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Lucky Bar Three-dollar weeknight drink specials and a couple dozen TVs make Lucky Bar a fan favorite for after-work beer and sports – especially soccer, since it is one of the few dedicated soccer bars in DC. Washington, DC United States 38.906622 -77.041175
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Lucky Bar - Pub | Sports Bar in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Three-dollar weeknight drink specials and a couple dozen TVs make Lucky Bar a fan favorite for after-work beer and sports – especially soccer, since it is one of the few dedicated soccer bars in DC. Neighborhood regulars... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Th, Su 3pm–2am, F–Sa 3pm–3am (open early for games)

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Lucky Bar Review

The Scene

Three-dollar weeknight drink specials and a couple dozen TVs make Lucky Bar a fan favorite for after-work beer and sports – especially soccer, since it is one of the few dedicated soccer bars in DC.

Three-dollar weeknight drink specials and a couple dozen TVs make Lucky Bar a fan favorite for after-work beer and sports – especially soccer, since it is one of the few dedicated soccer bars in DC.

Neighborhood regulars, local young professionals, and international tourists with “fútbol” on the brain crowd around the venue’s three different bars to keep an eye on the scores, while those more interested in chatting and people-watching can take their pints to the sidewalk patio.

Rotating $3 beer specials and 25-cent grub deals keep the pub lively all week long, though Lucky is rowdiest on Fridays and Saturdays, when the first floor becomes a raucous dance space filled with twenty-something frat boys and party girls moving to a Top 40 DJ.

Mellower types not in the mood to navigate the mobs around the ground floor bars can make their way to the second floor, where a chiller vibe and more elbow room make conversation and getting a drink a bit easier.

Between sports, dancing, and specials, Lucky Bar has put together a winning combination for easy-going fans looking to chill and young urbanites in the Dupont area who just want to let loose.

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Tip from Lucas:

Go on a Tuesday night for the 25-cent wings – nothing like pigging out in front of a game…or three.

  • Crowd

    Sports fans, young professionals, and tourists, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJ spins Friday and Saturday nights. Pool table. Golden Tee arcade game.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar menu including wings, burgers, and tacos. Happy Hour M–W, F 3–8pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $4–$7, entrées $6–$10. Beer $4–$6, wine $6.50/glass, cocktails $5–$9.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, shorts, t-shirts, fan gear.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time for a soccer game, or Friday and Saturday nights for the dancing crowd.

  • Close By

    Public Bar (1214 18th Street NW) just across Connecticut Avenue is another sports bar with more space and a rooftop bar.

Lucky Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
Lucky Bar
Ona E. May 30, 2013
As a young fresh intern working in the heart of DC, Lucky Bar was the spot for happy hour. A few blocks down from my job, and you could see the trail of other tired interns, and businessmen stagger into the bar at 6pm. My coworkers coerced me into joining them, my first week on the job, and it wasn't a bad experience at all. Cheap drinks/drunks, sports/sport fanatics, good food, and two huge pool tables to distract you, so you don't realize how long the wait for your order was. Everybody happy. You're drinking and having fun, and your waiter gets a good tip, from a happy drunk :)
Score a touchdown with Lucky Bar
Chris G. Feb 21, 2013
Cheap drinks, good food and sports. Those are three things that can make any guy happy. And that is what you will get at Lucky Bar at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. With the great sports decor surrounding the bar, there is no doubting this is the place you want to be for the game. Head to Lucky's Sports Bar after work for cheap drinks and good fun. With three different bars, you can keep your eye on three different games. If you're a soccer fan, this place is especially for you as it is primarily a soccer "futbol" bar. Whether you're visiting the D.C. area or live around the corner, this place is for every sports fan.
Steven W. Jan 17, 2013
Soccer pubs are scare in these parts (read: the United States in general). That I know of, Lucky Bar is the only such establishment in Washington. By all means, if you are in DuPont and want a drink that doesn't cost eight dollars, at a place you don't have to wear a suit at, Lucky Bar offers a fun, relaxed environment to kick back, watch sports and maybe play some pool. On typical going out nights, it actually gets pretty crowded early on with pre-gamers going to clubs and the like, and pretty crowded later on with drunks and people who couldn't get past red ropes without buying tables. But in order to see Lucky Bar in its true element you need to wake up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings. That is when weird, apparently deranged Washingtonians of various nationalities come out of hiding at ungodly hours to drink through hangovers and wear colorful shirts and scarves and yell at people playing this strange, alien game on television the lunatics have somehow convinced themselves is called "football." Yes, soccer fans do exist in this city, and as far as I can tell, Lucky Bar is where they congregate. During big tournaments, the place will literally fill to capacity with people who have recently decided to recognize soccer as a sport, but all season long, people turn out for EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Primera A, Campeonato, Primera Division, Bundisliga and J League matches singing songs, and chanting chants and doing whatever else soccer fans do to convince themselves what they're watching isn't boring them to death. Lucky Bar is the real deal for people in a country that doesn't really know what that means, complete with walls covered in memorobilia from all over the world, TVs playing every game on every obscure soccer programming package money can buy and an enthusiastic Irish owner who does things like ring a bell for every goal. It's also shares a wall with Julia's Empanadas. Just saying.
Cheap drinks! what more do you want?
Deepak H. Oct 5, 2012
This is one of the better dive bars around in DC just in terms of drink prices! They have pool tables, TVs all around and they also show all the soccer matches! The drinks are very cheap and this is the best place to pre party in DC considering the fact that it is very close to all the awesome clubs in Dupont Circle. I have been here on many weekends and I just love this place. Pretty cool people & Cheap drinks! What more do you need? The crowd is usually college students pre partying before they the clubs at Dupont Circle!
Old Standby
Danny M. Aug 24, 2012
Lucky Bar is just a good solid dive bar with a variety of options to keep you entertained – sports on tv, pool tables, dancing, chill patio, and chill upstairs area. During the week it’s a laid back neighborhood bar but on the weekend this place can get packed – and the people here like to drink! It’s also easy to meet people and strike up a conversation given the laid back environment. Just be careful going up and down the stairs to the second floor…they are very steep and I’ve seen many people slip, fall, and totally bite it…which can be entertaining and dangerous at the same time. Overall this place has become an old standby for me and I usually stop in for at least one drink when I’m out in the Dupont / 18th & M area.
Cheap Good Time
Jimmy D. Aug 16, 2012
Lucky Bar is becoming an institution in Dupont Circle. The young and casual scene hasn't changed since it opened. Good spot to grab beers and watch games. Drinks are cheap. Close to other bars just south of Dupont like Front Page and Buffalo Billiards if you want to hop around and find the best bar to catch a game.
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