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Marvin - Bar | Beer Garden | Lounge | Restaurant in DC

Even DC power players and stuffy suits need to ditch their jackets sometimes and while away the hours in a sunny beer garden. The relaxed pace of summer, gossip-worthy people-watching, and cold brews make beer gardens in DC pretty much impossible to dislike.

Germans perfected the idea of biergartens, of course, so a bar with German flair is perfect to get into the Oktoberfest season – even in August. Bavarian bar Biergarten Haus will draw you in with fat mugs of frothy brew, heaping piles of bratwurst, and live polka on Fridays and Saturdays. Its spacious beer garden draws schnitzel and stein lovers eager to cram in on long communal tables and make new friends over liters of beer as big as their heads.

Not everyone wants a side of German kitsch with their summer brews, so fortunately, bars of all kinds throw open the doors to their outdoor patios. Dives, lounges, and restaurants alike unite in their love of the egalitarian beer garden. Beer gardens in DC might even have a soulful twist. Built as an homage to DC native Martin Gaye, who had a special place in his heart for Belgium, Marvin combines Belgian eats and beers in a Motown atmosphere. Fans of any of the above can chill out on the bar’s rooftop beer garden.

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