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  • 20s / 30s / Ambient / Artsy / Bar / Café / Cafés / Conversational / Creative / EDM / Drink Specials / Friendly / Happy Hour / Locals / Lounge Music / Low key / Lunch / Outdoor Area / Pop / Sandwiches / Students / Theme Nights / Trendy Crowd

    Café Noir - Bar | Café in Venice.

    Party Earth Review Café Noir has long been a favorite among a creative and somewhat edgy clientele of trendy young locals and students. Located on a side street in Campo Santa Margherita, the bar’s outdoor seating area extends down the street to Café Blue, providing a popular meeting place for patrons of both venues, though Café Noir attracts ... more

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  • 20s and up / All Ages / All Types / Anything goes / Bar / Blues / Budget-friendly / Café / Conversational / Diverse / Funk / Jazz / Live Band / Live Entertainment / Live Music / Locals / Low key / Lunch / Musicians / Occasional Live Music / Outdoor Area / Performance / Reggae / Sandwiches / Singles / Students / Sunset / Tourists

    El Chioschetto - Bar | Café in Venice.

    Party Earth Review Located on the Zattere – one of Venice’s few straight and wide waterfront walks – El Chioschetto has all the essential ingredients for a refreshing pit-stop at any time of day and for most of the year. This simple green kiosk doesn’t look like much, but its tables and umbrellas set up on the ... more

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  • 30s / 40s / Ambient / Bar / Café / Casual / EDM / Early 20s / Finger Food / Flirty / Good Looking / Hip / Jam Packed / Outdoor Area / Pop / Sandwiches / Smart Casual / Snack Food / Students / Stylish / TVs / Techno / Trendy Crowd / Upbeat / Upscale / Young Professionals

    MuroVenezia Rialto - Bar | Café in Venice.

    Party Earth Review Snugly situated in the animated Erbaria area, MuroVenezia Rialto is a hip bar with an upscale flair that attracts a trendy, well-dressed crowd of young professionals and university students. The sleek bar strikes a diagonal with the door to create a polished modern look and posh vibe, and is usually mobbed with a flirtatious ... more

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  • 20s / 30s / 40s / Artsy / Conversational / Finger Food / Jazz / Jazz Club / Laid back / Live Band / Live Entertainment / Live Music / Live Music Venue / Lounge / Music Lovers / Musicians / Performance / Smart Casual / Snack Food / Stylish

    Venice Jazz Club - Jazz Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in Venice.

    Party Earth Review The only club of its kind in the city, the Venice Jazz Club is an intimate music venue with an artsy, almost underground vibe. The club attracts a savvy clientele of jazz lovers who gather to appreciate classic jazz, bossa nova, and hot improvisations played by some of the area’s finest musicians. The slightly edgy mood ... more

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  • 18 and over / 20s / 30s / 40s / Absinthe / Casual / DJ / High Energy / Karaoke / Live Band / Live Entertainment / Live Music / Musicians / Occasional Live Jazz / Outgoing / Performance / Rowdy / Sandwiches / Snack Food / Students / Tourists / Upbeat / Wi-Fi / Bar / Café / Pub

    Café Blue - Bar | Café | Pub in Venice.

    Party Earth Review Café Blue prides itself on being the most happening bar in Venice for an easygoing, party-seeking crowd. Part of the hip Campo Santa Margherita area, the bar mainly serves young and animated English speakers who congregate to swap stories and find out what’s going on around town. The rather rowdy crowd indulges in beer ... more

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  • 20s / All Ages / Ambient / Beer / Beer Lovers / Beer on Tap / Belgian Beer / Budget-friendly / Cash Only / Casual / Conversational / Diverse / Friendly / German Beer / International / Italian Food / Jazz / Locals / Lunch / Outdoor Area / Pasta / Pub / Regulars / Sandwiches / Students / Tourists / Upbeat

    L'Olandese Volante - Pub in Venice.

    Party Earth Review Stained glass windows, dark wood, dim lighting, and a nautical décor combine to create a masculine yet cozy atmosphere at L’Olandese Volante (The Flying Dutchman), an English-style tavern named for the ghost ship of lore doomed to sail the seas forever – an allusion, perhaps, to Venice itself, the mysterious eternal city ... more

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There’s an important thing to remember about bars and clubs in Venice: conversation is king, and the type of bar-hopping that goes on here has evolved to facilitate this favorite pastime.

Whether at a casual pub or a swanky lounge, the beverage culture has nurtured a population of nibblers and sippers, and for Venetians – who’ll admittedly drink at any hour – the daily bar ritual comes to a peak during l’ora dell’aperitivo.

This is the prime social hour – the Italian Happy Hour, if you will – when friends gather at drinking dens and cafés to chat, wind down after a day’s work, or wind up for a night out at the bars and clubs over pints, ombre (small doses of wine), and bar snacks. Most people stand around the bar – to avoid the ubiquitous table surcharge – and the crowds at many of these cramped locales spill onto the street to create an animated atmosphere that makes for a good start to a hearty sampling of Venice’s nightlife.

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    El Chioschetto - Bar | Café in Venice.

    20s and up / All Ages

    Piccolo Mondo - Club in Venice.

    20s / 30s

    Emma Likes: Happy Hour Culture Dancing Lively Budget-friendly Sightseeing Party Groups

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El Chioschetto - Bar | Café in Venice. more bars in Dorsoduro


Dogado - Bar | Club | Restaurant in Venice. more bars in Cannaregio

San Polo

Naranzaria - Restaurant | Wine Bar in Venice. more bars in San Polo

San Marco

Centrale - Bar | Lounge | Restaurant in Venice. more bars in San Marco

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