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Party Earth Review Though Venice itself is built right on the water, swimming is not an option in the canals or lagoon. Luckily, a short ferry ride will take sunbathers to Lido, an island that forms part of the city and that offers six miles of sandy beaches on the warm Adriatic Sea. Although most of the beach is privately owned by the island’s upscale hotels, there’s still plenty of space left for public frolicking. Day-trippers often opt for the public day-use rental areas that include beachside amenities like cabanas, lounge chairs, umbrellas, and freshly raked sand, though there are also free sections of sand open to anyone to bring their own towels and chairs ... more


Lido Beach

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Venice Beaches Overview

Lido Beach - Beach | Outdoor Activity in Venice

Venice may be a city of canals and waterways, but that hardly means there’s any beachfront property to lie out in and catch a tan. However, when Venice denizens are looking to escape their city and soak up some sun, they head just outside of town to Lido Beach.

Just a short ferry ride away, Lido Beach is an island that’s still considered part of the city and features six miles of sand. Surrounding the luxurious area are high-end hotels who’ve staked claims on most of the beaches, but there’s a good amount of open space for all kinds of outdoor sports enthusiasts. The crowd ranges in age and socio-economic status, but what they all have in common is a desire to get some Vitamin D outside their normal surroundings.

There are tons of beaches in the Gulf of Venice that are all short skips across the water. So when you’re looking for Venice beaches, know that it’s not hard to jump on a boat and find plenty of white sand, warm Adriatic water, and ample room to soak up the rays during the extra hot summer months.

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