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Lounges in The Haight Overview

A haven for hippies and hipsters, locals or out-of-towners, lounges in The Haight are just as varied as the people who find themselves here.  Be it a chilled and chic affair or a more alternative atmosphere, Haight lounges have a little something for everyone.

A buzzing locale throughout the day, this neighborhood earmarked for its counterculture roots becomes a vibrant, flourishing social scene at dusk. Groups of friends, daters and plain ol’ merrymakers take to the streets in search of a cool lounge to grab a cold one. Noted for its open-mindedness throughout the decades, this unpretentious neighborhood sees a range of partiers, with everyone from blue collars to ‘it’ girls making an appearance.

Divey and vibey, lounges like Club Deluxe attract the more alternative crowd of The Haight. Spawning a somewhat subterranean and sultry ambiance, this lounge oozes an early 1960’s air as the sound of clinking glasses and friends chattering intersperses live jazz. Grab a booth, order a drink and unwind in this awesome Haight lounge.

Madrone Art Bar is another lounge in The Haight, and although the crowd is similar, this joint attracts the more artsy folk of the Bay Area. An eclectic décor denotes this quirky joint, however go midweek if a curious concoction and chilled lounge vibe is sought after, as weekends can be pretty wild.

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