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Dec 7, 2013
Dec 7, 2013

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  • El Tigre

    El Tigre - Bar in Madrid.
    Dec 7, 2013 Tapas at El Tigre - Food, Drinks, Atmosphere! "While working as a tour guide in Europe, this would always be top of my recommended to do list. I raved about the place, and even then I would have passengers telling me it was more than they expected. The drinks are huge, the food seems to never stop and the atmosphere is unbeatable. When you order a drink (I always go for the mojitio, which is delicious!) you get a plate of tapas free - it is perhaps not the most delicate or well presented plate of tapas out there but makes up for it - generally it is tortilla (the Spanish kind), patatas bravas, croquettes and my favourite, the mini stuffed mushrooms. It is generally packed with locals - which is always great, you know you're eating somewhere good when that happens. But is also a plus as it means you get a real authentic atmosphere. It even plays by the Spanish rules of if you have enjoyed your meal - throwing your napkin on the floor to show your appreciation. So don't be bothered by all the napkins on the ground - it only shows the food is good! There are two in the same area (Chueca). One is on Calle de las Infantas and the other is on Calle Hortaleza. The latter is known too as El Tigre del Norte and is a little smaller with less seating room but in every other way exactly the same. in Generally they are both packed and you are lucky to get seats, but I have taken a group of about 15-20 there before and we were lucky enough to get a big table. My passengers loved it and many commented on how hard it is get drunk there - simply because you get served so much food! It is definitely worth checking out when you are in Madrid - it can be slightly difficult to find but it is well known and people will be able to help you find it." hide

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