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AT&T Park - Concert Venue | Stadium in San Francisco.
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INFO AT&T Park opened on March 31, 2000, representing the first Major League ballpark to be built without public funds since the completion of Dodger Stadium in 1962, costing more than $357 million to build. AT&T Park replaced... ... read more

AT&T Park Videos

Jackie Greene, National Anthem, AT&T Park, SF (beat LA!)
Jackie Greene, National Anthem, AT&T Park, SF (beat LA!)
AT&T Park
Jonathan Sanchez, No-Hitter, Final Strike @ AT&T Park, San Francisco, Friday, 7/10/09
Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao First Pitch at AT&T Park @ San Francisco Giants w/ interview
Travis Ishikawa's 3-Run Homer @ AT&T Park, San Francisco, Tue. 08-25-09, 9:30 PM PDT.
Sizzler Ride Giants County Fair AT&T Park San Francisco California 2009
Century Wheel Ride Giants County Fair AT&T Park San Francisco California 2009
Fireworks at the San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park; Awesome.

AT&T Park Information

AT&T Park - Concert Venue | Stadium in San Francisco.

AT&T Park opened on March 31, 2000, representing the first Major League ballpark to be built without public funds since the completion of Dodger Stadium in 1962, costing more than $357 million to build. AT&T Park replaced the San Francisco Giants’ former home, Candlestick Park, now boasting a seating capacity of 41,915 and a better location in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco.

AT&T Park was originally named Pacific Bell Park after the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Company purchased the naming rights for $50 million in 1996. SBC then acquired Pacific Bell and renamed the venue SBC Park in 2003; finally in 2006, when SBC merged with AT&T, it received its third (and hopefully final!) title.

There have been many exciting events at AT&T Park including its opening series which featured the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Giants, who were swept in three games. Barry Bonds, the veteran Giants outfielder, also contributed to the fan fervor by hitting his 500th home run at the park in 2001.

In addition to baseball at AT&T Park, the venue hosts a wide range of other entertaining events, including both sports and music. In 2006, the park hosted ICER AIR, the first big-air ski and snowboard competition to be held in the U.S.; in 2009, the San Francisco Opera partnered with Giants Enterprises to do three broadcasts; and in 2011, American Idol used the space as an audition venue for its 10th season.

In addition to general seating at AT&T Park, the stadium also boasts 68 luxury suites, 5,200 club seats on the club level, and an additional 1,500 club seats at the field level right behind home plate.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the new park is the right field wall, towering at 24 feet in honor of former Giant Willie Mays who wore number 24. There are four pillars atop the fenced archways, which are lined with fountains that burst with water when the Giants hit a home run or win a game, and at the conclusion of the National Anthem.

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The Gem By the Bay
Henry T. Aug 12, 2013
Looking for the quintessential San Francisco experience? Look no further than the home of San Francisco's own professional baseball team the beloved Giants. Nestled right next to the pier the ballpark offers a stunning view of the bay with views from the upper deck spanning all the way to Oakland and the rolling hills of Piedmont. Come on a sunny San Francisco day and catch ships sailing along the bays waters. Aside from the spectacular views you'll find yourself in the premier ballpark in all of America! Rooting alongside the cities citizens whom have a feverish passion for the two time World Champion ball club. Prices are expensive, but treat yourself to a local favorite by snagging some Gilroy Garlic fries, accompanied by a cold local anchor steam micro brew. Tip: Head to the public house (adjacent to the park) or MoMo's across the street, prior to the game for a cocktail and to take in the experience. These places get packed! So head out there early.
Take Me Out to the Ball Game... (and to the bars after).
Terra S. Jul 23, 2013
AT&T Park is a great place to visit, but when it comes down to it, it's a baseball field! With that said, it was amazing for me because I was there for the playoffs last year! The Park is downtown and the surrounding area is perfect for a post-game dinner and/or beer. Also if you are lucky, you may catch a hydro jetpacker taking off!
AT&T Park is one of a kind!
Jason B. Jun 9, 2013
One of the nicest ballparks in all of America, AT&T Park is located in San Francisco, California. It is truly a ballplayers park with a short infield and crisp greens. I always love the energy that the crowd delivers nightly and I am sure thats part of the reason they also happen to be the world champs. This park has great food, lots of beers and pop options, and not a bad seat in the park. Parking can get a bit expensive so its usually recommended to take the muni down to the ballpark. The only real question you need to have now, is when is the next game I can go to?
Hard to beat AT&T park
Anthony D. May 17, 2013
Not necessarily one of the newer stadiums, as a number of ballparks have opened up since AT&T (or Pac Bell as it was originally titled) Park opened its doors, but certainly still remains one of the best. With its location right on the bay, it's hard to find a better setting for a stadium in all of America. The atmosphere is kept lively and captivating on a nightly basis with a little help from the wide array of ballpark features, food selections and colorful fans in addition to its one of kind setting. Even with the Giants playing good baseball these days, you can recline comfortably on an otherwise uncomfortable bleacher seat because of the wonderful ambiance that fills AT&T park. Baseball is meant to be played in stadiums like this.
As If the Giants Aren't Reason Enough to Come!
Stephanie S. May 14, 2013
Naturally, our world series winning baseball is draw enough to get you to this venue but you'll be pleasantly surprised by the park as well. Food is good, accessible all over the park, and reasonably prices. Beer is abundant. Souvenir shops are all over. There's a great kids area making baseball a super fun family experience. Still not impressed? Go look at the view! Half the time< I can't stay focused on the game because I'm taken by the view and I live here! AT&T hits it out of the park as far as ballparks go. I've lived in other major cities like Dallas and Cleveland and nothing compares to the home of Giants!
Even If You Hate Baseball, You'll Love AT&T Park
Sheree W. May 2, 2013
I love attending baseball games: stadium food, beer and being outdoors. But AT&T takes the great American past time to a new level. Sitting in the nosebleeds is painless thanks to the gorgeous view of the sail boats on the water, and crowds seem inconsequential when immersed in all the fan fair. It's always a party environment at this ball park, and the garlic fries beat out the tubers at most restaurants. Beers are pricey (of course), but wine is generally poured generously. I love hitting up Pete's across the street for a little pre-game action. The park also hosted the most recent installment of Red Bull's flying machine madness Flugtag, and attendees were allowed to sit on the field. I'll never forget the amazing feeling of sitting on second base. No wonder AT&T consistently tops the best ball park lists.
Baseball Done Right
Tyler J. May 1, 2013
As a life long Giants fan, AT&T Park is my absolute favorite place to watch a ballgame. However, I truly believe that you do not have to be a Giants fan or even a baseball fan at all to enjoy what AT&T Park has to offer. The park has a little something for everyone (even for the brave Dodgers fan). In terms of design and artistry AT&T is among the best stadiums in the major leagues. The park has so many little nuances, that when taken together really make AT&T a beautiful stadium. The giant Coke bottle and mit in left, the timeless brick exterior, and the cable car in right just to name a few. However, what really makes AT&T an unforgettable stadium is its waterfront location. Situated along the San Francisco Bay, fans are greeted with a breathtaking view upon entering the stadium. In my opinion, this is what makes AT&T such special ball park, and what makes it so unique to the city by the bay. As far as the fan experience goes, it does not get any better than AT&T. Giants’ fans in general are extremely passionate and fun loving, evidenced by the numerous panda hats adorned throughout the ballpark and the collective uproar of 42,000 after a big play. The fans at AT&T definitely make it is hard not to get caught up in game even if you are not a baseball lover. Lastly, I cannot talk about AT&T without touching on the food. Although AT&T does have your typical stadium foods such as hot dogs, burgers, and peanuts, it also has some delicious and unconventional options. Some items I would recommend are the fried mac and cheese, the crab sandwich, the Ghirardelli’s hot fudge sundae, the gorditas, and of course the famous garlic fries. Overall, if you are looking for a memorable time, electric atmosphere, and solid selection of food, I would highly recommend going to a Giant’s game at AT&T.
The Stadium by the Bay
Matt B. Apr 27, 2013
The brick exterior makes for an old-timey, aesthetically pleasing monument to San Francisco baseball fifty years in the making. One of the few items to make the trip up to King Street is the old foghorn played loudly and proudly after every Giants homerun, a perfect Ode to San Francisco. At just under 42,000 seats, AT&T Park has a much more intimate feel than the football stadium they played in prior to their move. Seats along the first and third baselines are closer than they had been before and the short porch in right field allows fans a close look from any angle. Just beyond the aforementioned right field wall is McCovey Cove, an inlet of the San Francisco Bay that has seen dozens of homerun balls splash down after a serious poke from a certain burly left-handed hitter. In true San Francisco fashion, AT&T Park offers cuisine from seemingly every corner of the world. Sushi and fried chicken are equally available. As is popcorn, cotton candy and Mexican food. Also in true San Francisco fashion, it'll cost you an arm and a leg to be a consumer. AT&T Park has everything for a baseball junkie from pewter statues to retired numbers . It has everything for a casual baseball fan from food and beverages to panoramic views and a world-class city. It has everything for your little ones from miniature baseball diamonds to a giant Coke bottle slide in left field. It is a wonderful baseball experience and the pride of the Bay Area.
Greatest Fans in Major League Baseball
Nicole M. Apr 26, 2013
Whether it's Gamerbabes, men dressed as pandas or elderly women parading in their halos and wings, AT&T Park is sure to be the best party you will ever go to in your life. From April to September, this park is the mecca that is San Francisco. To be a Giants fan is a religious affair. It is the loudest, proudest, most fashionable and garlic-iest stadium around. Signature Garlic Fries straight from Gilroy can be seen and smelled from every seat. There are kids dressed in panda costumes and men in inflatable orange suits. And if you come on Fridays, even the players wear their special orange jerseys and the day is christened Orange Fridays. Of course, what sets AT&T Park from the rest is bar none, the amazing view of San Franciscos's pride; the bay. And with a seat in right field, just close to 1st base and Brandon "Baby Giraffe" Belt, you have a breathtaking view of an insanely large coke bottle and an old-school glove set in front of the purples, pinks and oranges of a California Sunset. The view is what sets the mood for the games. It's what gives this park such a fresh and fun atmosphere. It almost looks like a piece art set beside one of America's oldest past time. Watching baseball in this park will make you appreciate baseball as a sport, an art and a party. With all three in one place, why go anywhere else.
Baseball's Premiere Park
Allo G. Apr 15, 2013
"LET'S GO GIANTS" the roar heard from thousands of rabid fans by those inside the park, and outside around the streets of 3rd and King where AT&T park is nestled. The place where 40,000 people come together with one common goal, to watch the team they love play and win a ballgame. There is no better place to watch a game. While a bit windy, you can't go wrong with any seat in the house, and can even watch from a Cable Car inside the cool is that? The invigorating scent of Garlic Fries wafting through the air, with the stunning backdrop of the Bay behind the stadium, AT&T park ensures a great time for those young and old. Where else can you watch your kids play ball in a Mini lot? Or embrace your inner child while sliding down a Giant Coke Bottle? All in between cheering your team on with other fans in a zoo of Panda and Giraffe hats. AT&T bleeds Orange and Black, and you should come experience an evening or afternoon there you won't soon forget
The most fun you've ever had in an ice box.
Stephen C. Apr 8, 2013
The best ballpark in America, bar none (and yes, I’ve been to Camden Yards in Baltimore). Step off the conveniently located streetcar line and into a piece of America from days gone by. The gorgeous brick architecture, skyline views, and waterfront location are sure to take your breath away. There's not a bad seat in the house, and you could even argue the cheap seats are better because of the views of the bay. Be warned, though, if you’re coming from out of town: this is not the balmy, SoCal, t-shirt and shorts experience you might be imagining. Seriously, the thermometer is unlikely to crack 50 most summer evenings, especially when the fog rolls in. I caught five night games last year, and each one of them would have had Apolo Ohno reaching for a parka. Long underwear, a baseball cap, and a big jacket are a must (I’ve even seen people bring sleeping bags). All that said, this place is off the hook. The Giants are never, ever, dull, and the fans get more into it with each passing championship. When it’s the bottom of the ninth, down by one, and Buster Posey’s coming to the plate with the bases loaded, the thermometer might be at 45, but the decibel level’s at 200.
Baseball for the 21st Century Party Animal
brian w. Mar 28, 2013
Are you tired of your boring friends dragging you out to baseball games that linger for decades? Do you find it challenging to shake that pit in your stomach when the scoreboard reads 'Inning 3'? Are you part of the San Francisco influx of dot-comers fresh off fraternity row? -- And we call The Marina 'The College Hangover' -- Well here at AT&T park, every night is singles night! The ballpark is ideal for people in their 20's and 30's to get loud, blasted and rub into each other without any fellow gamers batting a panda-eye. The atmosphere is electric, the crowd is all riled up and on a friday night, you could be 6 innings deep and not even feel it. However, and this is a big 'however', true Giants fans aren't deterred by the 'Sunglasses at Night' crowd, the gorgeous views, the Cha Cha Bowls, garlic fries, or even the Coke bottle slide... distractions by the thousands. The die-hards -- no, die-impossibles -- also know that you're able, if you're willing, to find Giants fans that have been there since the beginning. It was in 1958 that the New York Giants moved 3,000 miles to San Francisco and the fans that graced the grandstands of Potrero Hill's Seals Stadium can still be found in the upper-reserve section of AT&T Park. Over a half a century later, the now old-timers reminisce over their childhood memories: Starting lineups featuring Orlando Cepeda and WIllie Mays. Memories of what it felt like when the Giants traded Bobby Thomson and the volatile nature and insane collisions of a warning-trackless outfield. They're the kind of people that put baseball in the air at AT&T and let it permeate so the youngsters can feel the game, if they haven't yet made the bonus round of Angry Birds. History puts perspective behind every pitch and friends at the ballpark that realize this, though there, might be easier found in across the bay or in Fresno. AT&T opened in the year 2000 to house the goosebumped and shivering fans coming from Candlestick Park that could afford the price bump. I woke up this morning in 2013, to the 'Lowest Available Ticket Price'( being $75 bones. Not too many Mission families that survived the 2007-2009 financial crises lined up for season tickets today. The nerve-racking process of organized capitalism, and supply and demand is omnipotent and consistently on display. However, in a recent win for human dignity, the selfishness backfired. AT&T hosted the half-empty World Baseball Classic finals -- Nosebleeds initially priced over $200 dollars, were acquired by me, via Stubhub for $6. Finally all those execs and even the scalpers who mark up tickets by 300% and keep good, hard-working people from watching the sport they love, got what they had coming, even if only for a moment. So, that leaves the white, suburban, male, in his 30's as the primary stockholder in Giants baseball until they stop winning World Series'. If you're a social monster, entrepreneur, networker, etc., you're in the right place. If you're a baseball think-tank, a freak, you're in the right place too -- There are plenty of other places to watch baseball in Northern California.
The Magic of Giants Baseball
Allison L. Mar 25, 2013
AT&T Park is more than just a baseball stadium, its a community full of passion and excitement. There is magic inside this park, where baseball is alive and everyone that enters this park can feel it. A beautiful park with an amazing backdrop of the bay and city lights illuminating all around. The view, the emotion and the energy creates a happy, fun environment where everyone becomes part of the Giants community. Whether you are a visitor or season ticket holder, you can feel the magic of this park and thrive off the positive, inspiring, welcoming atmosphere. A Giants game at AT&T park is a must see, must experience event of San Francisco. Feel the emotion, passion and love of baseball at this magical community.
Gorgeous Views, Garlic Fries, and BASEBALL. Nothing better.
Ally W. Mar 21, 2013
If you've never been to AT&T Park and you're in San Francisco during baseball season, it should be a requirement to check out a Giants game. Such a wonderful environment. There is not one bad seat in the entire place. The views are beautiful from every section. The stadium employees are always helpful, but if you're being rude, belligerent or unsafe, they will handle business. Don't test them. It's much easier to park farther away and take public transportation to the game; MUNI stops right in front of the park and the ferry will take you across the bay. Pregame at Pedro's or Polo Grounds or tailgate in the parking lot before you get in the park. I suggest skipping the $10 margarita or beer, thought they do have a pub or two in the ballpark and I have splurged on an Irish coffee on a cold summer night. NOTE: There are a LOT of cold nights in San Francisco. A Giants game at AT&T Park is one of the best baseball experiences you could ask for. The fans are fun and there's always something to enjoy on the video board between innings, so bundle up, grab your garlic fries, head to your seat and enjoy the game.
The best ballpark in all of baseball
Matt P. Mar 11, 2013
San Francisco boasts one of the best baseball cultures in all of America. The beloved Giants have called the city of San Francisco home for over 55 years, but have only been playing at AT&T Park since it opened on April 11, 2000. With its classic ballpark feel and modern amenities, it’s the perfect mix of new and old and a must-see when visiting “The City.” The regular season goes from the beginning of April to the beginning of October. In these six months the Giants play 81 games at AT&T Park. Typically, they play at night, but during the vacation months of June, July and August more day games are scheduled. Because the Giants have won two of the last three World Series, tickets are slightly more difficult to come by. Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the box office, but if you didn’t plan ahead, scalpers are always lurking around the stadium with inflated ticket prices. Never settle with their original asking price, they need to get rid of their tickets just as badly as you want them. Like any Major League ballpark concessions are extremely overpriced. Save money by pre-gaming at one of the zillion bars and restaurants around the vicinity. Finding AT&T Park is easy. It’s located in the “Soma” (South of Market) neighborhood of San Francisco at 24 Willie Mays Plaza, at the corner of Third and King. Take any streetcar from Embarcadero Station and get off at Second Street/Ballpark Station. Muni buses 10, 30, 45 and 47 also stop within walking distance. If all else fails use the Bay Bridge as your visual reference, it’s hard to miss and right down the street from the park.
Baseball on the Bay
Genevieve S. Mar 1, 2013
If you happen to visit SF during baseball season, you should not pass up the opportunity to experience a game at AT&T Park. From the outside, it is evident that champions play here. A slew of orange and black flags adorn the stadium, and Giants’ legends are embodied in bronze. The “World Series Champions” title is proudly displayed wherever the eye can meet it, and the saying, “not a bad seat in the house,” actually applies here. Whether you’re in the bleachers, arcade, third deck, or the field club, there is no shortage of awesome sights. It is impossible to miss the park’s massive replicas of a Coca-Cola bottle and 1927 baseball glove. The bottle doubles as a slide, and the glove gives fans a glimpse into baseball history. The “fan lot” also hosts various activities for children, without requiring their parents to miss the game. A cola bottle and baseball mitt are only the obvious attractions here. A breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay can be just as entertaining; especially when a homer splashes in. Worried about “typical” stadium food? What is “typical” when you have 15+ concessions to choose from? Crab sandwiches, tacos, fish and chips are just a glimpse into their cuisine’s variety. Don’t panic yet. Hot dogs, sausages, and peanuts are plentiful too. If you visit, you won’t want to miss the park’s impressive collection of art, photos, memorabilia, and the coveted World Series trophies found on the Club Level.
Baseball at its Finest
Rebecca H. Feb 27, 2013
Looking for a fantastic view, mobs of orange and black, and the most spirited fans in the world? AT&T park is the place to go. Baseball lover or not, the ballpark is the epitome of San Francisco energy and culture. It is located right on the bay, and day games usually come with warm sunshine that is rare for all other parts of the city. With easy access to Muni, Bart and Caltrain there is no excuse not to visit the park. Less than $10 can buy you bleacher seats amongst crazed fans, a fresh bay breeze, and under the beautiful lights of the stadium. Coming off of 2 world series championships, Giants fans have an ego like no other and a passion for their hometown heroes that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. A giants game, day or night, is a must do to get a real idea of the spirit of San Francisco.
Who Has it Better than Us?
Pia B. Feb 19, 2013
AT&T Park is a San Francisco symbol and home to what is arguably the Bay Area’s best loved sports team, and even though I’m sure A’s fans will be protesting from their coliseum in Oakland, nobody has it better than us San Francisco Giants fans. It’s not just that we’re still riding the high of having won the World Series twice during this still-young decade, it’s the stadium with the easiest accessibility, best view, and of course, this goes without saying, the best team. The Muni lines stop just a block away and the CalTrain depot is just across the street, bringing loads of Peninsula and South Bay fans to the stadium (if you get lost, just follow the crowd of black and orange). If you’re in the area on a game day coming from the South—start with the train. The ride itself is a bonding experience; it’s not uncommon to see a cluster of people in orange passing beers around and then cheering when someone else with Giants gear walks by. Friends are made; and not just on the train, in the park too. I’ve found that Giants fans are by far the friendliest sportsfans. The park, too, is just generally a great sports venue. Unlike the old Candlestick Park, AT&T Park is much better protected from the wind and cold, has better seating and great views of the ocean. Even if you don’t happen to have the best view, the jumbotron likes to show the bay and often it’ll capture scenes of the small boats taking refuge by stadium: mostly all fans, trying to catch a glimpse of the jumbotron, with their radios tuned to KNBR. For a good day: come up on the train a little early (a commuter train is good; it’ll make less stops and go faster), check out one of the many pubs up the street and have a drink or snack before the game, bring good company, buy some irresistible garlic fries, drink a little beer (if that’s your thing), find some Dodgers fans you can heckle (if that’s your thing); then leave the rest up to the Giants.
Baseball on the Bay
Jamila C. Feb 17, 2013
AT&T Park really invigorates all senses within the city of San Francisco. Nestled on the Embarcadero, fans can either drive in or catch MUNI, the local rail, to enjoy a baseball game. With breathtaking views, good eats, and healthy sports rivalry - this venue is everything you need and more. Make it a true game day by visiting local eateries around the SoMA area. or buying necessities for an epic tailgate at the local Safeway grocery store. Attached to the park is a great sports bar, that is packed during the baseball off season. AT&T is definitely a must-do within the city!
Garlic Fries and The American Dream
Shaun P. Feb 12, 2013
Ask a San Franciscan about AT&T park, and the level of passion that you'll get may surprise you. AT&T is the home of San Francisco pride, and is nearly a requirement that a resident go to at least a few games a season. Whether or not you're a baseball fan, going to a Giants game is worth every penny. The enthusiasm, the joy, the music, the sights, and the garlic fries. Oh, the garlic fires. Using the freshest garlic from Gilroy (less than 100 miles away), these fries will have even the most die-hard fan looking away from the game for some time. The area is flooded with restaurants and bars, as well as the T line heading towards the Embarcadero. The nosebleeders are cheap, and actually not too bad. AT&T, no matter your alliance, will prove a great time.
The Mecca of Bay Area Energy
Trevor R. Feb 4, 2013
The home of the San Francisco Giants is a bay-front gem that demands attention. This is, without question, the best atmosphere in baseball to watch a game. While you're cheering on the two time world champions, you can enjoy some famous Gilroy Garlic Fries and wash it down with a locally brewed Anchor Steam beer. Even if baseball doesn't float your boat, this park is still worth a visit. Whether you're taking in the view of the bay from the 3rd deck, sliding down the Coke Bottle in the outfield, or building a Lou Seal Teddy Bear at the "Build a Bear" workshop, this stadium has something to offer for everyone. Besides baseball, AT&T Park hosts a variety of concerts and other sporting events (NCAA bowl games, monster car rallies, etc.). AT&T Park is the mecca of Bay Area energy, for baseball fans and non baseball fans alike.
Beat LA!
Consuelo C. Dec 11, 2012
Best park in the MLB by far for its events (Irish Night, Tweetups, Singles Night... all with cocktails and bobbleheads) and food not to mention 2 time World Series Champions within 24 months!! You can easily stroll the park without ever missing a pitch and nosh on Lamb Sausages, Ghiradelli Sundaes, fabulous Bloody Mary's and good 'ole fashioned Sheboygans... after the game stroll on to Lucky Strike, Public House, MoMo's, District, Pedro's... need I say more?
Great Park
Jackie D. Dec 4, 2012
As a Giants fan, I am hugely biased towards AT&amp;T park, but it really is a fantastic place to enjoy a game. Being one of the newer baseball stadiums in the US, it features a lot of amenities that other parks don't. It's well known for having some of the best food (Gordon Biersch garlic fries anyone?) as well as an incredible view of the SF bay. There's also fun stuff to do for kids, like the Coca Cola slide, and great bars in the surrounding area. The neighborhood around the park has continued to grow since it's opening as well, so there's no shortage of things to do before/after a great game.
The Best
Kaile K. Nov 29, 2012
Going to Giants games is such an amazing experience. The stadium itself is gorgeous and right on the bay. I love to iconic coke bottle too! San Francisco's fanbase is so lively and proud of how great of a team the Giants are! Its always a blast to go to games, especially if you are from the area because you will always run into someone you know. Even if you are not from San Francisco, I definitely recommend going to a Giants game because you really get a sense of San Francisco pride when you visit. Go Giants!
Rachel G. Nov 21, 2012
I have never been in a city where there is so much pride for their teams. San Francisco Giants has got to be one of the most celebrated teams I have ever seen. I am not even from San Francisco originally, but I always find myself wanting to show my city's pride when I come to games. This stadium is gorgeous too. Plus the giant coke bottle has a kids slide in it! The bust about that is they have an age limit. My favorite thing to do here is go to Public House before a game and drink there because they let you bring in two full drinks from that bar into the stadium! Those two drinks will cost the price of one drink in the stadium! Score.
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