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Off the Record - Historic Bar | Hotel Bar | Lounge in DC

Even people who have never set foot in DC are probably aware of this city’s rich history, so it goes without saying that there are some pretty cool Washington, DC historic bars worth having a few (too many) drinks in.

Not surprisingly, many of these DC historic bars have played host to a lot of politicians, and nowhere is this more evident than at Off the Record. This chic lounge in the basement of the historic Hay-Adams hotel brings both elephants and donkeys together for a cordial cocktail after an exhausting day of work, and its location – a block from the White House – promises a regular clientele of powerful politicians and wizened journalists engaged in hushed conversation.

Old Ebbitt Grill is also near the White House, and Ebbitt clearly earns the distinction of being called an historic bar in Washington, DC considering it has been around in some form or another since 1856. In fact, it’s rumored that British generals toasted one another at Ebbitt as they watched the White House burn during the War of 1812.

Georgetown gets in on the DC historic bar action too. Tombs, for example, is a lively and casual sports bar steps from the Georgetown University campus that’s been enticing both students and faculty since it first opened in the early 1960s.

Sure, there are plenty of amazing historic monuments to see in town, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them before and after hitting up one of Washington, DC’s historic bars.

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