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San Francisco gastropubs are popping up all over the city to offer cushy cuisine and potent potables without the muss, fuss, and gasp-inducing dress codes (and prices) that typify so many froufrou food establishments. Luckily for noshers in the know, San Francisco has a bevy of delectable and down-to-earth options to choose from.

Boasting a yesteryear European flair, The Monk’s Kettle in the Mission serves up a slew of steins, wines, and of course a bowl-you-over menu of beers, favored by low-key culture hounds in search of high-end food and unique libations.

The Sycamore is another must in the Mission for a louder, more laid back, and decidedly DL vibe. Raucous revelers snap up decadent fare like pork belly donuts and mac & cheese bites as they pore over a mélange of microbrews, varietals, and board games.

As for the Republic in Cow Hollow, this bar draws yuppy-ish, sports-rowdy patrons who brandish their beers and bellow over the victories (and bumblings) of their favorite teams, nosh on classic grill food, and corral their lady folk into quaffing a few more clever cocktails.

The gastropubs of San Francisco are sure to please even the most savvy sippers, without the pretension, arched eyebrows, and pinky lifting.

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