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Madrone Art Bar With its Burberry-plaid and gold-plated AK-47 over the bar and a mirror-covered bomb standing in for a disco ball, Madrone Art Bar already eschews the typical club look. San Francisco United States 37.774082 -122.437547
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Madrone Art Bar - Art Gallery | Bar | Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review With its Burberry-plaid and gold-plated AK-47 over the bar and a mirror-covered bomb standing in for a disco ball, Madrone Art Bar already eschews the typical club look. Add to this a jumbled hodgepodge of paintings, sculptures... ... read full review

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    MUNI N Line: Duboce Street/Noe Street/Duboce Park

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    M 6pm–2am, Tu–Sa 4pm–2am, Su 3pm–1:30am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Madrone Art Bar Review

The Scene

With its Burberry-plaid and gold-plated AK-47 over the bar and a mirror-covered bomb standing in for a disco ball, Madrone Art Bar already eschews the typical club look.

With its Burberry-plaid and gold-plated AK-47 over the bar and a mirror-covered bomb standing in for a disco ball, Madrone Art Bar already eschews the typical club look. Add to this a jumbled hodgepodge of paintings, sculptures, and video displays, a few snaking wooden chandeliers, and wildly varied music, and it’s no wonder so many people love to get down at this multi-faceted medium of merrymaking.

Mismatched chairs surround the tiled dance floor, while a movie screen and a DJ booth bookend the always changing exhibits of new local art – although the mounted buck with machine gun antlers and the beat-up piano are there to stay.

Neighborhood artists, casual hipsters, and blue-collar types all drop in for daily Happy Hour specials, creating a mellow early evening scene that serves as the perfect backdrop for the inevitable college kids plinking away on their laptops and the hoodie-clad intellectuals dissecting the latest abstract display.

The need for a dance floor is obvious by 9pm, however, as live bands, DJs, jazz sessions, dance lessons, and even a piano man consistently pack the house, especially on Fridays and Saturdays when it’s normal to find a line of revelers streaming out the door.

Whether for the kooky gallery viewing, the niche musical acts, or the throwback DJ nights, folks who like to blur the line between art and life find their Mona Lisa smile at Madrone Art Bar.

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Tip from Jonah:

Head to Madrone on the first Saturday of the month for the Prince and Michael Experience. It features a showdown that really brings in the boogie-down dance crew, all of whom come to worship at the altar of the kings of pop.

  • Crowd

    Music lovers, artists, too-cool-for-school college kids, dance fiends, anti-clubbers, and a few aging hipsters, early 20s to late 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live music or DJs every night featuring everything from salsa lessons to Michael Jackson and Prince-themed nights. Themes change often; check venue website for latest schedule. Free board games available.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food, but many surrounding restaurants offer free delivery to the bar. Cash only. Free Wi-Fi. Happy Hour daily 4–8pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$5. Beer $3–$6, wine $8, shots and cocktails $5–$9.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hipster casual: jeans, American Apparel, plaid, comfortable dance attire.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night to check out the music and art, though Fridays and Saturdays guarantee a wall-to-wall dance scene.

  • Close By

    Mini Bar (837 Divisadero Street) has a similar artistic focus, though usually without the weekend lines, and serves as a great stop to chill before letting loose at Madrone.

Madrone Art Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
Put Your Dance Pants On
Hannah H. Sep 8, 2013
When I first moved to the city and asked for suggestions of good places to dance, Madrone was by far the most frequently recommended bar, and for good reason. Motown Monday is a dance party without peers, and - as described to us by the bouncer at the door- available for the reasonable price of "Free.99". The space is attractive, the bartenders are cheerful (and have been known to slide a free drink our way), and the environment is conducive to comfortable and genuine conversations with friendly strangers. Friday nights don't disappoint either; in fact, I'd be hard-pressed to think of a time when I DIDN'T thoroughly enjoy myself at Madrone. Stop by for some good, solid San Francisco fun.
The perfect ambiance whethere it's Mowtown Monday of a Dirty Rotten Dance Party.....
Katie R. Sep 2, 2013
Madrone's Art Bar, located in the heart of Nopa is absolutely fabulous. I have always had an affinity for the rotation of local art - and love that that is accompanied by an ecclectic array of events and themed parties. I've had my Monday's brightened with classic mowtown hits, singing "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" at the top of my lungs to rockin' Friday nights with DJ Morale and his once a month "dirty rotten dance party," where he DJ's sets that flow and keep the dance floor moving! Lastly, fabulous cocktails and fabulous staff help to leave you feelling grateful you spent the evening at Madrone's. See you Monday for a lil' Marvin Gaye?
Eric S. Aug 29, 2013
Down to get down? Trying to groove, move, sweat a little? Then Madrone is the place for you, especially on Motown Mondays. Quick tip though, if you don't like waiting in line try getting there around 10. Some nights you can be in line for up to an hour. Anyways, inside it can get hot as hell but that's because you're making it so hot with your Tecate and well shot influenced dance moves. Feeling a bit worn? Take a break and watch some Motown legends being projected on the wall, or learn some new moves from the eclectic group of dancers on the floor. They even have massages on some nights if you're looking to get that dance knot out of your back. That's some quality right there, ladies and gents.
Looking to cut a rug?
Henry T. Aug 12, 2013
Then the Madrone Art Bar is without a doubt the best bar in the city to boogie the night away, without having the charged feel of a club. This unassuming bar has it all! From Motown Mondays to Michael Jackson/Prince tribute nights, (and everything in between) Madrone offers a wide array of beats and genres that are sure to bring out all of your dance moves. With entry ranging from free to a five dollar cover it's highly accessible to all, especially once you realize that you spent three hours inside dancing! Drinks can be expensive, ranging from nine dollars (to eighteen for doubles.) I will note, they are also extremely tasty, as I recommend the Lola which consists of Cucumber Vodka, ginger beer and fresh lime.
Madrone lets loose
Nina T. May 29, 2013
The first time I went to Madrone Art Bar, it was for Motown Mondays. The best thing about Madrone is that it instantly reminded me of my favorite pregame spot int he Lower East Side in Manhattan, Max Fish. Both are insanely hipster, but they both relied on their city's character. Both bars offered specials on PBRs and ridiculously large Jameson shots. Both only played vinyl and played Quentin Tarantino movies on their old TV monitors. But what separates Madrone from Max Fish, and not coincidentally better than the other bar as well, is being able to dance at Madrone. Madrone is much bigger and that extra space demands for dancing, but that also brings in more people, so it can be more crowded. Also because of that, the venue isn't the best ventilated so it can get stuffy in there. If you're comfortable with those two situations, then Madrone is the spot to to get down and funky. Make sure to bring cash too!
The Anti-club
Logan H. Mar 24, 2013
I'll admit it, I'm not much into nightclubs. No matter how much each place strives to be something different, I can't help but feel I've walked into a Jersey Shore audition. The problem is, I love to dance. I usually overcome this dichotomy by starting my own dance parties in my friends' kitchens (sometimes even with their permission). Fortunately for me (and my friends' neighbors), there's Madrone Art Bar. With a funky decor and unpretentious vibe, this is the place to get your shake on without feeling slightly guilty about it. My personal favorite is Motown Mondays but there're always great tunes and creative themes so feel free to drop by any night - you won't be disappointed. Unless, of course, you get there after ten because the line can get kind of ridiculous.
Dance The Night Away
Maggie G. Feb 20, 2013
Madrone Art Bar is, hands down, one of my favorite bars in San Francisco. I always have a good time here and it doesn't matter what day of the week it is. They highlight different artists every month so if you see something you like on their walls, you can more than likely buy it. They also have amazing mash-up nights so you can be rocking out to Robyn one minute and Michael Jackson the next - you never know what they'll spin. Other highlights of this Divisadero gem: - They have a photo booth. Photo booths always get two thumbs up in my book. - Creative (and strong) cocktails - A diverse crowd. - Sweet beats - Live music several days a week
Madrone's Indie Night rocks my world!
Melissa W. Dec 6, 2012
When I heard about Indie Night from one of my best friends - I knew I had to check out Madrone. The inside is super cool and retro with a disco ball and black and white checkered wall decor. Think basement room from a Stanley Kubrick film meets 80's dance club. There are multiple screens, one main one in the back that they show a film on. Show posters and flyers are plastered all over the bathroom doors, so you can't miss those (not a fan that they are right next to the bar, but what can you do?) During the week they have gallery artwork up on the walls that is for sale. Also- random, but this is a very dog friendly bar, so during the week if you want to grab a drink and bring your pup - he's welcome to hang! The full bar is beautiful, stocked with loft-high shelves and 2 wall sized blackboards with a plethora of drink specials written out in chalk. I decided to go with a tasty Jack Kerouac inspired watermelon vodka delight. Drank 2, or 3, maybe 4? Can't remember the details but I went on Indie Night (usually on Saturdays) and danced for hours! It was so fun! The music was great and they even projected the music videos on the screen. I've been pretty MIA when it comes to music videos so it was really nostalgic to get to see videos for Icona Pop, Hot Chip and The Sounds. Overall, I'd recommend this bar if you like any of the following: - disco balls - strong drinks - dancing - people of all ages - fun! If you don't like any of those things, then you are missing out. I have no complaints about Madrone except the location of the bathrooms. I would keep in mind you should arrive early (like 10 at the latest) so you don't have to wait in a horrible line and the cover.
Rachel G. Nov 21, 2012
This place is the definition of a hipster Art bar, but yet I love it. Maybe that makes me a hipster? Who knows. But really, I have had nothing but a good time at this place. Let alone, I love being inside this bar even if I'm not drinking. The walls are covered in art and different styles and unique pieces of work. The bartenders are friendly and like to chat up everyone that walks into the bar. I also love how the walls are covered from floor to roof in a black and white global design. Thats what my bedding is at home!! I just feel really comfortable at this bar and seriously at home.
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