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My favorite dive hands down
marcus b. Sep 11, 2013
I've been a fairly regular patron of the pug for 5yrs and the simple reason why is that its just a blast to go there. I love how "divey" it is. The walls are plaster with all sorts of pictures which feature a ton of boxing stuff. They have a whole host of board games to, lets just say test your drunken acumen. Drink prices are good in my humble opinion, but you may have to tell your bartender to take it just a little easy if your not a boozer, they pride themselves on people walking... stumbling out of their establishment. The bartenders are super friendly and love to chat up the customers and they are not above take a shot or two with you especially on your birthday. Not your typical yuppie crowd in there which is a huge turn on for me. One last thing, PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ACROSS THE STREET!!! If you've ever been to DC at night you no doubt know how hard parking can be. With that all being said check it out, you won't be disappointed.
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