The Haight, San Francisco.
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San Francisco’s Haight has come a long way since the flower-powered 60s, when it was the epicenter of the Summer of Love and overrun with free-spirited and freely fornicating hippies from all over the world.

But just as it’s often said that those who can remember the 60s probably weren’t there, present-day Haight inhabitants probably weren’t either.

Evidence of the neighborhood’s tie-dyed glory days remain, but the bead/incense/rock poster/smoke shops now share blocks with high-end vintage clothiers, chic boutiques, greasy pizza joints, and a vibrant, albeit heavily commercialized, scene.

History buffs who need their drum circle fix head to the upper Haight, where Stanyan Street is always abuzz with bongos, panhandlers, and lots of Willie Nelson lookalikes, and from there join more active types venturing into the neighboring expanse of Golden Gate Park.

From Stanyan on east to the historic Haight-Ashbury intersection, tourists snap photos of the ubiquitous trippy murals or buy up wares from hand-woven rugs to roach clips, while clubbers snag the latest trends and moneyed couples redecorate their guest rooms with rare imported furniture.

Weekends are packed both day and night thanks to a number of popular college-centric drinking dens and hip mixology spots, although the tree-lined Buena Vista Park further south provides temporary respite from the crowds.

In the noticeably less hippified lower Haight, music lovers take advantage of a number of small record shops, while punks, goths, die-hard beer lovers, and crazed Giants fans pile into a small but always busy collection of dirty dives, quaint neighborhood pubs, and unpretentious Irish taverns.


Where to Go in The Haight

  • * Toronado ATM / Anything goes / Artsy / Beer

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