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Party Earth Review The most renowned bar and restaurant in Venice, Harry’s Bar was founded in 1930 by the Cipriani family and still occupies the same small space where a cultured clientele drinks martinis and delicious Bellinis – the bar’s famous creation of white peach juice and sparkling wine. Steeped in history and once frequented by the likes of Hemingway, the bar still attracts contemporary VIPs and was recently declared a national landmark by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The bar’s understated yet elegant interior and tuxedo-clad waiters add to its timeless charm and create a serene, luxurious atmosphere without the need for glitz or pretension ... more


San Marco 1323, Calle Vallaresso
30124 Venice

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Venice Cocktail Bars Overview

Harry's Bar - Cocktail Bar | Historic Bar | Restaurant in Venice

So the first time you show up in Venice it will probably be fairly apparent that this city is not exactly a hopping party town, but that shouldn’t imply that there aren’t a few good Venice cocktail bars worth checking out.

Harry’s Bar in San Marco is easily the most renowned bar and restaurant in all of Venice, and has been serving up proper martinis to its cultured clientele of regulars since the 1930s. Hemingway was known to drink here, and no doubt threw back a few of the bar’s signature Bellinis – a well-known mix of white peach juice and sparkling wine that was reportedly invented here.

Although it’s certainly nowhere near as historic, Skyline Bar atop the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel over in Giudecca makes up for it with exquisite fruit and herb cocktails complemented by excellent views of the city.

Less spendy options are certainly available at Venice cocktail bars as well. Café Blue over in Dorsoduro serves its rather rowdy young crowd a lot of flaming absinthe drinks, and nearby El Chioschetto is a simple waterfront watering hole with cheap cocktails and priceless views of the Giudecca canal.

Despite a relatively limited number of options – after all, it’s a pretty small town to begin with – finding a great cocktail bar in Venice still won’t be a chore. And with these gorgeous streets and back alleyways, a little ambling stroll won’t exactly be a burden anyway.

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