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Good for Groups in North Beach / Telegraph Hill Overview

With such varied and diverse social scenes, it comes as no surprise that adjoining neighborhoods, North Beach and Telegraph Hill are good for groups on a daily basis.

From noon onwards, crowds of friends appear on the streets, with a particular surge on weekends, or whenever the sun pops its heads out. With a surplus of shops, restaurants and ideal hangouts, it all adds up that North Beach and Telegraph Hill are good for groups.

One of the best North Beach group spots is Washington Square. Situated in the heart of North Beach, the Square is an ideal spot for everyone from artists and families to students and Tai Chi practitioners. As the sun sets, flocks can be seen moving in the direction of one of the many bars or eateries that line the streets nearby.

A Bay Area institution such as Gino and Carlo Sports Bar in Telegraph hill is also a magnet for groups who wish to clink some cold ones. Cozy and divey, but lively and sporty nonetheless, this is one of the better Telegraph Hill group spots. With $2 game-time specials, a happy hour to leave you legless, and friendly football fans, there is no better place to host a group gathering.

Popular North Beach / Telegraph Hill Good for Groups

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