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Haight Street No other stretch of road in San Francisco evokes images of tie-dyes and 60s rock like Haight Street, even if the area has since developed into a diverse shopping and nightlife destination that caters to everyone from still-tripping... San Francisco United States 37.7711387774563 -122.43842124939
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Haight Street - Culture | Landmark | Nightlife Area | Shopping Area in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review No other stretch of road in San Francisco evokes images of tie-dyes and 60s rock like Haight Street, even if the area has since developed into a diverse shopping and nightlife destination that caters to everyone from still... ... read full review

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    From the intersection of Haight Street
    and Webster Street on the east
    to Haight and Stanyan Street on the west
    San Francisco, CA 94117

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    MUNI N Line: Cole Street & Carl Street
    MUNI J, N Lines: Duboce Avenue & Cole Street

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Party Earth Haight Street Review

The Scene

No other stretch of road in San Francisco evokes images of tie-dyes and 60s rock like Haight Street, even if the area has since developed into a diverse shopping and nightlife destination that caters to everyone from still-tripping...

No other stretch of road in San Francisco evokes images of tie-dyes and 60s rock like Haight Street, even if the area has since developed into a diverse shopping and nightlife destination that caters to everyone from still-tripping neo-hippies to salon-centric style hounds.

The less-commercialized lower Haight – roughly west of Webster Street – is relaxed during the day as bohemian locals chill at café’s like Kate’s Kitchen, aspiring DJs browse indie record shops, and sports lovers catch the game at Nickies. Past the forested Buena Vista Park, however, Haight transforms into a packed retail heaven, where young clubbers and fashionable ladies satisfy their trendy couture cravings and cooler-than-thou hipsters browse vintage clothing stores with distinctly modern prices.

Despite the trendy twists, this is still The Haight, so anyone in need of all-natural cosmetics or glow-in-the-dark posters won’t have to walk far, whether they’re snagging psychedelic garb at Ceiba or enjoying mountains of hippy kitsch at Land of the Sun.

History buffs navigate past the ever-present panhandlers to snap photos of the endless array of murals, or pop into the famous Red Victorian, a turn-of-the-century hotel where The Grateful Dead were once regular guests.

The street is even more active at night, as jazz lovers catch a set and a pizza slice at Club Deluxe, hip cocktailers pack into The Alembic, and rowdy revelers crash Hobson’s Choice Bar for bowls of rum punch before hitting the dance floor at The Milk Bar.

There’s no dearth of unpretentious dives, either, especially back down along the lower Haight, where funky pubs like Mad Dog in the Fog keep the beer flowing for those scared off by the mohawk set at Molotov’s or the stink of beer at Toronado.

Perhaps it’s ironic that the former epicenter of free love is now a bustling nightlife and commercial corridor – or perhaps Haight Street is merely proof that love is one of the few things that are truly free.

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Tip from Jonah:

Fan of The Grateful Dead? Check out their old house at 710 Ashbury Street. Not a fan? Head over to Buena Vista Park for great neighborhood views and quiet forested nooks perfect for relaxing away from the crowds.

  • Crowd

    Lots of tourists, bohemian types, punks, hipsters, hippies, fashion-mavens, vintage hounds, shopaholics, and history lovers. All ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Music Stores:
    The cavernous Amoeba Records (1855 Haight Street) in the upper Haight is a staple for new and used music, though the lower Haight also offers several independent shops, including vinyl-heavy Groove Merchant Records (687 Haight Street) and Rooky Ricardo's (448 Haight Street).

    Kitschy/tourist toys at Kidrobot (1512 Haight Street), budget used clothing at The Wasteland (1660 Haight Street) and Held Over (1543 Haight Street), sexy alternative attire at New York Apparel (1772 Haight Street), and upscale vintage clothes and collectables at La Rosa (1711 Haight Street).

    Live Music and Clubs:
    Live jazz at Club Deluxe (1511 Haight Street), and DJ-led dancing at The Milk Bar (1840 Haight Street) and gay club Underground SF (424 Haight Street).

    Popular dives like Toronado (547 Haight Street), sports bars like Nickies (466 Haight Street), and stellar martinis at Aub Zam Zam (1633 Haight Street).

    Haight-Ashbury Street Fair and its bookend sound stages closes down the area between Stanyan and Masonic on the second Sunday of June.

    People-watching galore.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Everything from swanky eats to greasy pizza.

  • Prices

    The tourist contingent keeps prices a bit higher than the norm, though most places, with the exception of a few higher-end establishments, remain in the cheap to mid range.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: robes and rainbows to khakis and cameras.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    During the day for shopping or any night for a wealth of popular drinking dens.

  • Close By

    The beautiful open expanse of Golden Gate Park begins right where Haight Street ends at Stanyan Street.

Haight Street User Reviews

Average rating:
Historic Haight Street
Michelle B. Aug 20, 2013
Possibly one of the more historic locations in San Fran, Haight Street is a desirable tourist attraction for those over 18. The birthplace of the hippie revolution, this is one of the more interesting neighborhoods in Northern California. I recommend traveling here during the day, before all the freaks come out. Night time on Haight can be a frightening experience. Many of the shops have a lot of very interesting things available for purchase. Since this particular neighborhood is very involved in the drug / weed culture, you can expect to find your typical smoke shops lining the streets. But along with the thick continuous smell of pot, you can also expect to find some interesting music memorabilia for sale. Also, it seems as though a lot of the shops in this area have history from the 60s and 70s that give you an idea of the type of activities that took place in this area during that time. Overall, it makes for quite the experience. I highly recommend visiting here during your time in San Fran.
Haight Street: Home of the weird and wonderful
Laura S. Aug 6, 2013
There may be no other six-block stretch in the world that is as unique as the blocks of Haight Street between Masonic Avenue and Stanyan Street. Between these streets lie the historic intersection of Haight and Ashbury, Amoeba Music, and countless vintage and thrift shops. There is an energy to Haight Street that can’t be denied. Beware: it is very likely you will be offered or asked for marijuana by peaceful panhandlers while strolling down the street, but don’t worry, it’s part of the experience. Haight Street, with the Grateful Dead house just a few blocks away, has been home to music legends throughout the years. Today, especially on weekend afternoons, it is a bustling few blocks full of activity. Haight Street is home to some phenomenal shopping, notably Wasteland, which can easily suck you in to hours of sifting through vintage and designer resale clothing. When your arms are full of new clothes and records, a stop at Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery is a must (Get the Pomegranate Hard Cider and Fish and Chips. Just do it.) Or if you’re feeling different cuisine, the street has tons of great ethnic food- like Ploy 2, eating amazing Indian food while feeling like you’re sitting in someone’s living room is oddly comforting. Another great plus to Haight Ashbury is that it is sandwiched between Lower Haight and Golden Gate Park. Lower Haight is the city’s modern Haight Street, full of shops and restaurants. Golden Gate Park is Golden Gate Park…I could go on forever. All in all, Haight Street is worth a stop while visiting San Francisco. It is the essence of what has been in this city. Haight Street is a living time capsule- transporting you to peace, love, fashion and music (just ignore the few kitschy tie-dyed tourist shops).
You won't Haight it!
Andrew F. Jul 24, 2013
The Haight is the hub of the San Francisco drug/weed culture. Mostly filled with rasta shops and vintage stores, Haight Street will never be a bore. The University of San Francisco is just north of the Haight, so the neighborhood is usually filled with college students. The high population of students in the area ensures a thrifty day shopping in the Haight/Ashbury district, and it's also a great place to pick up joke souvenirs if you're looking for one. You'll probably come across a few homeless people panhandling on the sidewalk, or a group of hippies, but that's just part of Haight Street's charm. On top of the somewhat dirty roots of Haight Street, there are also many fresh, original boutiques in the area. While you may find some pretty pricey items in these exclusive shops, the sales are usually really great. Speaking of fashion, if you're in San Francisco, you probably expect to find some good stuff while you're there. A fantastic way of finding unique clothing is thrift shopping, and some of the best vintage stores are on Haight Street. You'll never find a piece of clothing that fails to excite in one of these kitschy little shops. All in all, Haight Street is the perfect place to find the traditional liberal San Francisco attitude while also exploring more of the city's kooky charm.
Dorian S. Jun 12, 2013
If you are interested in fashion, Good food, and great finds? then this is street for you. Haight is full of amazing stores and boutiques from top to bottom. What makes is such a great place to be is the scenery & lively people you come across on your way to the next store. You might run in to a few bums , and or " Hippies " , but its all good ! just keep on your way and don't make any eye contact ( also don't except anything or buy things off the st from people). Besides that Bring your wallet and a big backpack to stuff you things in cause you def leaving with something in your hand. I never leave empty handed .
Cool and breezy nights on the Haight
Noah A. May 7, 2013
The energy of Haight Street can only be captured by simply visiting this San Francisco street immersed in hippie culture. So many thoughts come to mind when walking along the same footpaths as The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, The Allman Brothers and their endless following. The eclectic options for food and fun will leave you entranced, overwhelmed and exhilarated all at the same time. The Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery will get your night or day started just right! The large selection of craft beers will make you salivate before you have even had a simple appetizer or snack. After you are nice and toasty from that you can head off to the Haight Ashbury Music Center and buy a guitar that you might never play, but at least you can say that you bought it on the Haight. If instruments are not your thing you can stroll over to The Sockshop Haight Street, where you can find any kind of sock you have ever dreamed of. After this you most likely will have the beer munchies so you have your choice of Escape from New York Pizza for a cheap yet good slice, Burger Urge for a phenomenal veggie burger or you could just go back to the Magnolia and drink with more snacks. The abundance of food and drink options will keep you satisfied. If you dont like to spend a ton of money, the hippies jamming outside will keep you entertained for sure. On the historic side you can make a small trek up to the Grateful Dead House, also known as "The Dead House on Haight Ashbury". This place is epic! Some might say it is just a house but at 710 Ashbury, right off of the Haight, this is what many refer to as a landmark from the iconic Summer of Love. This musical, psychedelic, and Victorian historical district of San Francisco will leave you with an amazing experience. The hippies are still there, the only difference is that they appear in the form of homeless people. If you have a good heart and can fend for yourself you should be fine. They have an abundance of stories they could tell you about Haight Street if you take the time to talk to them. Overall , no matter your budget, it is hard not to have a good time on Haight Street in the great city of San Francisco or "Cisco" as the locals like to say.
Haight Hippy Street
Kanela L. Apr 10, 2013
As you can see on Haight St. is one of the most a famous place on San Francisco, a place where you must go before leaving all bay area. Haight St is a fun street where you can find all kinds of retro, sixties, 80's and punk culture and tastes. goes directly to Golden Gate part where you can rest and even have some pick niks during sunny days over the green nice grass. Haight St. feels so peacefull and colorful that always makes you to want to come back.
Modern Day Hippies or Just Bums?
Natalia B. Mar 28, 2013
Ok, this is really hard for me because I love hippie culture and was all too excited as a newbie in the Bay Area to visit Haight St. After six years it definitely has lost it's luster; however, I still take my out of town friends here when they visit. The plusses about Haight are the cute shops, the historical content, and the ability to spark a doob anywhere you please. The negatives are the people urinating in public, asking you for money, or a sip of your water while dining, and the overall solemn vibe reverberating around the area. Despite these nuances, I would still recommend a visit for the out of towner who wants to experience all San Francisco has to offer. Or even the boutique shopper who wants cute clothes at a reasonable price. Take my advice though -- strap on a pair of Birkenstocks, throw on your cut offs and ripped t- shirt before you go. This is definitely not a place to meander around in your business suite.
Lower Haight - The Last True Neighborhood
Logan H. Mar 24, 2013
The intersection of Haight and Ashbury is one of the most storied street corners in America. Made famous by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morison, it has drawn free spirits from across the country for over half a century. That's not what this review is about. Put your back to the hippies and head down the hill to the other side of Divis and you'll find yourself in the Lower Haight - the last true neighborhood in the City. You want to meet the locals? This is where they hang out. Starting from Pierce at Danny Coyle's, the most authentic Irish Bar this side of the North Atlantic, head down Haight as far as Fillmore to Nickie's (home of the best Jambalaya in any pub outside of New Orleans). In between you'll find funky boutiques, eclectic eats and watering holes like the chic, upscale Maven cheek by jowl with punk rock dives like Molotov's and quirky burner hangouts like Noc Noc. Most of all you'll find something increasingly rare in this town of transients: a community.
Out with the Old, In with the New
Abigail C. Feb 20, 2013
With the echo of the Summer of Love still singing through the streets, the Haight Ashbury neighborhood has gentrified completely, becoming a mecca of high end vintage shops and Hipster street style. Still equipped with its colorful, quirky characters, the Haight is a great place to shop with the family by day and party at the local bar scene at night. Great food and shopping, you will never run out of things to do and see!
Mix of old and new
Jackie D. Dec 4, 2012
Haight street is a blend of old 60's SF and the contemporary boutiques that seem to be popping up all over the place. In reference to hippie SF, there's tons of vintage shops, smoke shops and odd knick knack sorts of places. There's also higher end shops, however, that seem sort of out of place with the whole vibe. As a local, I don't come here that often because it tends to feel a bit touristy and it's difficult to get to unless you have a car. It's definitely worth visiting, however, especially if you are from out of town.
Hippie Heaven
Kirsten H. Dec 2, 2012
Haight Street is a really fun place to check out if you are visiting San Francisco. If you want to shop, there are plenty of cool vintage stores. For the hippie in you, there are smoke shops as well! If you are hungry, stop at the Pork Store Cafe, it's amazing. There are also lots of cool music stores where you can get vintage t-shirts and posters. The only downside is it can be a little touristy, but going to Haight Ashbury is not like anything you'll ever experience, so I definitely recommend checking it out.
Fun place to visit
Jody P. Dec 1, 2012
I really loved walking down Haight street when I visited SF. There are a bunch of funky shops with all kinds of interesting things to browse. I stopped and took a picture at Haight Asbury (Obvi). There are some really great-looking restaurants and food outlets on Haight street. Unfortunately, I had eaten before I went there, so I had to settle for a little ice cream while I walked around, which was fantastic. Haight Street is home to Amoeba records which is awesome in and of itself. You should definitely schedule at least an afternoon and a meal on Haight Street while you are in SF!
Remi L. Nov 30, 2012
Such a fun place to walk around when you're visiting San Fran. You could stroll up and down this little hippy dippy trippy for hours and never get bored. Lots of yummy places to eat, with everything from little breakfast cafes to great Thai food. Also-the place to go for great costume/vintage finds! Go go go you won't regret it.
Have to visit the Haight!
Kaile K. Nov 29, 2012
I love the Haight! Its full of awesome thrift shops and vintage stores that give the area its eclectic atmosphere. Its definitely the 'hippy' center of San Francisco. Hands down the best people watching spot in the city, its great to grab an outside table at a restaurant and watch the locals go to and fro. The Ben and Jerry's at the corner of Haight and Ashbury is pretty touristy, but if you're visiting from out of town you definitely have to get a picture under the famous street sign with you Ben & Jerrys cone. The Haight is a must see in San Francisco!
Love the Haight
Tenaya E. Nov 28, 2012
Haight Street is definitely a must-see in San Francisco. The best thing about Haight is definitely the shopping -- there are a handful of thrift stores and boutiques. My personal favorite store is Wasteland; it can be a little pricey, but their thrift section always has some good finds. I've found that the dining options are somewhat limited, but there are definitely some good places to eat. Check out Magnolia, a great little brewery. The Haight Street fair can also be a lot of fun, but very crowded. Overall, this is probably one of my favorite places in San Francisco -- it's got a great vibe and is definitely worth checking out!
Be a Hippie for the Day
Caroline c. Nov 28, 2012
Haight Street is a fun place to spend the day in SF. There are lots of vintage, hippie shops where you can get some unique and inexpensive stuff and lots of consignment stores. There are also lots of smoke shops, if that is your type of thing, and some unique restaurants. There are a lot of fun people who are really nice, but beware of some crazy characters on the streets. There is also a really fun street fair that happens every June with live music and really great food. I definitely recommend Haight Sreet. Be a hippie for the day!
Can't miss it
Kt K. Nov 26, 2012
Its probably gotten a bit more commercial since its heyday, but the Haight still retains much of its character. Colorful murals decorate many surfaces, and there's lingering marijuana smoke here and there. There's fun at every comfort level, and you can venture into head shops to check out the glassware or just snack on Ben and Jerry's ice cream. There are a lot of great clothing stores, too. I love shopping at Wasteland, which gets great consignment pieces. If you're up for it, you can rent a bike and cruise around the district and on through Golden Gate Park towards the beach for a day trip.
my favorite spot
Anna V. Nov 19, 2012
I absolutely love haight/ashbury. I don't recommend it for someone who wants to go shopping, although you can get some great vintage finds. However, I love coming here to walk around and explore the different vintage shops and restaurants. It has a fun history, and there are always the most interesting people there. I love the colors and the laid back atmosphere.There are always many tourists here because it is such a landmark, but then again, if you are in San Francisco you absolutely must come to the haight.
Still a whole lot of fun
Chris K. Nov 19, 2012
While the glory days of smoking pot on the street and passing out pamphlets urging the system to explode from within are over, the Haight still has a wonderful and entertaining appeal to those looking for some crunchy, unorthodox fun. There are still body art parlors lining either side of this bustling and hilly thoroughfare, right alongside skater shoe stores, organic food markets, cozy pubs, and the occasional mom-and-pop dispensary. The people are the dreadlocked masses they always were, though a level of professionalism and maturity is respected here in a way that might have made the Weather Underground a little pissy. If you're in San Francisco, it's a crime not to walk the Haight.
So fun!
Emily R. Nov 14, 2012
The stores on Haight Street are all very kitschy and, yes, maybe a little contrived, but that's the fun of it all! The people are always in high spirits and there is absolutely no shortage of activity - at any time of the day. Close to downtown and a number of San Francisco tourist attractions, Haight Street is something that any visitor has no excuse to miss! Don't miss the thrift stores; they have some hidden gems.
Embrace your hippie-side
Eden M. Nov 14, 2012
Haight street is SUCH a fun place! Basically, its a street that has a whole bunch of vintage, stoner, and hippy shops where you can get great deals on a lot of things! The whole atmosphere of haight street is really fun, although some of the people are a tad creepy. If you are planning on taking a shopping trip to the Haight, you need to have a really open mind because there are definitey some crazy characters who roam the streets. Also, if you are looking for a place to smoke hookah or get a tattoo/piercing, the Haight is the place to be! Embrace your hippie for the day and take a trip to the haight.
Funky and Hippie
Rachel G. Nov 13, 2012
The Haight I use to work on this street and I cannot tell you how much I miss it! Such an amazing area in San Francisco. Located so close to Golden Gate Park and downtown areas! There are some great restaurants around but more importantly VINTAGE! Yes this is the vintage capital of San Francisco. Even the Goodwill store is considered a vintage shop due to the high volume or hipsters that troll into the Haight for the next big fashion. I come here for cheap and chic finds and unique gifts. The Haight is also great for bars. Lower Haight has some amazing bars and music bars.
The 60s are over, the capitalist pigs have moved in, but still great.
Nick S. Oct 4, 2012
So you kind of have to go to Haight Street with an open mind. From a historical perspective, it’s fascinating and fun. This was the epicenter of hippie culture back in the day, and it looks like a lot of them have stuck around after going on one too many acid trips. Plenty of grunge, lots of homeless kids and panhandlers. I counted once and got asked if I wanted to by weed seven times in two blocks. The place is completely crowded with tourists on the weekends and most of the stores, in my opinion, are either odd hippie boutiques or lame salvation army type spots. That said, there are some really great bars down here, and you’ll definitely enjoy a good meal if you fight through the fog of patchouli and incense. Like most SF natives, I don’t come here very often. But I always have a good time when I do. And no, thank you, I don’t want to buy any weed.
Great Shopping Spot
Gabe L. Aug 7, 2012
Haight Street is great for a day of shopping in SF. The street has awesome thrift stores where you can buy quality flannels, crew neck sweatshirts with random camp names, or decade and period pieces for very low prices. There is also a plethora of tattoo parlors, smoke shops, and restaurants to fulfill your every desire. The street is mobbed with hipsters, artsy folk, and homeless people on the weekend. They also have a RVCA store.
Sridevi R. Aug 6, 2012
BEST. SHOPPING. EVER !! This is honestly the coolest street ever with some of the most beautiful things to see. There are tons of little vintage shops and rad art galleries. It's definitely a must-see if you're in the area!
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