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It may be all donkeys and elephants on Capitol Hill, but clubs in Washington, DC are not so limited.

The government’s presence essentially doubles the city’s population every day with its massive workforce, but as night falls, that workforce needs to work off some steam. The chichi clans often stick to Dupont Circle, dining at an upscale restaurant with political bigwigs before venturing off to a glitzy nightclub nearby or Downtown.

The District’s lively gay club scene is also centered on Dupont Circle, especially along P Street and 17th Street, while college-aged revelers hit up the crazy nightlife scenes that dominate the divey clubs in Adams Morgan.

The underground DC club scene thrives along the U Street Corridor, home to everything from smoky jazz clubs to bumping electronica-filled dance clubs, while the privileged kids in Georgetown have their own healthy supply of list-only clubs that demand ancestral pedigree over cash.

H Street is a great place to let loose at kitschy themed clubs, while even the most exclusive spots in town often have nights that open the club up to DC’s large student population, giving everyone a taste of the good life.

From grungy to gold-plated, Washington, DC clubs have it all! And where else are you more likely to be popping and locking on the dance floor with a senator next to you than at a DC club?

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