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Looking for clubs in Venice? Looking to party all night and rage until the sun comes up? Well, you might want to move, because while Venice is gorgeous, romantic, and an architectural masterpiece, its nightlife isn’t exactly off the charts.

However, there are some key spots where a few Venice clubs flourish, as well as some funkier nightclubs catering to the city’s student population. Most Venetians begin their night with l’ora dell’aperitivo, a fundamental component to Italy’s social scene that’s basically an excuse to eat finger food, talk, and drink too much wine.

Once the snacking is over, however, most clubbers head over the bridge to Mestre or, better yet, take a quick boat ride to Lido, where nightclubs from swanky to totally unpretentious are often on the same block.

Some of the clubs cater to an older crowd, while others are basically big bars that play lots of fun music and get everyone out on the dance floor. Jazz clubs and blues clubs are also small in number, but the city’s tourist population does manage to bring in a few big name acts. If all else fails and hitting a club in Venice just isn’t in the cards, grab a few bottles, hop in a boat, and make your own party. Just be sure to wear a life jacket.

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