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Redwood Room Locals don't usually make a point of hanging out in hotel lounges, but they make an exception for Redwood Room. Located in the luxury Clift Hotel, the venue has been exuding (upper) class since the 1930s, and the long bar... San Francisco United States 37.7868349883492 -122.411620616913
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Redwood Room - Hotel Bar | Lounge in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review Locals don’t usually make a point of hanging out in hotel lounges, but they make an exception for Redwood Room. Located in the luxury Clift Hotel, the venue has been exuding (upper) class since the 1930s, and the long... ... read full review

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    BART: Powell
    MUNI F Line: Market Street & 5th Street

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  • Hours:

    M–Th, Su 5pm–2am, F–Sa 4pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Redwood Room Review

The Scene

Locals don't usually make a point of hanging out in hotel lounges, but they make an exception for Redwood Room. Located in the luxury Clift Hotel, the venue has been exuding (upper) class since the 1930s, and the long bar...

Locals don’t usually make a point of hanging out in hotel lounges, but they make an exception for Redwood Room. Located in the luxury Clift Hotel, the venue has been exuding (upper) class since the 1930s, and the long bar – reportedly carved from a single redwood – is a frequent stop for people who never have issues paying off a credit card.

Wealthy executives drop in for a snifter after a long day, relaxing beneath an illuminated display of premium liquor as they make eyes at the chic ladies sipping orange blossom martinis.

Chandeliers cast a dim glow from the high ceiling, barely lighting the regulars who file in with their bursting bags from Sephora and Saks – and given the chichi surroundings, it’s no surprise the space is frequently booked for posh birthday celebrations and glitzy galas.

The calm air of sophistication gives way to more of a club feel Wednesdays through Saturdays when DJs spin a mix of house and Top 40, and trendy young professionals flood in from all over the Bay Area to shake a little and flirt a lot.

Plasma TVs display an ever-changing array of digital artwork, but most of the guests are too busy scoping out who’s available and – as the case may be – who’s for rent.

An upscale venue tempered with laid-back intimacy, Redwood Room is a hip lounge for well-to-do denizens in need of some cultured schmoozing, old-world charm, or just the oldest profession in the world.

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Tip from Adriana:

Even if you’ve lived in San Francisco for years, it doesn’t get much better than a staycation at the Clift. Check out the hotel’s Be Social Package, which includes free drinks and VIP access to the Redwood Room.

  • Crowd

    Trendy young professionals, socialites, fashionistas, flirty older women, and wealthy business types, 30s to mid 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin mostly house and Top 40. Plasma TVs showcase a rotating display of digital art.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Refined bar teasers, including spice-roasted nuts and beef sliders. Free coat check.

  • Prices

    Bar teasers $8–$22. Beer $8–$10, wine $12–$20/glass or $39–$200+/bottle, cocktails $15, scotch, whiskey, and tequila $15–$30, bottle service $325+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Upscale casual to elegant: button-downs, Ralph Lauren polos, flashy jewelry and watches, jeans, designer heels, paisley dress shirts, expensive purses, cocktail dresses, True Religion jeans, blazers.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for a busy and mostly wealthy crowd grooving and flirting.

  • Close By

    First Crush Restaurant Wine Bar & Lounge (101 Cyril Magnin Street) offers a relaxed atmosphere and a massive wine list, as well as a cavernous basement wine grotto that’s perfect for private groups.

Redwood Room User Reviews

Average rating:
Must in SF with Martini
Laryn P. Jun 7, 2013
The martinis are amazing. They are large, but get ready to spend a whopping $15/martini. No joke. You won't leave here with money, but you will leave with a big fat smile on your face, and a picture in the huge chair in the lobby. I have been going here since it opened, and it has not changed. You'll find some hookers (no joke), some celebrities, some locals, some B&T, some tourists that were lucky enough to be told about it, and just some randoms. You won't be sorry. It is a dressy place in SF (not many are), and I love that. A lot of business travelers going through there, so expect to see many of them. Then, some 20/30s crowd when the DJ comes on. I love this place during the week. Wed and Thurs nights are the best.
Redwood Room is a SF must see
Genevieve S. Mar 1, 2013
If you live in SF, then chances are you've heard of or visited the swank Redwood Room. If you're visiting SF, this is a place to see (even if it's only for one pricey cocktail). From the moment you step up to the Clift Hotel, the historic building and its Hollywood ambiance will mesmerize you. Tailored men and women line up wearing statements pieces worthy of envious glances. Once the waiting game is up, the promise land is not too far ahead. Upon entering the Clift Hotel, you're senses are taken into overdrive. In the gorgeous lobby an oversized turquoise embroidered chair, a roaring fire, and a cozy seating area greet you. Get your cameras out and a boost. The giant's chair is a fun photo opt, and the fireplace will warm you right up for the next room. Once your lobby photo shoot concludes, it is only natural to gravitate towards the main attraction. You get one last chance to check yourself through their mirrored hallway, so make it count. Upon entering, you may need a moment to pause, and take it all in. Do it. Just not too close to the doorway. The plush seating, bar, lighting, and study-like paneling are a sight that will be remembered. It is also hard to miss the moving wall art. The people in the portraits may not be the only snooty stares you get that night, but the atmosphere and well-mixed cocktails make up for that. The bar is sprawling and brightly displays their fine spirits selection. The Redwood Room can become quite hectic on weekend nights, but sending a small female to slither through the bar crowd usually will get you your drinks. Looking sophisticated doesn't come cheap here. A martini or margarita will set you back $15, but what's $15 when it aids to a glittering, memorable night?
Not knowing anything about the Redwood Room, I went with a friend recently and had the best night out in a very long time!
Julie D. Feb 22, 2013
We went out February 9th for a birthday party at the RR. It's an easy trip from BART and the stroll there added to the sight-seeing fun. A true gentleman at the bar helped us get our drinks. The place was already rocking and packed for a Saturday night, but the bartender helped us ASAP while remaining very professional and pleasant. My Lemon & Rosemary cocktail was so good, I disregarded my pre-party limit of just one and ordered another soon after. It didn’t take long for my friend and me to be chatting away with the people all around us while waiting for the rest of our group to arrive. Everyone was very friendly and sociable, and the fabulous energy in that giant room was unbelievable. The Redwood Room on a Saturday night offers everything: a world-famous lounge, the feel of the city as it once was in the 1930’s, a cool people-watching joint and even the impression of decadent Roman luxury – at one point, I was reclining on a gorgeous sofa with my high heels kicked off, no cares or worries of any kind, divine drink in hand, gossiping with the remarkable people I’d just met. Sure it’s a little pricey – because you’re at an extraordinary hotel bar that offers some of the best ambiance San Francisco has to offer. This is saying a lot, as it’s one of the best places in the world for fine dining, amazing cocktails, and socializing! In seeing other comments here, which are mostly positive, I wasn’t expecting comments about some older men being there to hire escorts. That aside, I agree with Rachel that you have to go to the Redwood Room just to see it for its beauty and the experience!
Rachel G. Nov 21, 2012
Upscale and supppppppper classy! This is one of the most gorgeous places I have ever stepped foot in. Like seriously, go into this place just to gawk at it's beauty. This place attracts some of the elite and fancy people of the underworld of nightlife. I have only been here once, but I have not one single bad thing to say about that experience. I went in just for a few drinks and I became enticed with this place the second I stepped in. This place is extremely expensive for my budget but the one night I took out of my cheap lifestyle to enjoy something classy and rich made me feel fancy.
Great midweek lounge spot for some fancy cocktails
Lucy A. Nov 1, 2012
I met a friend at the Redwood Room after work one day, with the intentions of just getting a drink and checking out the amazing lounge we had been hearing about. The lounge setting surpassed our expectations, with its dark setting, high ceilings and big couches. The crowd was on the older side from the usual bars we went to, but it made sense due to the tasteful venue and the expensive (but delicious) drinks! Those cocktails easily convinced us to stay for another round, when we received a mysterious bottle of champagne, sent over from another table. I can't say my friend and I did not enjoy the perks of free drinks, but it did solidify the type of ritzy place that we were in. I really enjoyed the bar, and the drinks - but I only gave two stars because of how expensive it was and on the weekends it gets very crowded and looses its lounge-like appeal
Trendy, nice, little B&T on weekends.
Jayson M. Aug 16, 2012
This place is beautiful inside and attracts a pretty classy clientele (as well as some pretty classy call girls, the review is right). I much prefer it as a midweek date spot or a luxurious hangout when you feel like splurging on those weeks when Friday feels like it will never come. It definitely gets packed with, shall we say, trying-to-hard suburbanites on the weekends, but you can probably blame most of that on the lack of a cover charge. Cocktails are pricey ($15 on average, I think), but the large wooden bar is quite stunning, the Philippe Starcke chairs feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, and the crowd is always very stylish. Go here once and awhile when you want to pretend you’re rich. Of, if you are rich, take me with you.
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