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Monroe The remnants of old Hollywood live on at Monroe, an upscale lounge that infuses a little classic celebrity glamour into the hard-partying North Beach scene. San Francisco United States 37.798022 -122.404905
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Monroe - Bar | Club | Lounge in San Francisco.
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Party Earth Review The remnants of old Hollywood live on at Monroe, an upscale lounge that infuses a little classic celebrity glamour into the hard-partying North Beach scene. With ubiquitous dark wood flooring, sleek low banquettes, and... ... read full review

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    MUNI F Line: The Embarcadero & Broadway‎

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    Tu–W 5–10pm, Th–F 5pm–2am, Sa–Su 10pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Monroe Review

The Scene

The remnants of old Hollywood live on at Monroe, an upscale lounge that infuses a little classic celebrity glamour into the hard-partying North Beach scene.

The remnants of old Hollywood live on at Monroe, an upscale lounge that infuses a little classic celebrity glamour into the hard-partying North Beach scene.

With ubiquitous dark wood flooring, sleek low banquettes, and wall-sized fashion and art tapestries bearing everything from galloping horses to sultry models, the venue packs a lot into its already spacious interior.

Happy Hour sees the pair of marble-topped bars lined with twenty- and thirty-something financial types from Downtown – either snacking on cheese plates or sipping half-priced wine poured straight from the barrel – as mellow house music plays in the background.

When the work week fades into the weekend, however, the bare-bulb chandeliers dim, DJs turn up the music, and a fashionable crowd of clubbers makes its way onto the intimate dance floor. Suburban girls dolled up in satin tops reserve the VIP tables in back, sinking into long M-shaped couches to nosh on flatbreads and organic strawberries, while guys in designer jeans and button-downs offer to buy them avant-garde cocktails like the tequila and champagne-powered Bubbly Sanchez.

A caged patio keeps the party animals from spilling onto the street when they need a smoke break, and also frees up the sidewalk for the long line that usually forms by 11pm.

Exuding old-fashioned class and frequented by pretty, contemporary people, the Monroe is a cool and swanky nightspot that surely would have pleased Marilyn herself.

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Tip from Adriana:

Parking anywhere in North Beach can be an absolute nightmare. Make it easy and pay to park in the lot a few doors down at 425 Broadway.

  • Crowd

    Trendy mix of young professionals, club types, suburban partiers classing it up for the weekend, and moneyed lounge lovers, mid-20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin Top 40, house, electronica, pop, and rock remixes Tuesdays through Saturdays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar bites including olives, nuts, charcuterie, and cheese plates. Happy Hour Tu–F 5–7pm. Open bar F 5–6pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $0–$20, though usually free before 11pm if on guest list. Bar bites $4–$12. Beer $5–$9, wine/champagne $8–$12/glass or $23–$120/bottle, shots and cocktails $9–$15, bottle service $200–$300.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy: cocktail dresses, suits, designer jeans, cashmere sweaters, heels, dress shoes. Dress code: no sports attire, tennis shoes, baggy clothing, baseball caps, or ripped jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursday nights to avoid the cover charge and still groove to a DJ, early on Fridays for the open bar, or Friday and Saturday nights after 11pm for a packed house of pretty people.

  • Close By

    Coi Restaurant (373 Broadway) serves up incredibly intricate multi-course meals to guests with hefty credit card limits.

Monroe User Reviews

Average rating:
Tacos. Tuesdays. Turntables.
Eric T. Jun 4, 2013
Tuesday nights at Monroe's is the place to be. The crowd, the food, the drinks, the ambience makes Monroe San Francisco hangout that needs alot more exposure. The ambience is an eclectic mix of bar stools and retro couches, allowing for a comfortable place to hang out after a hard days works, catch up with old girlfriends, hangout with the boys, and to just chill out. The pictures on the website are not outdated at all; check it out. And you will see that there is no false advertisement here. Furthermore, the music and the crowd is must-see! EVERYBODY seems to be comfortable and feel welcome on the dance floor, grooving to 80s high school anthems, jamming to the bangers on the 90s, or dancing up a sweat to the pop tunes of today. Age doesn't matter as long as you're legal and ready to have a good time. The food. Tuesdays features a soon-to-be club favorite that is sure to not only bring in a lot of revenue but to awaken ones tastebuds without putting a dent in ones wallet. There is a nifty taco vender, slanging out cheap $1.50 tacos, with tastes for every person: from the mild-lover to the spicy habenero daredevil; from the pescatarian/or even vegetarian onto to carnivore. The drinks. These are a real focal point of the entire night. As the hours roll by the prices of the drinks increase, but going from $1 to $2 or $3-$4 is not at all a big deal considering that you are definitely getting value and a bite for your buck (s). The bartenders are very nice and are not at all skimpy with the alcohol. So if you are looking for a place that gets you tipsy for your monies worth, Monroe's is the place for you! All in all Monroe is a lounge that is on its way. Just celebrating its 1 year anniversary, there's a blend of classiness and fun without the pretentiousness or hole in the walls of other establishments and is without a doubt worth checking out! Not to mention, on Tuesdays, there is NO cover charge. Need to party or ball out on a budget, check out Monroe's!
A Night Out on the Town
Kelley M. May 30, 2013
Monroe’s is a top-notch dance club. On the outside, it looks a little sketchy with the mat-black paint, barred off smoke lounge, and bouncers at either door, but once you step inside you are teleported to a vintage nightclub that Marilyn Monroe would have frequented. The lighting is soft, but bright enough you can see where you’re going and huge photos and lattice work decorate the walls. Larger on the inside that it appears from the street, Monroe’s interior is shaped like a capital “H”. When you walk in, the large, main bar is in front of you with cushioned benches running along the wall across from it. Groups of 3-5 who are more interested in chatting and sipping their beverage of choice than dancing tend to congregate here. Barstools and waist-high tables are in the middle of the “H” with plush, curved booths, a private sitting area (open to the dance floor, but able to be reserved) a smaller bar, and a spacious dance floor make-up the other side of the “H”. The dress code is classy, the drinks are delicious, and the music is bumpin. I’m leery of promoting Monroe’s too much, simply because right now the crowd is the perfect size. Ordering never takes longer than a few minutes, there’s room to stand and talk with friends or the cute guy at the end of the bar, and the dance floor is the perfect balance of packed with room still to cut-loose and boogie. I’ve clubbed it up at various establishments all around San Francisco and Monroe’s is still my “go-to” location for a night on the town. Just be forewarned, the cover charge is usually $10.00 and is cash only. The bar takes credit though, don’t worry =P
Nice space, cool people, great sound
Mathew C. Nov 27, 2012
I'm going to start off my review by being honest and revealing I might be a little biased, I am a DJ my crew and I have DJed here about 4 or 5 times so I will give more of behind the scenes review. One of the biggest things I love about this club is the decor, Old Hollywood prohibition type setting with antique looking lighting (while the place is lit up) and awesome pictures/portraits hung up everywhere. Take one look at the gallery on their website, when you show up, you won't be disappointed. From a DJ standpoint, the club is great, they have a super nice and clean sound system, people really don't know how big of a deal this is for a club, if they put the time to make sure their sound and DJ gear is top notch, then they obviously pay attention to detail and care about their club (I've spun at another bay area club [I won't name names] where their gear was super ghetto and another DJ admitted that someone probably spilled a beer into one of the turntables). They just got a few new LED lights that really highlight the VIP areas and they have a couple moving LED effects that hit the dancefloor as well. I'd say a few more LED's to highlight the booths and maybe a couple scanners or moving heads would really make this place come to life (not that our music doesn't do that already ;) ) Drinks! The bartenders/staff I've dealt with are Payam and Ali. Both guys are cool and pour great drinks, the drinks are reasonably priced and it's nice not having to spend 5 minutes leaning across the bar trying to flag down the bartender, they're always really quick and attentive. As far as security guys, they are all really cool/chill, they are NOTHING like a lot of bouncers you will find at other clubs who are dudes on a power trip, one of the nights I was working here, some girl came up to me almost crying because some a-hole spilled a drink on her, I asked on of the security guys to come over, he talked to her, she pointed him out and they kept an eye on him, as soon as he was being belligerent and rude again, whoosh! They booted him, awesome. Last but not least, the crowd. From the few different events here I've seen an eclectic mix of people, a good mix of mainly 20/30 somethings dressed up, or in nice jeans, and from what I've seen everyone seems very well behaved and non-ghetto compared to so many other establishments, a perfect combination of classy/non snobby/people who don't take themselves too seriously, it's very refreshing. The area is definitely an interesting place to park, as someone who's had my car stolen AND broken into in the last 2 years in SF, I always just drop $20 on the parking lot right across the street. If you stay till close to closing I'd recommend leaving maybe 20 minutes before the place shuts down, I'm usually the closing DJ and I end up being the DD who drives my friends home, I usually don't get to my car until 2:15, and by then it is a MAD HOUSE, tons of drunk crazy people out on the streets at the same time when all the bars close down, I always hate walking to my car/driving away through the crowds, so I would recommend leaving a lil early to avoid the craziness. All in all Monroe is a newer lounge (they JUST had their 1 year weekend celebration) that is a really good blend of class and fun without the ghetto or pretentiousness of other places and worth checking out!
Best Ambiance
Rachel G. Nov 22, 2012
I love how chic and cute this location is inside! The coolest part of this bar is the decor on the inside. The walls are covered in huge art pieces and crystal chandeliers that light up the room! I always feel classy when I come here because I will get myself a glass of wine along a cheese sampler plate and that is the perfect ending to the long grueling day of working. This place gives a real old fashioned vintage feel and I almost feel like I go back in time when I'm in here. It's a really swanky upscale night lounge that people like me love to come and feel fancy for a night. Highly suggest!
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