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O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) Looking for events at O.co Coliseum in Oakland, CA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, & more for the Oakland Athletics & Raiders + other cool events! San Francisco United States 37.751554 -122.201571
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O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) - Concert Venue | Stadium in San Francisco.
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INFO The O.co Coliseum is currently home to Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics and their equally talented NFL team, the Oakland Raiders. The O.co Coliseum has had many names throughout the years including Network Associates... ... read more

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    Oakland, CA
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    7000 Coliseum Way
    Oakland, CA 94621

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O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) Videos

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O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) Information

O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) - Concert Venue | Stadium in San Francisco.

The O.co Coliseum is currently home to Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletics and their equally talented NFL team, the Oakland Raiders. The O.co Coliseum has had many names throughout the years including Network Associates Coliseum, McAfee Coliseum, and Overstock.com Coliseum.

O.co is part of the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum complex, which is comprised of both the stadium and the Oracle Arena. The O.co Coliseum was built for $25.5 million in 1966, but underwent an impressive $200 million renovation beginning in 1996, which was responsible for the 10,000-seat expansion in the upper deck that now spans the outfield during baseball games.

The bluegrass-covered Coliseum contains 6,300 club seats – 2,700 of which are made available for Oakland Athletics games – and 143 luxury suites, 125 of which are available for use during Athletics games. The tentative seating capacity at O.co is 63,026 for football, 35,067 for baseball, and either 47,416 or 63,026 for soccer depending on how the Coliseum is arranged for the event. Historically, it also served as the home to the San Jose Earthquakes of MLS during the 2008-2009 seasons.

In addition to serving as the location for smash Disney hit Angels in the Outfield, other memorable events at the O.co Coliseum include Marvin Gaye recording his live album in the Coliseum in 1974 and Led Zeppelin playing what became their two final North American concerts in 1977.

O.co Coliseum (Oakland, CA) User Reviews

Average rating:
A little run down but a good time nonetheless
Andrew P. Aug 6, 2013
It's about time the A's got a new ballpark. The stadium was built in 1968 and has probably been updated about two times. You look up at the replay screen about a mile away from your seat squinting your eyes just to see how well your favorite player is doing. On the other hand tickets to get into the game were great. We walked up to the stadium struggling to find tickets when we saw a computerized ticket vendor. No line. Swipe your card and get tickets for 16 bucks. 16 bucks for a MLB game is pretty legit. You go to AT&T park and the cheapest bleacher seat you see is about 25 bucks. I can't say too much about the food and beer prices because any stadium you go to is going to be terrible. I got two light beers for 18 bucks. They were a pretty good size so I'll give them that. I gave the place three stars because of the environment. I was sitting in the bleachers the last game I went to, and me and my buddy were surrounded by a pretty cool crowd. Everyone is into the game even if the A's were down four runs. People you don't know giving you a high-fives after an A's home run.These games are always fun and that's what should matter the most.
Rather unfortunate the A's still have to play here
Anthony D. May 17, 2013
Outdated is the kindest thing I can say about the Oakland Coliseum. Reason being, most of the faults that you find with this place are a result of the facility just being completely outdated and built to host two different sports. Whereas you have a ballpark directly across the bay in AT&T park that has all the ambiance and wonderful features that most of us have now come to expect from attending a sporting event, this place is complete with none of those. While in baseball mode, if you pay the extra coin to sit in the preferred seating behind either dugout, you find yourself looking out on a concrete pavilion. Stairs leading to nowhere, large fences that lead your eyes up to a tarped off upperdeck and a restaurant that is never used. The main concourse meanwhile, reminds you of walking down a medieval dungeon. It's dimly lit, cramped corridors and smells foul no matter the hour of the day. The food and drink quality is subpar at best and with so little vending options, the lines can be long on nights a decent crowd decides to show up. There's really nothing exciting or enjoyable about this place. So it certainly doesn't surprise me that during years when the A's and Raiders are struggling, most of the seats are vacant.
Beer + Baseball
Azucena R. Mar 15, 2013
O.Co Coliseum has had many names throughout the years: The Coliseum, McAffe Coliseum, The Oracle. However, for Oakland natives, it remains simply as “the coliseum”, home of the A’s (and maybe the Raiders, for those football fans.) When baseball season kicks-off, “the coliseum” is all about baseball, everyday, all day! Parking is pricey, unless you go to a game on Tuesday when it is free, taking BART is the best decision, or, like some people do, you can also park at the actual BART station parking lot, and walk with the masses getting off bart, across and bridge, and to the coliseum. To many, the coliseum is not the nicest place, sure it might not be the most luxurious, but this place has heart, the heart of the thousands of fans who attend games to cheer on for the A’s, the Oakland Athletics. Once you get there and find your seat, you can walk around and get pretty much anything your tummy craves, from expensive beer, pizza, nachos, you name it. One of the best deals, the $12 tall cans of coronas; those will carry you on till the end of the game, and let’s not forget the tailgate parties! Oh, you’ll want to befriend the guys working the grill! If you happen to attend a concert, you’ll encounter the same concessions and pretty much the same food as for the baseball games. On a sunny day, you’ll get a nice tan going, on a rainy day; get a warm jacket and a cozy blanket. Either way, the coliseum is always fun times!
Little run down...
Dana G. Oct 2, 2012
But hey, it's Oakland. And I live in Oakland, so I know. However, I come here as often as possible. Why you ask? Well, it isn't for the baseball (even though we're in the playoffs!!). I love being outside in the Easy Bay weather (so much warmer than SF!), I love beer and I love hotdogs. Not to mention cheap tickets and easy BART access. So I recommend catching a game if you're in the area and have a spare $15. Even better is the stadium's BBQ Terrace. They do great events with good food and special access to the players and the field, so it works out really well for corporate groups and parties. All you can eat cookies? Oh yea!
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