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Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) Looking for concerts at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, videos, photos, videos, & more for this one-of-a-kind concert venue! San Francisco United States 37.807718 -122.270059
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Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) - Concert Venue in San Francisco.
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INFO The Fox Theater, located in downtown Oakland, California has had a tumultuous and glamorous past. Featuring 2,800 seats, the “Fox” originally opened as the West Coast Oakland in 1928. The theater was originally going to... ... read more

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    Oakland, CA
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    1807 Telegraph Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94612

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Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) Videos

Green Day American Eulogy live @ Fox Theater, Oakland, CA 2009
Green Day American Eulogy live @ Fox Theater, Oakland, CA 2009
Brandon Flowers+Fran Healy "Side" -Travis Cover @Fox Theater Oakland, CA 11/11
Buffalo Springfield at the Fox Theater, Oakland CA - 06-01-11
Green Day "Welcome to Paradise" Fox Theatre Oakland, April 14, 2009
Cake Live - HQ - Comfort Eagle - Fox Theater, Oakland, CA 2009-02-21
The Shins - The Rifle's Spiral (NEW SONG) - Fox Theater, Oakland
Rusko @ Fox Theater Oakland - Intro
Cake Live - HQ - Never There - Fox Theater, Oakland, CA - 2009-02-21
Franz Ferdinand - 40 Ft - Fox Theater, Oakland
Buffalo Springfield at the Fox Theater, Oakland CA - 06-01-11 - Encore

Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) Information

Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) - Concert Venue in San Francisco.

The Fox Theater, located in downtown Oakland, California has had a tumultuous and glamorous past. Featuring 2,800 seats, the “Fox” originally opened as the West Coast Oakland in 1928. The theater was originally going to be called “The Baghdad” because of the Middle Eastern flare reflected in its architecture.

In 1929, William Fox bought the West Coast Theaters chain, merged it with the Fox Theaters chain and renamed it the Fox Oakland Theater. The newly named Fox opened with the film The Air Circus.

Confronted by the popularity of television and a barrage of new multiplex theaters, the Fox slipped into decline and stopped showing first-run movies in 1962. It tried to resurrect itself with a brief flirtation with soft-core porn, but finally closed its doors in 1970; The Beatles’ Let It Be was its final film.

Following several arson fires, vandalism, and widespread dilapidation, the Fox was slated to be converted into a mall or a parking lot around 1975. Just three years later, the Fox was snatched from the jaws of fate when it was made an Oakland City Landmark. Finally in 1996 the City of Oakland purchased the theater for a cool $3 million and began a serious renovation.

In February 2009, after 40 years of neglect, the Fox made an incredible comeback and now serves as a charter school for the arts and a restaurant (The Den). Popular live music at the Fox Theater have included big-wig left-of-center acts like Bob Dylan, Animal Collective, Fiona Apple, Beirut, and Green Day, among many others. The theater features orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony sections and offers three seating configurations: general admission, reserved seating, and cabaret seating.

Fox Theater (Oakland, CA) User Reviews

Average rating:
Best Sound (Acoustics), Best Vibe in a small venue in this Bay Area
Paula S. Jun 28, 2013
I have been a punk rocker / rock n' roller for many, many years, (decades!) sneaking into the Fab Mab, and so many other City and Bay Area clubs since the tender age of 14. Now I'm taking my teen around the scene, and enjoying just paying for the ticket and watching legally. We have seen a number of shows at the Fox, and if I could seriously see every show here, I would. It's a hop skip from where I live, and it just has the best damn acoustics in a venue of this size that I have ever truly experienced. My first show there was The Chemical Brothers and I was just blown away. I now scour the Fox listings just to nab tickets for shows I like as soon as they go on sale. It is that worth it!
Foxy Lady
Hollie M. Jun 11, 2013
This is one of those venues that everyone absolutely has to see at least once in their life. the transportation from Bart is incredibly easy, so there is no real excuse. When you walk into the venue, you feel like you are in an old gothic theater. The sculptures and lighting gives it such a unique feel and enhances the experience of watching a show. I have seen quite a few shows here and seen the same performer in a different location, and it was simply not the same.
Priceless Acoustics and Environment
megan g. Apr 19, 2013
The Fox is an amazing venue. There is a feeling of royalty upon entering. It has been reconstructed, but still holds the energy of a historical building. A theatrical feel, the stage is encrusted by two giant sphinxes that light up, and is also framed by a beautiful satin curtain. Some of the most talented artists around the world choose to perform at the Fox because the acoustics are unsurpassable. They serve food and drink,and usually have a nice selection of different sandwiches or semi-complex gourmet options. I had a pulled pork sandwich once that was to die for. Beware though, because there is a curfew and shows end early. Make sure you don't show up late and find to your disappointment that the show is almost over. Their curfew is midnight- and they mean it!
Go to the Fox
Lily P. Apr 3, 2013
The Fox is simply gorgeous. Its sophisticated décor combined with live acts is a powerful combination for a night of fun. No matter what area your tickets are for, there is always a decent view. If you’re lucky, you can also get moderately close with general admission and not get elbowed too much. The sound travels perfectly and the lighting shows off the performers well. The food and drink prices are the usual high amount at venues so bring a bit of cash. Free parking is a hassle to find so go early if you don’t plan on paying. There is a parking garage and a parking lot nearby but they close at midnight and with the shows ending around midnight or later, this is sometimes an issue. Regardless, the Fox hosts great live music and should definitely be checked out.
Magnificent, but watch your step!
Christiana O. Mar 31, 2013
The Fox Oakland Theater reopened in 2009, after years of promises by the city that they would bring back the landmark. With high unemployment and high crime, Oakland is notoriously struggling and has been for many years. By reopening the Fox Oakland, the city hoped to bring more culture and the arts back to the city. The theater is beautiful, with rich colors and detailed designs and decorations everywhere--from the ceiling to the floor to the perimeter of the stage. The seats are comfortable and as soon as you walk in, you feel like you've entered something very special. If you take a close look around you can spot the beautiful details that have been carefully reconstructed. The stage is large and wide--it's perfect for the many different events it's been used for, including graduations (I graduated from high school here) and concerts. The stage lighting is good, a little bright for photos but manageable, but the lighting for the theater is terrible. At every event at the Fox I've been to, someone has either actually tripped and fallen or almost did. It is so dim that even if you look really closely at each step you're taking, there's a chance that you might trip somewhere. It is hazardous for everyone, but especially the elderly and people with disabilities. If you go to a concert or other event with someone who is older or disabled, guide them slowly to their seat--and look where you're going too!
When overlooked is a blessing...
Consuelo C. Dec 11, 2012
The Fox Theater is one of 3 of the last original Fox's in the nation... sitting abandoned for decades due to developer's disinterest in the problematic City, the Fox was blessed by the vision of a private investor that saw it's Art Deco sexiness beneath the decay. Now it embraces live performances by Radiohead, Paul Simon, Flogging Molly with a plethora of bars inside and the Den in its lobby. Carry on the party afterwards at Dogwood or Make Westing or settle your pancake craving at Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe... On the BART line and plenty of street parking after 6pm...
Mad Love for The Fox
Britta G. Dec 8, 2012
The Fox Theater graces Oakland with its lovely and solid presence once again, and the comeback could not be more welcomed. Inside the Fox you will find elaborate decor, sculpted figures inset into the walls, arching ceilings, rich colors and an undeniably warm atmosphere. Should you go to a show there, do not forget your camera! The interior design and consistently excellent lighting provides a delightful backdrop for shooting your favorite band in the midst of a ballad. What I love most about this venue are the multi-level floors, which enable a great view of the stage from anywhere in the building. I've also found that no matter how packed it becomes (even on a sold-out night), there is room to dance somewhere. They also make it easy to get a drink mid-concert with multiple bars, including one one the right of the stage. The building alone is worth a visit to the Fox Theater- fortunately, their booking agent ensures a constant stream of high-quality live music and performances. My only complaint is that shows at the Fox tend to end by midnight, so be sure to pre-plan your after-party.
History meets modernity in a venue that can't be missed
Sam S. Dec 4, 2012
As a 5th generation Oaklander it gives me great pride to drive past the Fox Theater and see that it is up and running again. Growing up I always wondered why this 1950's cutaway was juxtaposed into downtown Oakland. Oakland has a unique culture that isn't influenced by outside sources and perhaps nowhere in the city is that more apparent than at the Fox Theater. I went to see a Beats Antique gig here and was blown away by the atmosphere in such a large and stylish venue. Both the theater seating and dance floor provided opportunities for those that wanted to vibe to the music with a beer or get a little wild closer to the action. The Fox Theater is a fantastic place and any trip to the Bay Area should include a visit to this historic building.
So beautiful!
Dana G. Sep 28, 2012
Ok, so I'm old, and by old I mean I'm 30 and like to sit down at shows. Sue me. I'm also shorter than the rest of the Oakland hipsters, so sitting high above everyone works for me. This place, in addition to being amazing acoustically and visually, has great seating that is open to all if the show isn't sold out. Yay! I highly recommend seeing a show here, and if you're like me (old, but still awesome) you'll appreciate the seats, the incredible tapestries and the ability to enjoy a beer while you silently (or not so silently) laugh at everyone on the floor who have to constantly shift to see the performer they came out to see.
Best concert venue in the East Bay
Rachel B. Aug 1, 2012
This is a gorgeous old building with fantastic high ceilings, tons of bars staffed by friendly, cool bartenders, and awesome statues of Buddhas flanking the stage. They also book some of the best acts to visit the Bay Area. This place is a must for any SF or East Bay resident's concert rotation.
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