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Asian Restaurant / Japanese Restaurant / Karaoke Bar / Sushi Restaurant

Café Japone - Asian Restaurant | Japanese Restaurant | Karaoke Bar | Sushi Restaurant in Washington, DC.
Ashley A.

"Cafe Japone is a great little spot for a fun night of karaoke. They have an extensive selection of songs, and I love that you just pass the microphone ..." more


2032 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

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Bar / Karaoke Bar / Restaurant

The Brass Monkey - Bar | Karaoke Bar | Restaurant in Washington, DC.

Party Earth Review A collective of five separately-named venues under one owner, and all joined by connecting stairways, The Brass Monkey is a labyrinth of entertainment where the amount of alcohol consumed on each floor tends to blur the boundaries between each establishment. The joint’s namesake space on the ground floor is actually an ... more


2317 18th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

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DC Karaoke Bars Overview

Café Japone - Asian Restaurant | Japanese Restaurant | Karaoke Bar | Sushi Restaurant in DC

Buttoned-up DC wonks need chances to get ridiculous. Enter the karaoke bar, the democratizing dens of voluntary embarrassment (for some) and showboating (for others). Karaoke bars in DC prove that impressive credentials do not make one immune to belting out Journey hits.

Free-flowing alcohol is pretty much a necessity before the vast majority of people will decide that Lady Gaga is singable, so boozy bars like The Brass Monkey are popular with amateur songbirds. The Brass Monkey is actually five separately-named bars under one owner, and one of them, The Peyote Café, is a veritable slosh fest of recent college grads jostling for position at the bar and “singing” karaoke.

Other DC karaoke bars may be less sprawling, but they all bring the energy of groups of friends shouting out their favorite songs. Dank dive bars like Recessions give singers an audience of hipsters and very strange regulars. Gay bars such as Remingtons and Green Lantern hand over the mic on karaoke nights to the bold and the fabulous.

If you’d like to avoid subjecting yourself to the American Idol judgments of strangers, private karaoke rooms give you the perfect hideaway. Korean joints like Muzette Karaoke & Restaurant rent out rooms for you and your loudest, most forgiving friends. Drink up some liquid courage and belt out the songs that make your gang shout out, “I love this one!”

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