Venice Plazas Overview

Erbaria - Market | Nightlife Area | Outdoor Activity | Plaza in Venice

Yes, Venice is a small city and it doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being off-the-charts when it comes to a social scene. But the Venice plazas help contradict that staid distinction by being great places to hang out, and of course it doesn’t hurt that they’re the most beautiful squares in the world.

The plazas, or piazzas are the focal points of Venetian life and serve a number of purposes in the city. First, they act as a meet up spot for locals and tourists alike. Second, they’re either filled with cafés, restaurants, and shops, or they’re surrounded by them. And third, they provide the most serene backdrop for a relaxing day just strolling between the canals of the city.

One of the most famous plazas in Venice, and maybe the planet, is Piazza San Marco. The plaza is easily the most trafficked public space in the city and features everything from boutique shops and art galleries to exquisite restaurants and chic bars. At night, the piazza comes alive when the sounds of two symphony orchestras fill the square while dressed up diners eat and drink.

Other popular plazas are Campo Santa Margherita, which is a central meeting spot for students bar-crawling at night, and the Erbaria, which is a produce and fish market by day and nighttime hangout for hundreds of young undergrads and locals.

Even though Venice is on the smaller side, there are still plenty of piazzas to check out whether you want to shop, eat, drink, or simply hang out for the night.

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