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Neck of the Woods - Live Music Venue | Concert Venue | Bar | Lounge in The Richmond, SF

Although not exactly a thriving nightlife scene, bars in The Richmond are fun and fancy-free, offering a wide range of quality cocktails, cheap happy hours and a raucous crowd nightly.

Daytime sees a healthy footfall in this neighborhood from a diverse crowd. Boasting markets and authentic Asian eateries by the masses, tenacious tourists, locals, and workers from nearby businesses take to the streets from mid-afternoon in search of a cold brew. With many parks in the nearby vicinity, a hot day sees a particular flourish, as people head to bars in The Richmond after a day of sunning on the grass. And, although not a major clubbing scene, many geared up young revelers find their way here to let loose.

Popular bars in The Richmond such as Trad’r Sam are regularly alight with the sound of clinking glasses and cheerful natter. A quirky blend, mixing a tropical tiki-themed hangout with the all-American dive, this joint thrives Thursday through Sunday. And, with drinks to kill, it comes as no wonder why Trad’r Sam has such a loyal group of followers.

Other more varied bars in The Richmond come in the form of Rockit Room. Hosting all and every type of event, from salsa classes to stand up comedy, this bar really has a little something for everyone. Check the calendar in advance and be assured a quality night in this popular Richmond bar.

Popular The Richmond Bars

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