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Restaurants in The Haight Overview

With all of the watering holes in The Haight, it only makes sense that there is an abundance of restaurants to soak up those beers. However, more elegant affairs, date-worthy eateries and group appropriate joints thrive too, meaning there is something on the menu for every hungry harry.

Early mornings see a particular flurry as brunch-time kicks off with eateries such as Kate’s Kitchen attracting super surges of weary-eyed post-partiers and groups of friends. Workers from the many nearby businesses frequent the streets too in search of something to ease those hunger pangs, whereas eager college kids descend on one of the many spots where they can team nosh with a cold beer.

Simple in its concept and hole-in-the-wall design, Rosamunde Sausage Grill is a small, yet powerful force of nature. Attracting literally hordes of hungry folk around lunch hour, it is not uncommon for a line to wind out onto Haight Street; so, if hankering a Rosamunde sausage prepare for a wait, but be assured a real treat.

Another restaurant in The Haight worth noting is The Alembic, a bar-cum-restaurant that is a staple in any food-lovers diet. An eclectic menu teamed with a cozy, candle-lit ambiance makes this a great date option or a good go-to if quality cocktails and finger-lickin’ food is on the cards.

Popular The Haight Restaurants

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