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Café Blue - Bar | Café | Pub in Venice

Venice may be the greatest city in the world to find love, or at the very least see other people in love, in which case you’ll probably start feeling lonely and want to hit up one of the handful of pubs in Venice.

Despite its beauty, this town isn’t ever going to win any party awards, but those looking for a quaint Irish or English vibe, a proper Guinness, and the sounds of Hibernia needn’t go on a mammoth expedition. One thing is for sure, Venetians (apart from having the most awesome name ever) are big supporters of chill watering holes where conversation is king, and pubs in Venice play right into that sort of vibe.

No matter if it’s at the most casual pub or the glitziest lounge, most denizens begin their night with the daily bar ritual known as aperitivo. Friends gather at pubs all over Venice during this Italian version of the Happy Hour to snack on finger foods and chat over pints. Those looking for some sports to go with those pints will probably fair best at The Irish Pub in Cannaregio, while one of the biggest pub party scenes in Venice usually gets going at Café Blue in Dorsoduro. Although it’s off the beaten path, anyone in need of a quiet and beautiful pub should check out L'Olandese Volante in Castello.

For the greatest concentration of Venice pubs, however, you probably have to technically leave Venice, and join the rest of the young revelry that takes root over the bridge in Mestre or across the water in Lido.

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