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Haight Street - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Shopping Area in SF

There is a boundless array of activities to fill one’s day in this city by the bay, and the same can be said of the wide assortment of San Francisco nightlife areas.

From high-end to low-end, big to small, preppy to punk, SF nightlife areas cram a good bit of variety into a city that’s barely seven square miles. North Beach’s bar and club scene draws huge crowds on the weekends, whether its old-time barflies and sports hounds mixing with boisterous pre-clubbers at Gino and Carlo, live music lovers packing into Bimbo's 365 Club, or out-of-towners and European tourists tanking up at The Saloon (the oldest bar in the city).

The Mission and Valencia Street Corridor is equally vibrant, brimming with young revelers of all types, from grunge-tastic music fans at Elbo Room and Make-Out Room, to cocktail connoisseurs in the speakeasy tucked inside Dalva, to rich tourists nibbling foie gras with their martinis at Chez Spencer.

Club kids and velvet rope-seekers head to SoMa and the blocks around Union Square Downtown, while college kids of every permutation know there’s never a dull moment crashing down the bar-hopper’s paradise of Polk Street in Russian Hill.

The Castro, of course, is most-famous for its vibrant gay history, and remains to this day packed with friendly watering holes and bumping little clubs catering to folks of every sexual permutation, while the equally famous Haight Street has lost much of its hippy roots but replaced them with great jazz haunts, hip cocktail lounges, and raucous beer-centric dives.

Nightlife areas in SF can be found in almost every little neighborhood, with distinct vibes and price points as varied as the city itself. So hop on the train, climb on your bike, amble down the street, or (gasp!) drive your car to another great SF nightlife area near you!

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