C.'s largest concert venue, is located at 2135 Queens Chapel Road NW. Panorama Productions and Club Glow obtained this venue, formerly known as DC Tunnel and DC Star, in September 2012. It has been updated to accommodate live music events, and renovations have included LED displays and unobstructed sight lines throughout.

The venue contains two sixty-foot bars and a unique “photo pit” to provide close-up views of the stage. Echostage also boasts a private VIP area that overlooks the dance floor and contains over thirty bottle-service tables.

Reservations for a bottle-service table can be made on Echostage's website. Live music performances and DJs at Echostage have included Armin van Buuren, Avicii, and Mega (featuring Nero), among others. Events at Echostage include the Halloween Psychedelic Nightmare, which features audiovisual effects, and Gloween, which features various DJs.

Echostage User Reviews

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Dada life at Echostage was mind blowing
Jannik M. Sep 13, 2013
Being at Echostage for the first time to see one of my favorite artists Dada Life, can only be described as incredible! The new and improved updated sound system really made all the difference. Every person in this venue felt the bass ripple through them. Echostage really tried to improve the festival concert experience, with added CO2 cannons, lots of lasers, giant screens, and also confetti canons. The vibe the entire night was amazing, surrounded by friendly people all sharing the same passion for EDM music. It was an unforgettable night thanks to the brilliant performance put on and the excellent venue of Echostage. The one downside was one of the bouncers outside checking ID's accused my Florida Sstate drivers license to be a fake; It took a policeman and the manager to approve the legitimacy of my ID but the bouncer did almost snap it in half. Other than that small set back, I would highly recommend checking out this venue with its giant dance floor and impressive light system. It is very easy to take the metro there from the George Washington University by using the foggy bottom stop. The crows is a younger generation of young adults and older teenagers.
If You Love Electronic Dance Music, You'll Love Echostage
Sean T. Aug 6, 2013
Echostage boasts a spacious venue with ample standing room on the main floor and easy access to an out-door area if you get too hot or need a cigarette. A second floor balcony area, complete with tables are available at an extra cost for those who desire more personal room or bottle service. The bar is to the immediate right of the main floor and service is typically quickly available. The stage is a decent size and is outfitted with an impressive light display complete with added smoke and confetti effects. The sound system is excellent, ensuring that your audible experience will be great regardless of where you stand. To the right of the stage is the exit to the out-door standing area as well as the merchandise tables. The bathrooms are also large, so the wait time is either short or nonexistent. Parking in the surrounding area is difficult to come across so it is advisable to take a cab. However, there are pay-to-park lots in the area if parking is a must. All in all, Echostage is a great venue with tickets typically in the $30-40 range and the crowd is primarily in the range of 18-24 years old.
Hot, Pricey, but a sight to see and hear!
Tiara J. Jun 9, 2013
It's a huge venue in an old industrial area. The keep the dance floor relatively clean. There's no re-entry and no free water, which sucks since it tends to get packed and there is poor air ventilation. On the bright side there is an out door area so you can step out to get some fresh air if needed. The back drop is electrifying with their laser lights and screen of effects, that pairs very well with its great sound system. Parking also sucks, so metro if you can. Also buy your tickets early, they tend to sell out!
That Festival Feel Right at Home
Stephanie A. May 1, 2013
Echostage is by far the closest thing anyone will get to that "festival feel" in the Northern Virginia area. The venue is ridiculously huge (fits up to 5,000) and has hosted the biggest names in the dance music industry. It is home to the modern day rave culture that party goers take as an opportunity to dress up in all sorts of crazy, neon-colored costumes and to show off their skills in giving light shows. Many of the shows have pre-ticket sales that often sell out but not many people know that you can buy tickets at the door so don't be too upset if they do! I have a love-hate relationship with this place because although it is amazing to see so many people dancing to great music, it gets ridiculously packed. It is like a true festival, where you have to push and shove to get to the front or you will end up all the way in the back. Everyone is sweating and the air is hot so be prepared to lose some weight! Echostage has two huge bars on the sides (a hidden one towards the front) and amazing light shows coming from the stage. It is definitely not your average concert stage though- it is a dance music festival under one huge roof right in DC. What I've learned from going, though, is that the best spot to listen and also be able to see the artist, is to stay on the sides! People don't realize this so it is usually empty on the sides. There is also a large back patio where you are able to smoke and in the winter, there are heat lamps, a great convenience for smokers. Overall, the scene is one filled with music loving partiers ready to fulfill their festival cravings. You are guaranteed to have an epic night. Yes, epic is an overused word nowadays but that is the only word for one night at Echostage. I highly doubt you would have the energy to party here on a weekly basis. The amount of fun, dancing, and craziness one experiences here definitely takes a toll on your body! A piece of advice for those taking their cars to the venue: pay to park. Unfortunately, Echostage is located in the not-so-good-part of DC so the chances of something bad happening are somewhat high. I guarantee you that the extra $20 for parking and the above average price to get in is worth every single penny. No place can compare to the legendary time you will have.
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