Mission, San Francisco.
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Like many of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, The Mission has undergone considerable changes over the last several decades.

The 1940s saw waves of Mexican immigrants moving in and waves of Irish and German inhabitants moving out, while the 70s marked an explosion of punk-themed establishments setting up shop.

As the dot-com Internet bubble enveloped the city a few decades later, an influx of young professionals with hefty pocketbooks and demanding tastes showed up, bringing with them a covey of hip cocktail lounges, swanky restaurants, and artsy cafés – as well as rampant gentrification.

Today the neighborhood is a reflection of its past: ethnic bakeries a quick jaunt from bookstores full of tatted-up literati, taquerias next to boutiques peddling eclectic furniture to urban tastemakers, and barebones drinking dens sharing blocks with artisan eateries and their artsy crowds.

Heading east of Mission Street along 24th Street – or west to the parallel Valencia Street – “El Corazon” (the heart) of the neighborhood plays host to a number of Latin festivals like Carnaval every year, and is marked by colorful murals and vibrant locals chatting away in Spanish.

Further north toward 16th Street, the neighborhood bustles with sleek watering holes and serious mixology spots, while, despite the rising rents, unpretentious dives still flourish along the more industrial blocks of Bryant Street to the east.

Sandwiched between The Mission and the neighboring Castro district, meanwhile, Mission Dolores Park is a small but vibrant park that fills to the brim whenever the sun peeks through the clouds.

The Mission may have seen some of its edges dulled by gentrification, but it’s still a draw for people from all walks of life who make it a point to visit.


Where to Go in the Mission

  • * Asiento After Work / Bloody Marys / Couples
  • * El Rio 20s / 30s / 40s / 80s Music / ATM
  • * Laszlo Artists / Artsy / Bar / Bar Food

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