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Brunch in The Haight Overview

Whereas in previous decades most eateries in The Haight were filled with hungry hippies with the munchies, The Haight now serves a wider group of patrons. And, with the amount of places to get brunch in The Haight, it comes as no surprise that the streets are packed with people from mid-morning.

Attracting a mixed crowd, The Haight is a popular choice for finger-lickin’ food. From early in the day, hungry hipsters, old-school hippies, tempted tourists, local foodies, and every-type of subculture can be spotted in The Haight, making their way to one of the many appetizing eateries that line the streets.

Brunch spots in The Haight like Kate’s Kitchen are a must on any foodies to-do list. Attracting people by the masses, this spot is at its busiest on weekend mornings. With weary-eyed college kids trying to stifle that hangover, and families indulging in stacks of pancakes, the atmosphere is electric.

If looking for something with a little extra kick, swing by The Little Chihuahua on Divisadero Street. With an unlimited salsa station and vibrant atmosphere, this joint is regularly packed with hungry hipsters seeking to indulge in some hearty Mexican nosh.

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