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George George in Georgetown is an exclusive bar/club where Washington, DC's young elite get rowdy. Join the kings and queens of DC with Party Earth. Washington, DC United States 38.905993 -77.064666
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George - Bar | Club in Washington, DC.
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Party Earth Review Tucked away on a small back street, George is a hidden gem in Georgetown, at least for those lucky enough to be on the guest list. That shouldn’t imply that the venue’s a picture of opulence –... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Sa 5pm–3am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth George Review

The Scene

George in Georgetown is an exclusive bar/club where Washington, DC's young elite get rowdy. Join the kings and queens of DC with Party Earth.

Tucked away on a small back street, George is a hidden gem in Georgetown, at least for those lucky enough to be on the guest list.

That shouldn’t imply that the venue’s a picture of opulence – it’s quite casual inside – but the always-packed scene still hosts a veritable Who’s Who of DC debutantes, Capitol Hill kingpins, and ladder-climbing political upstarts literally and figuratively rubbing shoulders.

Patrons step into a large outdoor courtyard upon entry, but loud music and louder conversation quickly draw most down a rear hallway that leads to the king-sized main room, itself relatively bare save for small lamps and moss-green walls adorned with innumerable framed photos of 19th-century Georgetown and beaming modern day regulars.

Similar to the photos, guests are usually dressed in preppy or trendy apparel and – private events notwithstanding – one can expect an audience whose age range sticks pretty close to college.

Multiple bars stay busy doling out the handful of domestics and rails that make up the drinks list, but the limited selection doesn’t inhibit anyone from whooping it up to the techno and Top 40 blaring from the house DJ.

As the night fully sets in, an adjoining smaller room and the patio nearly burst with happy revelers, proving George is always a good time for society girls looking for casual fun and gilt-edged gents who know the difference between pink- and salmon-colored polos.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you want to check out George but aren’t yet on the list, the door usually opens to a wider audience during the Thursday and Friday Happy Hours. Just don’t try to duck into the courtyard with a drink in your hand – security is pretty strict on preventing that.

  • Crowd

    Georgetown scenesters, preppy fraternity boys, trendy sorority girls, political upstarts, moneyed young professionals, with a mixed bag of powerful older District denizens during special private events, early to late 20s, older for private functions.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs stick to rap, techno, Top 40, old-school rock, and other danceable mixes.

    Several flat-screens tuned to sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Small menu of varying American fare usually including pizza, steak taquitos, and chicken pot pie. Fuller catered services available for private events. Happy Hour M–F 6–9pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $5. Entrées $10. Beer $6+, mixed drinks and shots $12+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Preppy: polos, button-downs, khakis, dresses, cute shorts, skirts, suits and cocktail attire for private events.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays and Fridays during Happy Hour for first-time visitors, and Friday and Saturday nights for a pulsing party scene with seemingly half of Georgetown in attendance.

  • Close By

    Smith Point (1338 Wisconsin Avenue) is an even more exclusive-meets-casual, list-only hotspot that caters to a similar crowd.

George User Reviews

Average rating:
Everywhere you don't want to be... if you're above the age of 21
Taylor R. Jun 6, 2013
My first and last visit to George's took place on a cold January evening. It was an open bar event and my friend and I were excited to thrust ourselves into a night of sheer insanity. We got our hands stamped and went around the corner to get our evening started. The first thing to hit us was the blaring music echoing off the wooden walls and down the hallway by the coat check. We rounded the corner and came face to face with a massive sausage fest. This was a college bar and all these guys looked the same. Shaggy hair, a lot of flatbrim hats, t-shirts or flannel, and jeans. Private school lacrosse looking tools with fake IDs and no girls. "The fuck is this Tom?" I said flicking my hand their direction looking at the bar swamped end to end with idiots. "Yeah this is pretty rough. At least we'll get the girls when they do come." He said confidently. We jostled and pushed our way towards the front and ended up each getting about six drinks each by 11:00 PM despite the idiot bros displaying the worst bar acumen I've ever seen; before or since. And that's comparing it to political fundraisers where people are already kind of out of place to begin with. If you've ordered your drink at a crowded bar and have received it... don't just stand there you dult! Move so others can get a chance to wait 5 minutes for a drink. The 30 feet or so of lengthy bar was filled by guys taking wide shoulder stances jutting their elbows out to maximize their coverage thereby inconveniencing the maximum amount of people in the process. My favorites were the ignorant shit-for-brains leaning up against the bar with their back facing the bar fulling resting on the edge of the wooden lip. In this position they could actually get a view of all the people they were pissing off in the process. Navigating this place was even worse. You know how natural isles form within bars so you can move within a crowd? These guys had all the conviction of sudden stop lost tourists. A guy would walk like he was headed somewhere and then stop. Picture a guy spacing out in the middle of a busy sidewalk as if he was seeing the outdoors for the first time. After saying excuse me a few times to no avail I just started to gradually push them aside with a forearm. When they'd flip around angrily to say something of to the effect of "dude?" that's when I got to dropping some knowledge. "Are you lost? You realize you've chosen quite possibly the worst place in the bar to stop. I'll grab you a map from the bartender. Thanks Bro." "The bartender got your order right? Oh you're not ordering? -You're just spreading out as far as your can at the bar to take up room to burden every else around you that's trying to get a drink. I'll just slide in here- cheers faggot." "That's a good place for you. Right in on my foot and at the busiest intersection of the bar. I just farted breh, nah, stick around- that one was just for you." Never underestimate my ability to out-crazy, much less out-inconvenience others around me in the name of spiteful retribution. Pro-Tip: I discovered the best way to walk around in that place was to put others at risk of getting drinks poured on them. Having two over-filled drinks in each hand, I'd raise my arms above and forward. This way my drinks were hanging over the heads of those around me. Add a little geriatric style shaking of my wrists and you'd be surprised how quickly the Sea of Bro parted for me. It's funny how the prospect of getting lots of free alcohol on your head, shoulders, and shoes will do for someone who chooses to stand in my fucking way. I'd rather throw my dick in the river than give this place another 5 minutes of my life.
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