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Culture in The Sunset Overview

Away from the briefcase-clad folk of the city, and the busloads of tourists that denote Fisherman’s Wharf, culture in The Sunset thrives in abundance. And, albeit still attracting out-of-towners by the dozen, sprawling landscapes, breathtaking views and interesting activities are enough to satisfy any culture seeker in San Francisco.

Daytime – particularly sunny days – sees the biggest surge of people making their way to The Sunset to be immersed in one of its richly cultural spots. Daters, groups of friends, young professional and average Joes can be spotted in this neck of the woods, as well as it being a hotspot for families and dog walkers.

Golden Gate Park is one of San Francisco’s richest cultural spots in The Sunset. Home to museums, lakes, outdoors activities and exquisite landscapes; Golden Gate Park is a famed Bay Area hangout. Also a fun day out without having to put your hand in your pocket, this spot is rich in culture and makes a great trip for families, picnickers, sun-seekers, and sports enthusiasts.

California Academy of Sciences is another one of The Sunset’s culture spots. Nestled in the wraps of Golden Gate Park, this museum offers tours, amazing sights and even parties, with NightLife offering one of SF’s most innovative drinking experiences. Multiple bars, themed nights and an aquarium beguile even the most learned folk, making this spot a carousing, yet cultured affair.

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