Patrick B.

Patrick B.

Los Angeles, California

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Feb 11, 2013
Bar / Lounge
Feb 11, 2013

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  • The Bigfoot Lodge

    Los Angeles
    Bar / Lounge
    The Bigfoot Lodge - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
    Feb 11, 2013 A modern place to hang your racoon cap to enjoy the comfort of dry bourbon and a mellow atmosphere "Not the type of place to walk in with four-inch heels and order a cosmo, BigFoot Lodge is the brick and mortar bar you’d likely pass driving down Los Feliz Blvd if it weren’t for the large incandescent sign of a Sasquatch standing between the log font of the bar’s name. Upon passing the solid oak doors of the entrance, you find yourself in the whiskey-lit room that reminds you of a scene from John Candy’s ‘The Great Outdoors.’ The walls lined with trophy deer, license plates, rustic awards and just plain ol’ good looking timber. The bar offers an atmosphere of fuzzy feelings and velvet vibes. Standing at the entrance, you half expect Big Foot to come and offer you a seat on a tree stump in the ‘man-cave ‘that he’s turned into a neighborhood hangout for those who can adjust to the mellow lighting. The shelves of the bar offer a variety of beer that can be found in most places around Los Angeles; but it’s the selection of spirits and cocktails that can be whipped up by the knowledgeable staff that sets this log cabin of the asphalt jungle apart. Our friends, Mr. Daniels, Beam and Williams are favorites to socialize with around the twenty foot strip of bar. But for those who want to go outside of the group and wet their pallets with some medicine that will make all the stress of the week wash away in the first sip and slap you with the blanket warm feeling of sitting around a campfire, I highly suggest the ‘toasted marshmallow’ cocktail. If you find yourself contemplating the purpose of life after a bad day at work, perhaps a lingering urge to leave to the woods and be John Muir for a month, I suggest you stop by BigFoot’s Lodge for a drink before you go. You can contemplate all you want in the secluded booths across from the bar, or socialize with the friendly crowd that this wooden tavern attracts. Either way, BigFoot’s Lodge is a great place to hang your coat and allow the whispering pine floorboards and walls to whisk you away to your happy place. " hide

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