SF Asian Restaurants Overview

House of Nanking - Chinese Restaurant | Asian Restaurant in SF

Home to an extensive Asian population – with SF having the largest Chinatown outside of Asia – it comes as no surprise that Asian restaurants in San Francisco thrive.

With an understandable populous of Far Eastern restaurants in Chinatown, do remember authentic Asian eateries do exist in many other neighborhoods around the Bay Area, such as The Richmond and Western Addition, among others. Popular with tourists and locals alike, Asian restaurants are highly regarded in SF, and if the hearsay isn’t enough to prove it, the amount of people chomping down will.

When it comes to a quality Asian restaurant in San Francisco, look no further than House of Nanking. Denoted by wafts of yummy oriental cuisine and lines of patrons who salivate at the airborne aromas, this joint is never a miss. Although the actual venue may not blow your socks off, affordable prices and quality nosh make this a great go-to place when seeking an authentic Asian restaurant in San Francisco.

The younger revelers of the Bay Area who wish to amalgamate food, drinking, and singing, make their way to San Francisco Asian restaurant Pandora Karaoke & Bar. Finger lickin’ food and an awesome happy hour make this place popular; however it is the karaoke that makes Pandora a real gem. Lose your inhibitions…and possibly your dignity, but be assured a great night.

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