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Beretta There are tons of places in the city to grab a slice of pizza, but at the always-packed Beretta, an artisan pie comes with artfully crafted cocktails on the side. San Francisco United States 37.75372 -122.420795
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Beretta - Bar | Italian Restaurant | Pizza Place in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review There are tons of places in the city to grab a slice of pizza, but at the always-packed Beretta, an artisan pie comes with artfully crafted cocktails on the side. A long communal table and wide bar provide plenty of opportunities... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    BART: 24th Street Mission
    MUNI J Line: Church Street & 22nd Street

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  • Hours:

    M–F 5:30pm–1am, Sa–Su noon–1am
    Closing time denotes end of kitchen service, as the bar often stays open later

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    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Beretta Review

The Scene

There are tons of places in the city to grab a slice of pizza, but at the always-packed Beretta, an artisan pie comes with artfully crafted cocktails on the side.

There are tons of places in the city to grab a slice of pizza, but at the always-packed Beretta, an artisan pie comes with artfully crafted cocktails on the side.

A long communal table and wide bar provide plenty of opportunities for singles and groups to mingle, while intimate candlelit tables by the windows and on the sidewalk offer the perfect spots for conversation and people-watching.

Iron chandeliers, thick wooden beams, and gilt mirrors give the venue a vintage speakeasy quality, though the late-night clientele is mostly well-dressed hipsters and young creative tech professionals who stop in as much to eat as to flirt.

Although often quiet and cozy early in the week, boisterous pre-party crowds meld with the noise and heat of the open kitchen come Thursday nights, creating a vibe far more upbeat than softly romantic.

Delectable desserts like gelato with olive oil and rhubarb crumb cake quickly appear once the last bits of margherita and prosciutto di parma pizza are gobbled down, while mixology fans debate over favorite drinks like the rye- and egg white-infused Rattlesnake and the bourbon and minty-mixed Kentucky Mule.

Weekend brunch, meanwhile, draws hungover party animals and upper-crust shoppers back in for French toast and crêpes – and probably a few early cocktails. But regardless of when they come, everyone at Beretta leaves with a new appreciation for pizza, and maybe even the number of someone they can bring back next time.

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Tip from Jonah:

You’d probably never even notice it, but Beretta has a large private dining area downstairs that can accommodate up to forty-four people, and that offers set menus ranging from $22–$36 per person.

  • Crowd

    Well-informed bon vivants of the Internet and technology industries, young college grads, local arts types, suburban foodies, and older nine-to-five professionals, mid-20s to late 40s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Mostly lounge and European pop, along with random 80s hits and retro electroswing.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Contemporary Italian menu of pizzas, fish, and vegetarian and vegan dishes. Brunch menu includes fresh crêpes and French toast with mixed berries and mascarpone.

  • Prices

    Brunch menu $6–$17, appetizers, charcuterie and salads $5–$13, pizzas $10–$16, entrées $13–$26. Beer $6–$20, wine $9–$14/glass or $30–$60/bottle, cocktails $9–$11.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Business casual to hipster/trendy: dinner jackets, vests, sweaters, vintage wear, cocktail dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays through Saturdays during regular dinner hours for a packed scene of the young and hip, or earlier in the week to sample the menu with quieter and slightly older foodies. Weekend brunch is also popular.

  • Close By

    Heart (1270 Valencia Street) serves sophisticated wines and snacks in a delightfully unrefined industrial space that doubles as an art gallery.

Beretta User Reviews

Average rating:
Great place!
Gor G. Jun 8, 2013
Yes, it's a pizza centric Italian place with the same name as a gun. And yes, they have some big long table in the middle where they'll seat your party next to whatever randoms show up, Hong Kong style. Which I didn't mind at all, since the place is so crowded anyway - it's kind of part of the experience. We had a burrata appetizer (burrata with eggplant) which was MONEY. (I'm a burrata whore.) Also the prosciutto pizza (thanks Yelp NLP for the highlight) with burrata substituted, but... I'd say it needed more salt to taste the mild cheese, and I was too scared to just ask for some. My own damn fault. A really nice surprise (and it WAS a surprise) was the vanilla gelato with olive oil and sea salt. Holy f*ck. It was possibly the most surprisingly tasty combo of sweet and savory I've ever had. And I'm one of those weirdos that tries as many as possible. Great work Beretta, and thanks again Yelpiverse for the tip!
Emily R. May 13, 2013
Touche. The first word that came out of my mouth after placing my lips on the cold brim of my champagne glass after waiting what seemed like a long while for a drink. The bartender had made an effort to acknowledge he knew I was waiting, but then he also made it a point to talk to me to make sure that whatever I ordered would be to my satisfaction. A crowded place, and seemingly more by people with "class" and clearly not looking for a Budlight, I had explained to the bartender I was a champange and whiskey drinker, so I liked things with bite. He made me the most delicious drink and did so for my friends as well. It may have taken a while for us to get served, but the fact that everything was so good and enjoyable, and that EVERYONE else was there for that specific reason, made it all okay. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking to satisfy their thirst or hunger. Also let me suggest going for a first time earlier on or on a week day. Everything here is awesome from the cocktails, to the food, to the urban yet chic feel to the place. Its high class without the high noses. Perfection. Do yourself a favor. Go here. Drink. Dine. After, you will reflexively leave happy.
Worth The Wait
Paris Donnatella C. Apr 24, 2013
Yes, you may have to wait a while.. or maybe sometimes a bit longer than a while, but is it worth it? Well, would it be packed to the brim seven nights a week if it wasn't? Mirroring the cool, urban surroundings of its Mission locale, Beretta specializes in mouth-watering authentic Italian cuisine. From freshly made pizza's to genuine Italian drinks, this restaurant attracts people by the masses. If you're lucky enough to be eating with a party of 6 people of more you may book a table in advance, sadly, for the rest of us, its a matter of time. Nevertheless, grab a stool at the bar, get a drink, ogle other the patron's food; by the time you're seated you'll be ravenous and ready to enjoy the delicious food. buon appetito!
So good, that it is worth the wait
Alexandra Z. Feb 20, 2013
Before going to Beretta I always considered this place overrated and did not understand the huge queues lined outside, however I agreed to go there and I was amazed how good everything really was! The food tastes like someone who loves you cooked it for you, it is simple, you could tell what ingredients are in each dish, yet so deliciously put together in the just right proportions. I also admired that there is a big family styled dinning table where you sit side-by-side with other dinning strangers, yet it feels cozy and doesn't have the overwhelming formal dining aura where you feel like your each move is being watched and discussed by everyone.
Perfect for groups & late night snacks
mika a. Feb 16, 2013
Beretta is one of the handful of places that are open late-night in San Francisco. They have delicious cracker-thin pizzas (spicy sausage with burrata cheese is my fave) and appetizers to curb your late night munchies (cauliflower with bread crumbs the brussel sprouts are very popular!). They take reservations (total plus) and have a full bar with unique cocktails all around.
Rachel G. Nov 7, 2012
This place is a little bit off the beaten path of the Mission district, but it is worth the travel. I have not gotten a chance to sit down and enjoy this place, but my experience inside has been more than worth a trip there. This place much like the other wine bars in the city is GREAT for a first date or even a reunion. The parking sucks around there and public transit isn't the best, but a date night that includes a bike ride there could be greatly romantic.
Great grub, great grog, great night.
Jayson M. Sep 4, 2012
Need a good date place? This is it. You can’t go wrong because the food is always stellar and impressive enough that she/he will know you aren’t a cheap butthead but budget-friendly enough you won’t blow your paycheck. It gets PACKED come Fridays, so make a reservation and get there on time. If are early, check out the cool gallery right next door (it will make you look intelligent and well-rounded). Parking blows, so don’t think you won’t be circling the block for several minutes on the weekends. Always enjoy the fritto misto and burrata bruschetta with mushroom truffle honey, but I will say the appetizers are largely never as impressive to me as the artisan pizzas, so I usually just order two pies if I am hungry (they aren’t that big anyway, this ain’t Dominoes). Just remember to cap it off with the Olive Oil Sea Salt Vanilla Gelato for dessert. If that doesn’t get you to second base, nothing will.
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