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Partying in Venice: The Chicest Side of the City

Dining at Centrale in Venice.

Dining at Centrale in Venice.


Skyline Bar

Hotel Bar / Restaurant / Rooftop Lounge

Skyline Bar - Hotel Bar | Restaurant | Rooftop Lounge in Venice.

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Jun 13, 2012 —  Sure, it isn’t the hippest place overall, but what Venice lacks in wild nightlife, it makes up for with its sensual mystique.

An air of sophistication permeates this breathtaking, ever-stylish city, so it’s no wonder that it draws a certain glitterati and seems to inspire people to dress up and look their best.

Clubs and lounges are limited and generally on the mellow side, but there are a few gorgeous designer bars and lounges with impressive décor and a sociable atmosphere, some in classic landmark settings and some in more stylish venues that showcase the latest Italian design trends.

While low-key evenings are the norm rather than the exception, the upside is that the glamorous setting is always just right for dressing up.

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