SF Plazas Overview

Union Square - Outdoor Activity | Park | Plaza | Shopping Area in SF

In thinking about San Francisco plazas, there isn’t a whole lot that comes to mind. And it’s not because you can’t think of any, there just aren’t that many in general. SF isn’t exactly known for its plazas, but there are still a handful of worthwhile places to check out, sit back, relax, and watch the city go by from a plaza or square in San Francisco.

For starters, any plaza in SF will typically serve multiple purposes. First, they make for good meeting spots – it’s just easier to say ‘meet me in the square’. Second, the plazas are usually in the middle of commercial areas filled with restaurants, clubs, shops, and bars. Third, they can be great places to check out the sights and sounds of the city. And finally, because it’s SF, they’re the biggest setting for demonstrations, protests, and festivals of all kinds.

The biggest and most well-known plaza in San Francisco is Union Square. Built in the 1800s, today the square is the biggest commercial hub in the city with blocks of shopping, theaters, restaurants, and hotels.

Other plazas in San Francisco include Washington Square, which is really more of a park, and Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, a popular three-day-a-week market selling every food imaginable. For the tourists, there’s Ghirardelli Square in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf where thousands of people flock to every day for great chocolate, restaurants, bars, and a little tour of SF history.

SF plazas may not be as big or famous as many other major cities, but there are still enough to go around that provide activities and things to do any day or night of the week.

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