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Day or night, there are lots of fun ways to enjoy the varied drinking activities in San Francisco. Whether it’s sampling fine wines in a cool, underground grotto or lazing about in a fog-covered beer garden, drinking in SF can be as sophisticated or as downright grungy as you could possibly want.

NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences is about as signature a San Francisco drinking experience as you can get. The Academy stays open late once a week to give the 21+ crowd full run of the place, with an ever-changing series of themed events and several temporary bars spread throughout the gigantic building.

Perhaps less unique but still a signature staple of the city drinking scene, Zeitgeist features a spacious Munich-meets-Sex Pistols beer garden where more than two dozen picnic tables host a big, boisterous mass of young creative types and urban bad boys downing suds and digging AC/DC on the stereo. Though its bartenders are known for being brusque, the wide beer selection and wider potpourri of revelers gives Zeitgeist one of the most welcoming spirits in the city, and should be part of any extended drinking activity in SF.

Less tattoo-laden drinkers who still want some hops can venture to ThirstyBear Brewing Company, a cavernous brewery and restaurant in SoMa, while wine lovers craving a trip to Napa Valley can save themselves the hour trek by popping into subterranean Press Club, which regularly hosts in-depth tasting events.

The sky’s clearly the limit when it comes to drinking in SF, fog or not!

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