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Bars in The Haight Overview

Although the remains of the Summer of Love are still ever-present in the vibrant community of The Haight, today this neighborhood attracts a more varied crowd. Nevertheless, reverting back to the glory days of free-spirited partying, bars in The Haight thrive and offer something for every type of partier.

By early afternoon, the streets of The Haight buzz as alternative crowds of the Bay Area find their way to one of the many bars that dot The Haight’s landscape. From punk rockers to flower children who are stuck in the past, The Haight’s bars cater to all types. Even more upscale crowds find themselves in this neck of the woods. Boasting high-end mixologist menus and haut hangouts, bars in The Haight are most certainly varied.

Haight bars like The Alembic epitomize the newly reformed social scene of this once hippie haven. Neighborhood hipsters, cool college kids, burgeoning blue collars, and trendy cocktail connoisseurs frequent this bar. With a cozy, almost subterranean vibe, this bar in The Haight is jammed by 10pm, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

More casual and sophisticated carousers can be found in bars in The Haight like Uva Enoteca. As a wine bar-cum-Italian restaurant, this hangout is an ideal spot for a drinks date. Serving mouth-watering food, groups of friends, hungry hipsters and tenacious tourists can be spotted in this hot spot.

Popular The Haight Bars

  • * Toronado ATM / Anything goes / Artsy / Beer

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