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Brick & Mortar Music Hall  - Live Music Venue in Mission, SF

Attracting an eclectic crowd from the far corners of the city, the Mission district, just south of San Francisco’s center is home to some of the most diverse bars on this west coast city’s scene.

Thriving on Latin America roots, the area boasts a carnival-esque ambience with a kaleidoscope of murals fashioning this trendy neighborhood scene. Drawing in a diverse crowd, the Mission is known for its laid-back atmosphere and open-mindedness. With revelers hitting the locale, starting at sundown, the area becomes a festival of bars and music lining the streets, as crowds saunter along 24th Street in search of good vibes and a cold beer.

Never short on variety, bars in the Mission range from dives and karaoke bars to salsa bars. Slip into any of these Mission bars and be faced with a chilled atmosphere, the clinking of drinks, and waves of conversation that accompany the live music, which usually headline the bars’ nightly calendars.

Although a burgeoning scene for trendsetters and hipsters alike, this neighborhood lacks pretention and oozes good times, hosting a mixed bag of merrymakers, from students to yuppies, and everything in between. The Mission bars are mostly free admission, fun and friendly, making them a great start to a big night out, or a great night out overall.

Popular Mission Bars

  • * 500 Club 20s / 30s / 40s / Alternative
  • * Asiento After Work / Bloody Marys / Couples
  • * Beretta 30s / 40s / 80s Music / Artsy
  • * El Rio 20s / 30s / 40s / 80s Music / ATM
  • * Elbo Room 20s / 30s / 80s Music / Acoustic
  • * Laszlo Artists / Artsy / Bar / Bar Food

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