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Castro Theatre Searching for plays & performances at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this incredible theater! San Francisco United States 37.762013 -122.434696
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Castro Theatre - Theater in San Francisco.
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INFO Built in 1922, the Castro Theatre is a hoppin’ San Francisco movie theater with a lengthy history, landing as No.100 on the list of San Francisco Historic Landmarks in 1976. Castro Theatre features 1,407 seats... ... read more

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Castro Theatre Videos

Castro Theater Intro
Castro Theater Intro
Labyrinth 25th anniversary at the Castro Theater
Ann Blyth Arrives At Castro Theatre for Joan Crawford Gala
Mario Cantone at Castro Theatre
The Famous Castro Theatre on Castro Street
Edgar Wright Q&A at the Castro Theatre (1 of 7)
Tindersticks "Tiny Tears" at the Castro Theatre w/ Claire Denis

Castro Theatre Information

Castro Theatre - Theater in San Francisco.

Built in 1922, the Castro Theatre is a hoppin’ San Francisco movie theater with a lengthy history, landing as No.100 on the list of San Francisco Historic Landmarks in 1976. Castro Theatre features 1,407 seats, and first opened with an invitation-only screening of Across the Continent, drawing in then-mayor James Rolph.

Inside the theater, the dramatic aesthetics continue with ornate concave walls, gilded Juliet balconies, and the “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ that lilts through the air before films and events. These days there are various film festivals at the Castro Theatre including the SF International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Noir City: The Film Noir Festival, the San Francisco International Film Festival, SF Indiefest, and Shock It To Me! Classic Horror Film Festival, among many others. Gala tributes boasting old-time Hollywood headliners have also been popular events at Castro Theatre, honoring silver-screen luminaries like Jane Russell, Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Dee, and Tony Curtis.

Castro Theatre User Reviews

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Not a movie theatre - a movie palace
Aidan S. Aug 28, 2013
In the 20s and 30s folks used to dress formally when they went to the movies. It was like going to a gala or a stageplay; it was an event. Today we tend to dress down. The lines, the high prices, the drab decor and grimy burgundy carpetting tends to inspire in us a sense below what's even considered casual. But there are some places, and the Castro Theatre is one of them, that make you want to return to the 30s. That make you want, as my grandfather used to say, put on the dog and make it bark. It's a grand old movie palace with red velvet curtains and a mighty Wurlitzer organ that rumbles with classic ballads while you fill up on popcorn. The prices are standard movie fare, but the programming is remarkable: the Castro seemingly screens *everything* from silent films, to MGM musicals from the 50s, to avant-garde documentaries and short films, even blue movies (the Castro hosts the annual Indie Erotic film festival, you know, if you're into that sort of thing). The point is, this is an unusual place, the rare kind of cinema that inspires wonder, and you should get a taste of it if you can.
Glorious Silent - Era Movie Palace is a "Must See Before You Die."
Rita R. May 15, 2013
Watching a film at the Castro Theatre is a whole different experience than watching a movie at your local AMC theatre. This theatre is one of the few left that still project film, and there is something special about watching a projected film in a theatre full enthusiastic film buffs, and non-film buffs alike. There is a community that exists within the theatre itself, which adds more life and makes watching a movie more of an event. Whenever you visit San Francisco, be sure to look at the schedule on the theatre's website, as there is always something going on. Be it a film festival, or some movie themed event. I highly recommend "Midnights for Maniacs" and any sing-along events. As I write this, there is going to be a "Grease" sing-along, which I am definitely going to. If you're lucky, also check out anything being done by Peaches Christ. Even if you're not that into movies, or going to a theatre, the Castro Theatre offers more than just a movie, it offers an experience. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is that great.
A must-see
Jessica G. Feb 21, 2013
Even if you're not a big movie-goer, you must watch a film at Castro Theatre. Like the massive rainbow flag waving high above the Castro district, Castro Theatre is a beacon in the neighborhood. The theater plays anything from cheesy 80s flicks to heart-breaking documentaries. If you're in the city during the last two weeks of January, I highly recommend going to at least one night of the world-renowned Film Noir Festival. Also, anything by Peaches Christ is sure to bring a laugh. Of course, you can't go wrong with any of their sing-a-longs and double features. Just be sure to get there early enough to brave the restroom and concessions lines, otherwise you'll miss the amazing organ player before the movie. Besides, you certainly won't mind marveling at the incredible 1920s architecture.
Classic Night Out
Abigail C. Feb 20, 2013
As long as the Castro has been, well, the Castro, there has stood the Castro Theater. With its antique organ, continuing to echo through its original deco architecture, the Castro Theater has been showing some of our favorite films for decades. With its ongoing sing-a-longs and double features, it is amazing deal and an other worldly experience. I
you haven't lived until...
Consuelo C. Dec 11, 2012
anyone under the age of 70 has never casually experienced an authentic Art Deco Theater of yesteryear, complete organ and raffle wheel, like the Castro Theater. Both iconic and progressive, the theater hosts festivals and sing-alongs, even Brittney Spears, on any given day. Spill out into the Castro and you will instantaneously be immersed in the City that Armistead Maupin glorified. Easily reached by BART then Muni on the corner of Market and Castro...
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
This is a great old school theater that places vintage reels and various types of musical theater. Located in the heart of Castro, this theater has some of the most eye turning works being shown. I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show here and I loved how the entire audience was singing along and dressed up as characters. I felt so engaged with the company and the movie that it had to been one of my top best nights in the city.
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